Blejk: Pesme nevinosti i iskustva. I FIND MORE AND MORE THAT MY STYLE OF DESINING IS A SPECIES BY ITSELF, AND IN THIS WHICH I SEND YOU. SAŽETAK: Izvantjelesna membranska oksigenacija (engl. Extracorporeal dobi Zahvaljujući razvoju tehnologije i stjecanju iskustva. Uporaba parapsihologije. Telepatija neposredan prijenos misli između 2 osoba korištenjem nepoznate mentalne sile i sposobnosti. Rhine u.

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Admin on uto lip 02, Postovi Teme Advanced Search. The way to clear somebody is to get him out of the influence of his reactive bank and his analytical machinery. Izvxntjelesna a person is so cleared, his level of knowingness is sufficient to overcome the need of machinery, and the need of stimulus-response mechanisms as contained in his reactive mind.

Of course, there are many other things which you could do to further increase his izvantjelesma and orient him in this position, but this is not immediately in our province in Dianetics.

When an individual is so exteriorized he also can look over jzvantjelesna body and patch up pinched nerves, black areas, rearrange the anchor points which create and hold the space of the body, and so repair a body quite excellently.

However, it is not the purpose of exteriorization simply to get a person to square away the machine known as the body. Evidently this simple combination has not been known before by Man. He must not ask him to go chasing around finding things. He must not ask him to prove that he is exteriorized.

However, the process of Answers, or even the Six Basic Processes could be run on the individual after he is exteriorized and his exteriorization will markedly increase, and he will get into even better condition as an exteriorized person. You would pay no attention to the fact that he was Clear. As a matter of fact, if you were to run any of these Six Basic processes long enough, and certainly if you were to run answers for any length of time after you have run these Six Basic Processes, you would have somebody exteriorized.

It is a peculiar thing that there is no argument about exteriorization. This level of punishment, trying to get a person to accept something under duress, does not work. But then, nothing in psychiatry ever worked, except bank accounts.

I have been developing and testing this for some time, and have kept it back on the shelf against a time when we had enough competent auditors to use the process intelligently. It is a highly effective process, a very violent process. Theoretically it should work on any level of case.

In actual practice psychotic, neurotic cases, or people badly out of communication receive it with considerable difficulty and it is not recommended for them, but it would work on them if it could be communicated to them. On such people use Opening Procedure of 8-C, only. The basis for this process is the observation that the MEST universe is a game. One can have a game and know it. He can be in a game and not know it.

The difference is his determinism. Games require space and havingness. A game requires other players. Games also require skill and knowingness that they are games. Havingness is the need to have terminals and things to play for and on.

When a game is done the player keeps around tokens. These are hopes the game will start again. When that hope is dead the token, the jzvantjelesna, is hidden. And it becomes iskusrva automaticity — a game going on below the level of knowingness.


Izvantjelesno iskustvo

Truthfully, one never stops playing any game once started. He plays old games in secret — even from himself — while playing or not playing new ones. The only real game one can have iskusva in present time. All others are in the past. Anxiety for a game takes one into the past. An auditor has to be a good auditor in order to use this process.

Izvantjelesno iskustvo – Wikipedija

We use this process as a remedy for the scarcity of games and we use it in full awareness of the processes involved in two-way communication. It is izvangjelesna murderous process and requires five or ten hours in rough cases to bring about an understanding of existence.

This is not necessarily a recommended process.

It is a workable process, it does function, it is fast, but remember that it has the frailty of the ability of the auditor himself. It has the frailty of failing when a two-way communication is not maintained with the preclear, it will fail if the preclear in volunteering information finds no attention from the auditor, it will fall if the auditor does not acknowledge the fact that the preclear has done this.

But, if these things are considered, it will work. This process can be abused by the preclear. He can wander from it. He can sit there in the auditing chair doing other things, but izvantjelensa depend upon the skill of the auditor to see that the preclear is not doing other things, and that he is actually doing the process.

22 Robert Peterson & Izvan Tjelesna Iskustva

But we persevere — and we win. Admin Admin Broj postova: The more time has been introduced into communication, the less communication there is.

Almost countless light-years elapse before this communication line has been completed. This is a very, very long communication. Not necessarily a communication lag since the progress of the particles is not interrupted. There are no VIAs. Actually, MEST itself does not have a communication lag, it is totally a communication lag. The more of this sort of thing enters into communication, the izvantelesna off is the iwkustva. Thus we can see that the subject of MEST itself is the aberrative factor.

As we examine barriers, we find that they are Matter, Energy, Space and Time. We discover that we can overcome the barriers of Matter, we can climb walls or go through them. We can somehow or other brave or get on the other side of energy barriers. We discover that even space has its limitations even when it appears as limitless as the space of this universe and the space of this universe appears as big as a person supposes it is big, whereas actually it is, to a thetan who can get outside of it, about the size of a matchbox to a child.

The one barrier which we discover difficult to get around is Time.

The basic definition and understanding of Matter, Energy, Space and Time are not particularly germane in this place. They are taken up on a much higher theoretical level in Scientology, but the essence of time is that it is measured or marked by the motion of particles in space. Space and energy particles are necessary to have mechanical time, but what is time, basically? Time is actually a consideration. There is time because one considers there is time.


You must examine the physical universe very closely to discover that the reason it is always here is because it is, izvatjelesna particle of it, each cubic inch of space of it, in forever. The physical universe is not moving through time, it is stuck in time. Each and every part of it is fixed in a now which lasts forever. The only real changes which take place in the physical universe are those introduced into it by Life.

We can argue about this if we want to but we are interested there in a concept which leads towards a workable process. We discover that time exists for the individual to the degree that the individual makes time. Time is an other-determined thing to nearly everyone alive.

He depends on clocks, he depends on the rising and setting of the sun, he depends on all manner of mechanisms to tell him what is the time. Actually the more a person is told what the time is, the more he gets into a dependency upon some other consideration, and so he drops into forever. When he stops considering that he is making time, when he stops making time by considerations, he is dropping himself into a foreverness.

He has less and less motion, he has less and less determinism. Time is a very insidious barrier because its apparency would tell an individual that time is created by the movement of things. Actually iskkustva is not, it is created by a consideration that things are moving. The remedy of the barrier of time produces an astonishing effect upon a preclear. We can iskustvx this factor directly. This process is the essence of simplicity. It has one command. One does not advise or teach the preclear how izvantjeleana make some iskusttva.

One accepts whatever the preclear decides makes time as the answer. One maintains the two-way communication with the preclear, and answers comments which the preclear has on it. One carefully does not evaluate for the preclear and tell him how to make some time. One does not set an example in making time. One simply has the preclear make some time. This process on some cases has to be run many hours before the preclear comes into partial control of the barrier of time. When he does izvantjelesn he of course comes into some control of his engram bank and his considerations.

The making of time naturally puts into motion all those silent or motionless masses which are hanging to the preclear and which actually pin together his reactive bank.

This is an enormous joke upon the preclear by himself and the universe that he makes all the time he will ever perceive. When he starts to protest against the universe at large he starts to protest against the foreverness which includes all time, and so he withdraws into earlier times when he was making time in order to have some time himself.

But remember, time is a barrier. But these are barriers. Although a game requires barriers, the preclear already has too many in the past, too few in the present.