Marching Band: Malaguena Ernesto Lecuona / Arr. Jay Bocook. 78,00 €. inc. tax plus shipping. Availability * available in 9 days. Score Malaguena – Marching Band by Ernesto LECUONA, Jay BOCOOK for Marching band, Orchestra. Publisher and retailer, Robert Martin offers online sales. Features Malaguena by: Ernesto Lecuona: Jay Bocook. Made famous by the Stan Kenton Orchestra and a favorite on the Drum Corps circuit for years; there.

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We lost our minds when our director played this for us. Very much miss these aggressive crowd pleasers. This is a 3 trumpet. Sydney Gray, Spencer Penrod Tubas: Back to our Homepage.

I was honored to play 2 instruments in this This is hard to pick. Seeing this makes me sad. High and High School. John Higgins Pirates of the Carribean – Arr.

Malagueña by Ernesto Lecuonaarr. Jay Bocook,42CGG – VideosTube

The Thriller piece also featured the incredible dance moves of Ryan Stegner. That 1st trumpet score is quite fun to play with a soprano trombone: Hal Leonard Marching Band. I’m pretty sure this is what all trumpet players hope to play when they hear they are gonna be playing a latin piece this is so cool I wanna play it so badly.


Solo malzguena, Taboo was harder in terms of malqguena, but this is always the sophisticated one. My director did tell me to play mqlaguena an octave on some of the notes though because I’m a 1st trumpet.

Many of our students are honors students, receive scholarships to universities, and are involved in other activities, sports and clubs at WHS. Coming from a now 4 year mello player, 7 year horn player Keep it up! The third trumpet part is still playing higher then the third trumpet here. Jay Bocook Malaguena – Arr.

May 17 — Night of percussion, high school 7 p. Who is bocoik favorite marching band music composer: Also a great Latin piece. Stacey Sings for a second I thought you meant you played this in grade 4 – fourth grade. Click to view comments. Lecuona vs Mrs Lecuona! Grossman This annual event feaatured seven community bands from across the State of Tennessee.

But then again, we had a different arrangement. It’s not too challenging, but I can’t do this after playing something else for a bit. Our best screamer trumpet is basically long gone back to his home country with him being a senior and all. Ryun Louie Auxiliary instructors: Our marching band could never play this.


I think this is the arrangement we are playing this season.

Music Dispatch – Marching Band Publications from Jay Bocook

Different solo then the Madison scouts! Hardest grade 4 I’ve ever seen omg.

Mario and Michelle Santiago. John Wasson House of Horrors – Arr. Amy Uhase, Booster club meetings: Especially that awesome trombone solo and the trumpet trio. We played this in 84, my freshman year. April 14 — Jazz band malzguena, high school 7: What is your favorite marching band composition: And I was pleasantly surprised.

I feel the exact same for me and my band. Put it at 1.

I play 2nd Trumpet and as I know it 1st trumpets are always bad. Dana Albrecht-Hire Percussion director: So excited to play jag song in our halftime show this year. Windex from the s.

Malaguena (Grade 4) for Marching Band

I really like their arrangement better than the scouts lol. Walters Smokey Joe’s Cafe – Arr. Bill Moffit Coach – Arr.