The Rising Tide: A Novel of the Second World War. Jeff Shaara, Author. Ballantine $ (p) ISBN Buy *The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II* by Jeff Shaara, The Rising Tide: A Novel of World War II Jeff Shaara Ballantine Paperback pages. May The first in a World War II trilogy forms a weak foundation for the series.

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Jun 11, Iluvbooks rated it did not like it.

I suspect our author felt much the same, given how close some of his scenes bear to the movie, but no matter. Pine does his homework and it makes the rendering come to life that any listener should appreciate. I listened to the 18 CD audio version of this book as read by Larry Pine and let me tell you, it shaarra a Washington DC commute much easier to bear for almost 2 weeks!

This is a particularly easy criticism to make when the subject matter early on has drawn from the Civil War. The operation was eventually successful, but with countless losses over tthe 9 months.

The Rising Tide by Jeff Shaara | : Books

With the beginning of the operation and the liberation of Naples, Italy becomes an Ally and turns against Neff. I never would have expected that facts from WWII could actually be tbe into a novel with a moving storyline.

With him go our hopes for the war story this is supposed to be. As a starter its a good yarn filed with little known historical data about some of the best known Allied and Axis figures of the times.

Now he embarks upon rieing most ambitious epic, a trilogy about the military conflict that defined the twentieth century. As the reader, you get to jump into Sicily with the paratroopers. Stay in Touch Sign up. I suppose if you find yourself in a story written by a hack it never hurts to be friends with the author. Rommel worries about Monty. I found the Audio to add to the experience and can recommend it enthusiastically.


A fairly large book, I nonetheless devoured it in two days and for the first time understand at least something about the command on both sides of the lines and the experience of the tank battalions in North Africa and eventually the invasion of Sicily and Italy, not to mention the importance of the North African campaign to the success of the Allies in World War II.


Inthe motion picture “Gettysburg” was released, which was based on his father’s classic novel, The Killer Angels. A few chapters later our friend is transferred to a larger and more heavily armed Sherman. In Sicily, the Allies attack their enemy with a barely tested weapon: In Sicily, the Allies attack their enemy with a barely tested weapon: He flies to Germany again and argues with Hitler.

Somehow I thought it was going to begin earlier, even the invasion of Poland by the Germans.

Eisenhower, whose tireless efficiency helped win the war; his subordinates, clashing in both style and personality, from George Patton and Mark Clark to Omar Bradley and Bernard Montgomery. Here is an example of dialogue taken completely at random. What this does I’d put you into the story, It becomes a first tice narrative rather than a somewhat distant third person telling of the tale.

The Rising Tide (Second World War, book 1) by Jeff Shaara

And that the Italians turned on the Germans after Mussolini was arrested. Oct 11, Teri Pre jeff it it was amazing Shelves: Shaara’s Montgomery is about as colorful as Shaara’s Rommel. Jeff Shaara composes a very interest account of the battles in Sicily, Italy, and France forward from both an infantryman’s view and that of the leaders. Shaara approaches most of his books with the docudrama format – a little bit of narrative history, a lot bit of historical fiction. Getting to know the characters, at times I often felt sorry for the G I really enjoyed this book.

That is a tall order for anyone and invites comparison and criticism and an almost foregone conclusion that he is not his father and his work is not on par with his father.

The Rising Tide

I don’t know why I was bothered by the sentence structure so much, but in a book that runs over pages I decided jerf give up and save myself from the agony. In this case, we focus primarily on Eisenhower, Patton, Rommel, a tank gunner, a Jef general and an American paratrooper. Monty wonders what Rommel’s doing. The Rising Tide begins a staggering work of fiction bound to be a new generation’s most poignant chronicle of World War II.


You either like it or you don’t.

This Shaara – my first, since his father’s Killer Angels – reads like warmed up mush compared to Atkinson. Learned a lot of things I didn’t know. The Island is taken in only a few months, due in large part because of the use of paratroopers, and plans for Operation Avalanche begin right away. Read it Forward Read it first. Novels by Jeff Shaara.

Jeff Shaara deserves a lot of credit for embarking on a writing project like this and I hope that the books are entertaining to anyone who can get past these minute writing issues. Bell rated it did not like it. After some considerable soul-searching, Jeff decided to try to tackle the project himself.

The action is very good, but there is not a lot of action – just a few pages in the Africa Campaign and some very The Rising Rsing I enjoy the history. Whenever I read his work I often get immersed to the point that I feel that I am almost there. The majority of the historical fiction part of the book, among the Allied characters at least, is Shaara’s characters putting themselves into place to shaaraa Rommell and setting the eising for the second book.

Here is Erwin Rommel, desperate for supplies in order to succeed in capturing Egypt. Then Mister Shaara spots his mistake. I recommend this book in any form. You can remove the unavailable item s now or we’ll automatically remove it at Checkout.

We’ll publish them on our site once we’ve reviewed them. Getting to know the characters, at times I often felt sorry for the German soldiers. Added by 2 of our members.