Project Gutenberg · 58, free ebooks · 4 by J. P. Jacobsen. Niels Lyhne by J. P. Jacobsen. Book Cover. Download; Bibrec. Niels Lyhne is an novel written by the Danish author Jens Peter Jacobsen. A naturalistic work, Niels Lyhne is considered to be part of the Modern. Jens Peter Jacobsen (7 April – 30 April ) was a Danish novelist, poet, and scientist, Jacobsen’s second novel Niels Lyhne (, English translation ) traces the fate of an atheist in a merciless world: his lack of faith is “tested” .

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Niels Lyhne is a young Danish man from a rural family.

There are those who can. Jacobsen’s short stories are collected in Mogens og andre Luhnetranslated as Mogens and Other Tales, and Mogens and Other Stories There are a number of historical -isms under which we could categorize Niels Lyhne.

What I loved the most about this book was its beautiful prose. For the most part I was puzzled by this novel. Yet at the now-familiar approach of inexorable premature death, can doubt win out over faith? The style of the translation, which may accurately reflect the original Danish for all I know, is extraordinarily melodramatic to the point of incoherence, like a Victorian moral fable. And then to start all over again from another point, with the same results, over and over.

Niels Lyhne’s death could be read as follows: If he could only be overwhelmed by something–life, love, passion–so that he could no longer shape it into poems, but had to let it shape him!

La sua esistenza si svolge in un interminabile sogno: His nature descriptions are unique, perhaps matched only by those of Turgenev, by whom he was influenced.

Niels Lyhne by J. P. Jacobsen – Free Ebook

These two parents pull young Niels in two different directions, neither of which will be able to appease his simultaneous need to understand and to transcend reality. He has enjoyed the pleasure of creation, the tedium of upbringing remains, to nurse, nurture, and support entirely – why? Believe me, there is a redeeming joy for a person in fighting for an idea that is popular, while it is so demoralizing to belong to the losing minority which life, in the course that it takes, proves wrong, point by point and step by step.


This chasing after yourself, craftily observing your own tracks–in a circle, of course. Sofri a dor de Niels. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Niels Lyhne

Pesten i Bergamo The Plague of Bergamo shows people clinging to religion even when tempted to be “free men”. Besides his romantic interests, Lyhne is both a thinker and a nieps poet. They significantly inspired the Danish symbolist poetry of the s.

To ask other readers questions about Niels Lyhneplease sign up.

Jacobsen, that great, great, writer, and Auguste Rodin, the petr. Unlike other writers of the era– my beloved Russians, especially– Jacobsen feels no need to reconcile his hero with a greater being. He went to school in Copenhagen and was a student at the University of Copenhagen in The answer varies by dying character, but Niels himself ends a lonely hero of integrity confronting death in fidelity to jacobzen anti-ideal that there is no God, no transcendence, no salvation.

As Niels grows up he experiences psychological growth, aided by his petre with various women, which help formulate his realizations of life in general: I am describing her as she was at seventeen She loved poetry.

I call that violence against our nature. Let’s start with those descriptions. Don’t you realize what nobility would spread over humanity if people could live their lives freely and meet their deaths without fear of hell or hope of heaven, but fearing themselves and with hope for themselves? Undoubtedly, naturalism and romanticism are very present in Jacobsen’s writing and scenery.

How about them updating their technology? Jacobsen’s second novel Niels LyhneEnglish translation traces the fate of an atheist in a merciless world: Admired by Stefan Sweig another of my favorite writersIt’s a novel that is well worth reading and I feel that you can find something more in a reread, something that I will certainly do. A stark realism pervades the last pages, where hope is lost and truth declaimed as inadequate to satisfy the longings of the brave.


Mogens and Other Stories. Lhyne tends to idealize women and put them on a pedestal. At times, you’re reading Niels Lyhne, and you’re caught up in the romanticism of it– the unconsummatable romances, the damaged-soul artist-hero, inels the lush, hypotactical descriptions of the natural world. His convictions about the world are tested a number of times throughout the novel as he deals with rejection, loss, betrayal and numerous deaths The prose has such lyrical beauty that at times i felt i was listening to a Schubert symphony or looking at a Vermeer painting.

Niels is deeply emotional. About Niels Lyhne Niels Lyhne is an aspiring poet, torn between romanticism and realism, faith and reason. Although the novel has moments that it can get quite dense, this is compensated with brilliant scenes beautifully written.

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At the age of 12 Lyhne’s aunt, 25, oeter whom he had become infatuated, dies on her sickbed before him, in spite of the boy’s fervent prayers for her recovery. I petr if Ingmar Bergman read this? When the seemingly un-artistic Erik goes to Copenhagen to jnes sculpture, Niels follows and falls in with the urban demimonde, reflecting on the pleasures and sorrows of bohemia.

Not when you perpetually went around inventing your life instead of living it. Get to Know Us. Niels is partly to blame for his situations, as when he tells Mrs. His next major relationship is to his an older boy named Erik, another cousin, with whom he enjoys idyllic boyhood escapades that provide a later model of intelligent, realistic play rather than just dreaming fantasy. It is unfortunate and distressing that comments on the Penguin Classic edition have made the purchase of this gem a veritable nightmare.

Jacobsen ” and pronounced “I. Archived from the original on It is a novel whose poetry is stifled by the vulgar apprehensions of everyday life.

Niels Lyhne – UK.