In accordance with Hessian law governing teaching qualifications (Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz), all education students must undertake an orientation. Februar The structure of the First State Exam, according to the Law on Teacher Education of the State of Hesse (HLbG: Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz). Degree: “Erweiterungsprüfung” (additional examination) as per § 33 Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetz HLbG. Duration: 4 semesters (80 CP). Language.

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Computer Science (Ergänzung Lehramt)

Trainee teachers spend their working hours in two locations: The interim should not be of unreasable duration, however. Existing experience with data structures, word processing programs or programming languages is useful, but not a prerequisite for starting studies. Lehrerbilfungsgesetz applicants who are not given a place lehrerbildungsgesdtz try and use their time until the next round of applications wisely, by lwhrerbildungsgesetz in some type of pedagogical activity, as this could slightly improve their employment grade later on bonus points.

Since the qualification process for teachers consist of both the university degree and the period as a trainee, the Hessian Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs has an obligation to offer a trainee place to every Hessian graduate. It is important to note that applicants must undergo an official health check before they can be employed as trainees, to test whether they are physically suitable for the job. Society expects teachers to notice such changes and to examine whether they should or can lead to changes in the methods or contents of their own lessons.

No academic degree is awarded after successful completion of the complementary studies. Since written sources as well as the literature should be read in the original if possible, knowledge of foreign languages is indispensable.

If a subject is studied with the aim of taking the additional examination, the regulations of the respective subject-specific regulations apply accordingly. Vetter, based on internal datas of the Board of Teacher Education and Training AfL and might not fully describe the actual situation.

It is not possible to write a thesis in the subject of supplementary studies. Degree course arranged in modules Within the programmes of studies, courses lectures, seminars etc are grouped together to form lehrerbildungsgseetz modules. The complementary course of study has no effect on the hedsisches period of study for the First Lehrerbildungsvesetz Examination or the Bachelor of Education and Master of Education degrees. Simultaneous enrolment in the same subject in a Complementary Studies — Teaching at Secondary Schools programme and in a Master of Education programme is not possible.


The complementary course of study does not constitute an extension of the deadline. Februar Thank you for your attention! Please also make use of the advice offered on the decision to pursue the teaching profession, which you will find hereas well as on the second subject.

Registration Forgot your password? Other factors include the overall demographic development, political decisions and administrative regulations.

See the webpages of the Centre for Teacher Training for more information about exams. Both parts of the teacher training progamme, being a student and being a trainee teacher, are intended to encourage you to foster your capacity for life-long learning. Applicants have already completely acquired a First State Examination or lehrergildungsgesetz equivalent degree as e. After the first state examination, students undertake the second phase of school-based study, known in German as ‘Vorbereitungsdienst”Referendariat’ or ‘Ref’.

Orientierungswoche OWO Department 2 orientation event at the beginning of the first semester. Online application Part-time Studies: However, since this agreement is underpinned by various caveats in the individual states, students should research the possibilities and conditions in their potential destination state.

Hesse has 30 such colleges, which are spread around the whole state and are hessissches no means restricted to the urban centres and university towns. No academic degree is awarded after successful completion of the complementary studies.

Auth with social network: You can safely assume that a thirty-year career will see significant developments not only within the fields of study in which you teach. The online help for choosing a course of study at the TU Darmstadt offers support: Applicants have already completely acquired a First State Examination or an equivalent degree as e.

The School System in Poland. Use these tools for a smart start into the programme: Use these tools for a smart start into the programme: Teachers at Secondary Schools do not only teach their subjects but work within a greater pedagogical and organisational framework.


Applicants for trainee-teacher positions can express preferences as to where they wish to work. Orientierungswoche OWO Sports orientation event at the beginning of the first semester. It follows that continued failure to pass the intermediate assessment and the first period of school-based study by the final deadline will result in students’ loss of permission to proceed with their chosen degree.

Employment of new trainees takes place in regular rounds every 1st May and 1st November. The specialist knowledge required here comprises the areas of General Chemistry, Inorganic Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, Organic Chemistry, and handling hazardous substances.

Unterhalb der Hauptnavigation befindet sich der Inhaltsbereich. It is recommended to take up the Complimentary Teaching Degree Programme only after you have successfully studied your regular teaching degree programme and have gained a minimum of 90 CP in it already, in both subjects and in the Grundwissenschaften Fundamental Studies in a maximum of 6 semesters. No academic degree is awarded after successful completion of the complementary studies.

As long as a First State Examination has not yet been successfully passed, or an equivalent degree acquired, only one subject in the Complementary Studies — Teaching at Secondary Schools programme can be studied.

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Anyone who decides to study computer science as part of their secondary school teacher training course should have a basic understanding of logical, system-oriented and complex issues. Lehrerbildungsvesetz make this website work, we log user data and share it with processors.

The programme offers an overview of the various disciplines of biology and teaches the fundamentals of the subject e. TU Darmstadt’s offer of Job Shadowing is a quick and simple method of career orientation by accompanying professionally experienced TU Darmstadt alumni for one day. Semester Course Schedule print version. This number of State Exams includes In accordance with Hessian law governing teaching qualifications Hessisches Lehrerbildungsgesetzall education students must undertake an orientation school placement before the beginning of their course:.