About Papaji · About the Avadhuta Foundation · Community» · Papaji Contacts Worldwide · Video Satsangs Around the World · Bookstore» · Books». W. L. Poonja discovered Ramana Maharshi in a remarkable manner. One morning, in , while he was sitting on his veranda in North India [now. H. W. L. Poonja (Papaji). 19K likes. “Keep quiet. Do not let a single thought arise.”.

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So I went to the other side of the hill for some time, knowing I could join my duties later on and knowing I was in a good place.

H. W. L. Poonja

I have never passed on the truth to those whom I could see were fake coins. His teaching emphasises that words can only point to ultimate truth, but never are ultimate truth, and that intellectual understanding without directly realising the truth through one’s own investigation is not enough.

These efforts, aimed at experiencing God, had so far been fruitless. But, if you understand, then there is no need for any person to tell you. Ooonja samadhi lasted several days.

Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. I want to stay with you. Then the time came for me to go, so I decided to go and prostrate before him and then to leave. Let your self be burned in this fire of eternity, love and peace.

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There was a Parsi man there; his name was Thromji, and he was the owner of the Vallington Cinema Group which had cinemas all over India. It doesn’t make any difference, because it is not the form or the person that gives you satisfaction. When you arrive there, then you will know that this is the place which gives you happiness and peace.

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

A person in this state is like a fake coin. Poonja stressed the idea that the seeker is already self-realized, so no effort needs to be made. That is very important, you see. He is largely responsible for the satsang movement in the West because he helped hundreds of Westerners attain glimpses of the Self and then sent them home to teach.

You are telling us to let go, but it is very difficult. That’s why I want to see him always. Poonja Papaji between and I had a month before I had to join my duties and I had used up only five days.

Because it has been my experience that everybody has proved to be arrogant and egotistic… Loonja Ever Happened Vol. What was your state of mind and inner experience when you initially entered the Maharshi’s presence?

She was very sick and the doctor said that she is going to die.

H.W.L. Poonja (Author of Wake Up and Roar)

Though Ramana would not respond to his question verbally, while Poonja was waiting for an answer, a group of devotees arrived and gave Ramana a picture of Krishna. This is the role of the Guru: I ppoonja quite fit, both in body and mind.


Your ego is absolutely finished. He was not speaking to anybody.

H.W.L. Poonja (Papaji)

Some readers may feel that this makes the series overpriced. There is no night or levels in the sun. This website contains hundreds of pages of information for people who want to become enlightened.

Under that spellbinding gaze I felt every atom of my body being purified. It was so quick.

Any notion will immediately disappear when you want it to, when you need poonjw to. On my first trip to the Guru I found it. Related pages on this site Who are you? She had no money and wondered how she could ever travel to India, to an unknown country. You only have to abandon the notion that, “I am bound.

Then, suddenly, I understood. It has been tried; there are no shortcuts. So, the practice comes by itself?