New Saucerian proudly presents “My Visit to Venus,” the rarest of T. Lobsang Rampa’s books. It was rescued from the dustbin by Gray Barker, who provides an . Dr T Lobsang Rampa My Visit to Venus. Forword by John A. Keel Did T. Lobsang Rampa actually go buzzing through the solar system in a flying saucer? Or was. Written by T. Lobsang Rampa, narrated by Steve White. Download and keep this book for Free with a 30 day Trial.

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And so this limited edition has been prepared and published. I looked about me fenus absolute fascination. We had journeyed far from Lhasa, from the frozen slopes of mountains and barren land.

To our right, in an immense clearing, stood strange machines, machines which would be strange even to the highly merchandised world beyond our land. Gradually the vehicle slowed, then it hovered, rama turned in a half circle and went to the left, to an immense building which stood in a clearing.

The voice of the screen gave us an explanation throughout the picture.

There was an atmosphere of peace, of harmony, of Beings working for good. Tatjana rated it it was amazing Go 11, Now we found people waiting for us, officials obviously, tall men, grave faced, but with a dignity and presence not known upon the turbulent Earth.

Of course, during some of these trances he became the victim of missing time.

Apparently, he was a powerful psychic and astral projectionist. The Broad One and the spokes-man got in with us.


A sudden flash of light, and the silver was gone, heading for the blackness of space. Earth, they said, was a colony, and these people of outer space supervised the earth so that they could mitigate the effects of atomic radiation and, it was hoped, save the people of earth from blowing their world to pieces.

But their minds did take trips stimulated, perhaps, by the mysterious forces which seem to control the human race and are actually able to distort our reality. Then there was a dreadful boom, and from afar a mushroom-shaped cloud soared miles to the heavens, a cloud shot venjs crimson and yellow, as if the very breath of the gods was afire.

Men of other worlds than Earth walked about, some moving with lithe grace, breathing the air we breathed, lpbsang others stumbling a little in strange clothing which, transparent, covered even their heads, and allowed them to breathe a different atmosphere.

And everything indicates that T.

My Visit to Venus Audiobook | T. Lobsang Rampa |

We could hear the sound of happy voices olbsang children at play as they splashed in the surf. Lacuna amnesia, the medical term for this, has become a serious study for many lobsanh and psychiatrists and hundreds of technical books have been written about it.

We saw the buildings of the Potala, of the sweeping aside of the old fortress which had been put there before by the bloodthirsty king of Tibet. The picture changed and we saw views outside the earth, and a view of the dark side of the moon.

My Visit to Venus by Tuesday Lobsang Rampa

Within a year we had completely lost touch with previous acquaintances and with our former life. I was also registered with a number of private Employment Agencies and paid quite a considerable amount to them in fees, but none of them did anything for me.


The phenomena were so widespread and so bizarre that no government could deal with them. If he was a nut, he had plenty of company. Keel gives the reader a short course in Rampa’s life story, including the engrossing tale of how Vneus became what may have been the first modern case of the Walk-In visig. Stars, though, lobeang us were green and blue, while ahead of us they were red and yellow.

The earth shook, the picture swirled, and spinning, and all was blackness. Frozen pellets of ice driven by the howling gale hammered like bullets into our flapping robes and tore the skin off any exposed surface. We sat down, and that seemed to rampw the signal. Through gaps we could see the outline of continents and islands.

My Visit to Venus

Some buildings, in fact, looked almost new. We read the book from cover to cover one night, every bit as fascinated as everybody else. Overhead, disc-like vehicles soared through the air, soundlessly, effortlessly.

I tried but to no avail. Things were moving further away: I have gotten this book for free through some new-age-monk-dressed guy in the street.