In its secret report, never made public in Pakistan the commission, headed by then Chief Justice of Pakistan, Hamoodur Rahman, held widespread atrocities. The report of the Hamoodur Rahman Commission (HRC) set up by president Z.A. Bhutto in to inquire into the Pakistani debacle in East. with the original report’s outcome, Hamoodur Rahman Commission. Supplementary the then Chief Justice of Supreme Court of Pakistan as its head . The.

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That the HRC had been harsh on the military was easily surmised from Bhutto’s grandiose announcement that every copy had been burnt. Yet, the speculation refused to die.

Knowledgeable circles in Islamabad insisted that at least two copies had survived. One was found in the Bhutto house in Larkana in after his execution and subsequently kept under wraps in the Ministry of Interior.

The other simply disappeared. How was the report leaked? Reprt ranged from speculative deduction hamoidur the bizarre. There were suggestions that it was leaked by the Americans, sold for a consideration, pilfered by an Indian journalist from under Bhutto’s pillow and intelligently culled from published sources.

Never one to mince words, Kulsoom Nawaz, wife of the imprisoned former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, taunted the Government for allowing a “state secret” to fall into “enemy hands”. Predictably, the motives behind the publication were questioned. Wrote The Frontier Post Peshawar: The report, he said, was leaked “with the clear aim of embarrassing the present military Government and to malign the army as an institution.

Not that anyone is waiting for an official declassification. Being the nearest thing to an official version of the debacle, the HRC report, wrote The Nation, has proved “an unsettling experience” for Pakistan.


The report’s findings, declared Human Rights Commission of Pakistan Chairman Afrasiab Khattak, “contains material sufficient to bring unmitigated shame and anguish to the people”.

The full report, he demanded, echoing even those who have questioned the motives behind publication, must now be made public. At one level, the discussion on the report has centred on the actual happenings in Niazi, identified as one of the villains of the piece by the HRC, has offered himself up for court martial, declaring that the debacle in the east arose from the failure of the army to hold its ground in the west.

Arguing in the same vein, another indicted veteran, Major-General Rwport Omer, said the HRC report was prepared by a bunch of “non-technical people”.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission Report

These protestations of innocence haven’t gone down too well. The larger question being asked in Pakistan about the report is: What has the army learnt from ? The answers haven’t been too flattering for Musharraf’s military regime.

In a hard-hitting indictment of his colleagues, Air Marshal Nur Khan, former air force chief, said, “There were disasters after disasters and the army always pretended nothing had happened. They were protecting lies.

History creates hell – Neighbours News – Issue Date: Sep 4,

They claim to be fighting for Islam but the rank and file believes the leadership has been dishonest. This is simply criminal. Referring to the HRC’s observation that the army suffered a “moral collapse”, he said, “You cannot live with a lie for ever.

You have to clean the pus in its body and only then will the army become a moral force. Otherwise you will remain a mercenary army.

Hamoodur Rahman Commission report unsettles Pakistan, raises demands for probe into Kargil

In more concrete terms, Nur Khan called for a high-powered commission comprising army officers and civilians with impeccable credentials to probe Pakistan’s “national disasters”. These included the war fiasco, the surrender, the Ojhri camp disaster and commisison Kargil misadventure. This suggestion was endorsed by former army chief General Mirza Aslam Beg. Others added their own list of army misdemeanours.


In an editorial, The Nation noted, “There have been no inquiries of this kind into commissikn actions such as the law and order operations in Baluchistan and Sind, and operations in Siachen and, lately, Kargil.

The Hamood-ur-Rehman Commission Report | A Review | Tanqeed

With reports indicating that nearly Pakistani soldiers and countless civilian por ters from Gilgit and Baltistan died in Kargil and were buried in unmarked graves, there is a clamour for the army to come clean on its role. The term “rogue army” is being bandied about. In resurrecting a grisly past, the HRC has ended up haunting the present. It has unwittingly forced Pakistan to come to terms with itself. Hamoodur Rahman Commission report unsettles Pakistan, raises demands for probe into Kargil The release of the Hamoodur Rahman report on india-today.

December 11, Get real-time alerts and all the news on your phone with the all-new India Today app. Do You Like This Story? Now share the story Too bad. Tell us what you didn’t like in the comments. The debate at one level is about the shame that Pakistan has been put to.

Niazi, Indicted general “There’s no reason to believe the published report is fake.