BR Manual For Handling the Device If following “Download the PDF file” is clicked and got, you can see a BR series catalog. Products. TCG · HPR · IDX. KAMO SEIKO CORP.: Kamo Seiko focuses on precision ball decelerators that transmit the motor revolution speed to the arms, etc. in machinery and has. The mechanism of the Ball Reducer driven by a steel ball without using a gear teeth. With this, tooth striking doesn’t occur, low wear, low noise, high.

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The index time for a load of maximum J L is set for 3 seconds.

Positive pin mechanism held by air pressure High load capacity in axial and radial direction Standard stops from 2 to 12 stops, 16 stop unit avalible Clockwise or counterclockwise available Available with accuracy to 1 arc minute More information on MINITABLE.

Multiple stop miniature indexers.

The allowable maximum instantaneous torque applied to the output shaft when the load is emergency stopped or subjected to an external impact. Operating Load — Thrust Load. Available in various stop locations per revolution of output shaft, the MINIDEX is a versatile device unmatched kammo another device of its size.


Kamo Seiko – Techmaster Inc.

Models and dimensions in parentheses are for NEMA mounts. The compact cylindrical form factor of the MINIDEX allows for installation in limited space without sacrificing performance or accuracy.

Very small package size Design prevents overrunning with solid kaom positive locking mechanism Cumulative errors and backdriving eliminated Index speed air pressure regulated Operation from one four-way valve Standard dual output shaft feature Increments from 2 to 12 stops per revolution model dependent Four models available with accuracy to 4 arc minutes model dependent More information on Minidex.

Kamo Seiko has Zero backlash right angle and pancake speed reducers.

Ball Speed Reducer Series Catalog

Care should be taken that the maximum transition torque not be exceeded during normal operation. Stop positions of the MINIDEX are exact with the use of internal locking pins and contribute to accuracy of positioning and repeatability without overrunning kano external stops.

The table rotation is uniform, with rotating torque being proportional to air pressure applied. Dimensions in for MD75 are for models with 6 stops or more.


There is a correlation between indexing time and load inertia so care should be taken when determining the MINITABLE model and the indexing time to inertia load relationship. When designing, observe the mounting hole position as reference to index start mark.


Rotation shown by arrow is left. Maximum external load of stopped table.


Click edit button to change this text. MD is defined as a Model MD30 with 4 stops per revolution.

The indexing time listed in the specifications is a no load time. The MINIDEX offers double ended output shafts that are incorporated in a manner that allows the sei,o of an integrated pneumatic drive with both indexing and positioning capability as standard.

There is a correlation between indexing time and load inertia so care should be taken in determining the MINIDEX model and the indexing time to load inertia relationship. Kamo Seiko admintmi T Calculated values of J Kmao should be proportionally distributed between the no load index time and the 3 second maximum load time.