Pentium 4 boards, like the Abit IC7-MAX3, these days are designed with robust multi-phase power circuits. While these power circuits provide. ABIT IC7 MAX3 – Taking Canterwood to the MAX. AMD Athlon 64 has taken most of the spotlight over the past month but we shouldn’t forget. Buy ABIT IC7-MAX3 Intel P ATX Intel Motherboard with fast shipping and top-rated customer you know, you Newegg!.

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ABIT IC7-Max3 (Intel P) (Page 1/10) :: Articles :: ®

First appearances give off the impression of a cluttered, unwieldy board. Appearances can be deceiving, though.

Attention is almost immediately focussed on the unusual-looking addition to the right of the CPU socket.

That’s the OTES cooling system that’s new on this model, folks. High frequency running generates heat; lots of it.

kax3 The ‘sinks were hot to the touch, suggesting that the Mac3 were really kicking out some serious finger-scorching heat. Most enthusiasts aren’t content with a mere FSB speed. ABIT thinks that in providing localised heat removal, on top of MOSFET heatsinks, for the components most under strain as the board is pushed to the ragged limit will aid in uc7 higher overclocks than a non-OTES-cooled motherboard.


We’d love some thermal imaging shots that highlighted whether the OTES system was successful in its job or not, but we can confirm that a steady flow of warm air was exiting out of the back of the PC.

Thankfully, the fan was barely noticeable above the general noise emitted by the PC. It seems like a good idea on principle, and the plastic surround has the requisite screws to secure it in to a case.

Another nifty feature are the green LEDs that shine when the board is operational. Definitely one for the modding crowd. Moving along to the 4 DDR slots. One area of good design is in the cable routing. That gives the PC a cleaner look and keeps cabling out of the way of fans’ airflow.

The dual-channel nature of the board means that it’ll run best with two modules of equal size. The space between it and the P4 retention bracket is a little limited but shouldn’t cause too many problems with CPU coolers of a reasonable size. If the right-hand side is all about cooling and overclocking, the left-hand side is all about storage and features. A little further down is where the real SATA fun starts.


ABIT goes a step further with the Sil controller. Can you guess the difference from the name?. That’s an awful lot of potential bandwidth riding on the PCI bus. FireWire connectivity, in the form of a Texas Instruments controller and 3 ports, sits to the left.

Settings are inputted in a pre-OS bootup screen. It’s all intuitively easy to comprehend. Adding a PCI-based Gigabit controller would have really swamped the bus. The fan is what makes the OTES system tick, and it’s not particularly annoying, either.

ABIT IC7-MAX3, Socket 478, Intel Motherboard

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