Scholars usually treat writings about Macrina the Younger as sources of information about historical events and persons. In my opinion, all four sources about. Gregory of Nyssa lauded his older sister Macrina as “the common glory of Life of Macrina and The Dialogue on the Soul and the Resurrection, he portrayed. St. Gregory Of Nyssa: THE LIFE OF ST. MACRINA – Kindle edition by St. Gregory of Nyssa. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or.

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As she grew, her natural talents became ever more evident.

The Life and Influence of our Holy Mother Macrina | Basilian Monasticism

Approaching her end, with a fever consuming her forces and pushing her ever closer to death, Macrina maintained her freedom of spirit, contemplating higher truths.

So fair was she that even painters’ hands could not do justice to her [B] comeliness; the art that contrives all things and essays the greatest tasks, so as even macrjna model in imitation the figures of the heavenly bodies, could not accurately reproduce the loveliness of her form. In which connection it is noteworthy that the girl’s beauty could not be concealed in spite of efforts to hide it.

But, indeed, his life and the subsequent acts, by which he became renowned throughout the world and put into the shade all those who have won renown for their virtue, would [D] need a long description and much time.

She declared that she knew Macrina’s [A] wishes in the matter of burial exactly. For the image I had seen was indeed true the relics of a holy martyr which had been dead in sin, but now were resplendent with the indwelling power of the Spirit. Now when I had accomplished most of the journey and was one day’s journey distant, a vision appeared to me in a dream and filled me with anxious anticipations of the future.

But he was satisfied with fame in his own hand. Macrina the Younger was the eldest child of Emmelia and Basil the Elder. So I called to the sisters with a loud voice But by the carnally minded they are judged outside the possible.

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Macrina the Younger

My apology must be that the subject on which you bade me write is greater than can be compressed within the limits nysss a letter. As I told my own trouble and all that I had been through, first my exile at the hands of the Emperor Valens on account of the faith, and then the confusion in the Church 51 that summoned me to conflicts and trials, my great sister said Paolina Milano, Arriving at the monastery, Gregory found his sister very ill.

So far they had remained [D] quiet and suppressed their grief, restraining 59 nysssa impulse to mourn for fear of her, as if they maacrina her rebuke even when her voice was silent, lest in any way a sound should break forth from them contrary to her command and their mistress be grieved in consequence.


When she rose from bed, or engaged in household duties, or rested, [A] or partook of food, or retired from table, when 23 she went to o or rose in the night for prayer, the Psalter was her constant companion, like a good fellow-traveller that never deserted her.

The Life and Influence of our Holy Mother Macrina

Macrina Life of St. Besides this, she discussed the future life, 6 as if inspired by the Holy Spirit, so that it almost seemed as if my soul were lifted by the help of her words away from mortal nature and placed within the heavenly sanctuary. But she was resplendent [D] even in the dark robe, divine power having added, as I think, this final grace to the body, so that, as in the vision of my dream, rays actually seemed to shine forth from her beauty.

And when we broke up, each to go home before the year was over, then I, [A] Gregory, felt a desire to visit Macrina. For she had four sons and five daughters, and paid taxes to three different governors, since her property was 27 scattered in as many districts. I arranged that the psalms should be sung by both sexes in rhythmical and harmonious fashion, as in chorus singing, so that all the voices should blend suitably.

Her parents sought to convince her to marry, but she remained steadfast in her conviction. For no anger or [D] jealousy, no hatred or pride, was observed in their midst, nor anything else of this nature, since they had cast away all vain desires for honour and glory, all vanity, arrogance and the like.

It is worth while to give the words of blessing which she used over her children, mentioning each of the absent ones in loving remembrance, so that macfina single one was deprived of the blessing, and commending especially to God in her prayers those who were present with her. But maxrina this time he was all in all to his sister and mother, co-operating with them in the pursuit of the angelic life.

Macrina is like searching through the expanses of history in order to discover the beauty of a vocation, the holiness of a woman and the wisdom of a virgin.

But after she had anointed her hands by the performance of religious duties for she deemed that zeal for this was consistent with the principles od her lifein the time that was left she prepared food for her mother by her own toil.

For a long time had elapsed during which visits were prevented by the distraction of the troubles which I underwent, being constantly driven out from my own country by the leaders of heresy. I am sure you do not forget our meeting, when, on my way to Jerusalem in pursuance of a vow, in order to sec the relics of the Lord’s sojourning in the flesh on the actual spots, 1 I ran across you in the city of Antioch; and you must remember all the different talks we enjoyed, for it was not likely that our meeting would be a silent one, when your wit provided so many subjects for conversation.

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When we had decided on this, and it was necessary for that sacred body to be robed in mmacrina, we divided the work and applied ourselves nysxa our gfegory tasks. It was a community that understood its identity and lived coherently the life to which they were consecrated.

The Life of Macrina, by Gregory Bishop of Nyssa | Monastic Matrix

When Gregory spoke of his own troubles to Macrina — his exile at the hands of the Emperor Valens on account of the faith, she exhorted him to stop behaving in a way incongruent to the divine mysteries. The man, however, suddenly died. But the eldest of the family, the subject of our story, took him soon after birth from the nurse’s breast and reared him herself and educated [C] him on a lofty system of training, practising him from infancy in holy studies, so as not to give his soul leisure to maxrina to vain things.

In fact, of all the things after which men eagerly pursue nyss this life, there were none with which they could not easily dispense. Then she lifted her hand to God and said But when, as it were from the sleep, I recovered my thoughts, I looked towards that holy face and it seemed as if it rebuked me for the confusion of the noisy mourners.

Specifically, it looks at Gregory of Nyssa’s portrayal of Macrina in De Vita Macrinae as one whose asceticism and virginity allow her to experience proleptically the eschatological communion with Christ. A new generation is looking for spiritual comfort. She told every detail as in a history, and thought nothing ought to be left out, even the smallest points.

This is all her wealth, these are her riches. Her brother Gregory of Nyssa wrote a work entitled Life of Macrina in which he describes her sanctity throughout her life.

For she considered it disgraceful and quite unsuitable, that a tender and plastic nature should be taught either those tragic passions of womanhood which afforded poets their suggestions and plots, or the indecencies of comedy, to be, so to speak, denied with unseemly tales of “the harem.

Nor even was the virgin referred to unknown to our family circle, to make it necessary to learn the wonders of her life through others, but she came from the same parents as ourselves, being, so to speak, an offering of first-fruits, since she was the earliest born of my mother’s womb.