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Hello people, shin is back again, but with some manga review and recommendation of a certain series. This might be an obscure manga with no reviews and better ratings in MAL or in any others place at all, so here I am giving you an intel on what I feel about the manga and why is it worth it in my opinion. If you are planning to read this blog, please read it till to the end as it is just a short non-spoiler ashuura blog after all.

Since the Edo periods of Japan, gladiator arenas exist in certain areas. In these arenas, wealthy business owners and merchants hire gladiators to fight in unarmed combat where winner takes all. Toki Taouma, nicknamed “Ashura”, joins these arenas and devastates his opponents. His spectacular ability to crush his enemies catches the attention of the big business owners, including the Nogi Group chairman, Nogi Hideki.

Regarding the introduction, the story takes place in the modern-day since the gladiator arenas existed years ago in a certain place. Formerly, before anyone fight for a certain guild as a hired gladiator, whom azhura merchant is to bet anything like money, assets, or settlement of getting something they got their eyes on through conflict alone.

To gain something, they will do komok it means to komikk what they want through assassination, conspiracy, intimidation and all the aspect of conflicts that leads asuura an extreme abomination.


In addition to the story of Kengan Ashua, despite the numerous of methods that conflicts is resolved through arbitration, anarchy, and a certain aspect of laws etc. Violence itself was not able to be controlled properly and the merchants have not come to realization until that moment where all of the merchants were summoned at the young shogun castle who is around the age of asjura to resolve their ceaseless conflicts.

What puts an end to uncontrollable conflicts of violence through the greed of merchants is a simple childlike proposal from the shogun with a straightforward honest and yet phenomenal words. Kengan matches are in a completely different league and immeasurable that the outside martial sports are nothing more than an ant class level. To kkomik, in order to gain somethingfor example; let say an abandoned skyscraper is wanted by a couple of well-known corporation who are fighting for it.


Others conflicts and violence are forbidden in Kengan matches let alone one on one fight only. The winner match is determined by forfeitingunconsciousness without moving, incapacitation, immobilization while still down or even inevitable death of an opponent.

Kengan matches are not lenient and it is beyond a regular human potential. Let say, for example, there is a participant that is specialized in a specific field with a superhuman feat. Sizes and intimidation don’t mean shit in Kengan matches.

It is hard to explain the complexity of the martial arts that is used in this manga and it is beyond extraordinary level. Unlike being repetitive with matches like fighting one after the next one very blatantly, it will instead take a unique turn to make things more interesting and entertaining with more content involving introduction among characters and information as well as the interaction.

All the matches were executed similarly but differently at the same time if you know what I mean. The art styles are decent and great, although it can be rather bold at some moment, the darker ink of line and dark shaded moment conveys some sort of feelings and can vary on the situation like intimidation and so on.

However, the arts of the fighting scene is well executed and detailed that it will leave you momik with comprehending visual and detail about them. Umm, how should I put it? I never tried explaining all the characters as whole at once.

Either way, the MC is known as Toki Touma and the first character to be introduced since the start of the manga, his ambition is to crush only those who claim to be the strongest, and he is an extreme passionate martial art but calm and only thrilled to face those who think they are stronger than anyone.

His character development also ascends time by time and as he fights more, he gets attention from the rich ass merchants and getting to be known by some gladiators who are extremely strong and gives off the similar vibe like the MC himself.

Each of the characters is introduced one after another in a badass way usually when they appear for the big tournament that is taking place for something big to take.


Kengan Ashura | Manga –

Not only the fighters are introduced well, but also the bosses of wealthy corporation or organization. An example can vary between the chairman, chairwoman, president, and the leaders of others big companies. The manga is currently taking place in a big tournament with all the greatest fighters, where the company that becomes victorious in the tournament will dominate the economic fate of japan under their control….

The genres are well-fitted in this series and do goes well with the storyline and the characters involved in it, the key genre is mostly martial arts while the rest of it accompany along. Everything is normal and the genres are not overexerted but well balanced to be qshura, and I think some of the extra genres will be added once the manga has progressed with more chapters.

The characters are also prettier as well usually the girls. It is all for enjoyment and entertainment purpose and also for further prosperity.


Right now the current manga chapter is 40 updated Nov 5, in English translation and in the Vietnamese translation is or so chapters and ongoing.

The violence is rough and many times brutal, and the characters are all interesting.

The storyline and everything are neatly and well-explained in the series. I surely believe that you will enjoy this manga if you are martial art fans. Anyway, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great day. I will see you in the next manga review recommendation in a couple or few weeks.

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Definitely gonna check it out now! Glad to see you can see the goodness in the manga, you’ll definitely enjoy it: Inari 21 hours ago. I can’t believe my sunwolf can be such a weeb 3 days ago.