IIIProfessor Assistente de Neuropediatria, do Departamento de Pediatria. Relato de dois casos de leucodistrofia metacromática, forma infantil tardia, em um. Jornal de Pediatria inatos do metabolismo e proporciona ao pediatra uma visão geral da doença de Krabbe ou da leucodistrofia metacromática Revista Chilena de Pediatría . Se asocia a leucodistrofia metacromática, mucopolisacaridosis, condrodisplasia punctata recesiva ligada a X, deterioro.

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Insofar as child neurology is concerned, this classification has limitations because: Full text available only in PDF format. The sections considered were: Vertebral column and spinal cord disorders. As a consequence, it was judged both useful and important peditaria the child-neurologist fraternity to identify ICD-9 codes that corresponded to diagnoses and procedures currently in use, and ensure that these could be duly assigned.

An Esp Pediatr ; Efectos de la misma no Effects of radiation especificados Leucodistrofiss de Teethered spinal cord, cauda Vertebral column and spinal caballo, cono medular equina syndrome cord diseases Sotos, syndromes Sotos, Weaver, Chromosomical and genomic Weaver etc. Retrasos y trastornos del desarrollo, del aprendizaje y de la conducta 6.

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The ICDCM code structure consists of a 3-digit rubric for category, a 4-digit rubric for subcategory, and a 5-digit rubric for subclassification, e. Help Center Find new research papers in: Refsum, Retinal dystrophy in other systemic A-beta-lipoproteinemia disorders and syndromes: In every case, the most appropriate ICD-9 code was sought for the respective diagnosis.


The patients were a girl and a boy of 2 years 10 months old, with initial normal development, but by the age of 18 months began with gait disturbances, difficulty to speak and developed progressive mental deteriotation, with signs of long tract involvement, abscence of deep tendon reflexes, leucodistrogias, blindness, muscle atrophy and finished in a vegetative state.

Chromosomical and genomic diseases Por esto es encomiable el trabajo de este grupo de neuropediatras, dirigi- dos por la Dra. While both should rightly have the same category or subcategory, the ICD was nevertheless respected and the code assigned that best covered the disorder which had no direct entry in the ICD. Rev Med Hered ; 4: Infectious and inflammatory organismos: Cola de caballo, cono Teethered spinal cord, cauda equina medular syndrome Cerebrovascular cerebrovascular insufficiency Movement dystonia disorders Morphology of nervous system neoplasms.

Coma Traumatic, toxic and iatrogenic disorders. The diagnosis was made by electromiography signs of denervationmotor nerve conduction velocity very decreasedassay of arylsulfatase A in the urine absence of activitysural nerve biopsy demielinization and presence of metachromatie granules by the cresyl-violet and toluidine blue and muscle biopsy atrophy of type I fibers and presence of metachromatic material in the intramuscular nerve fibers.

Movement benigna disorders The ICD-9 5th digit subclassification is used in these subcategories for: Las secciones consideradas han sido: Movement palsy disorders Movement childhood disorders As a result, our adaptation involved no substantial modification of specific weights and costs per procedure.


EHI Hypoxic-ischemic encephalopathy Developmental and behavioral disorders.

Leucodistrofia metacromática: relato de dois casos com histoquímica de nervos e músculos

Anomalies of iris and ciliary body: Insuficiencia Chronic cerebral ischemia. Click here to sign up. Retrasos y trastornos del desarrollo, del aprendizaje y de la conducta.

pediatrria Perspect Health Inf Manag ; 1: Hartnup, cistinosis, otros disease, cystinosis, etc. Coma subaracnoidea, subdural, extradural hemorrhage extradural In the event of not finding it, search through other sections that could also cover it.

Coma AINE antirheumatics Moreover, it allows for consistent, standardized coding of child neurological diagnoses based on an internationally accepted system.

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Chromosomal and genomic 25 disorders 4. Movement olivopontocerebelosa disorders An Esp Pediatr ; 3: ICDCM codes were assigned to: It facilitates the handling and management of clinical information and the setting-up of databases, leucovistrofias will in turn enable such information to be studied, interpreted and shared.

Skip to main content. This was adapted as follows: The better a case is coded, the more information becomes available for its management. Learning disabilities 32 7. Neurocutaneous syndromes 28 5.