Deployment. When you deploy your MSI you should also deploy the packages for Ghostscript and Xpdf. Ghostscript Lite MSI package · Xpdf MSI package. Set the Bullzip PDF Printer option as the default printer before accessing the hosted application and print as normal (If there is no Bullzip PDF Printer available in. 1. Download and install GhostScript Lite* from the following link: 2. Download and install Bullzip PDF Printer (free community edition*) from here.

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You can change the settings listed in the table below. This controls where the VBScript macros and event handlers are loaded from.

BullZip PDF Printer * -> PDF Creator (+ Ghostscript Light Weight) – EFB

Setting usedefaulttitle is default set to yes. You need a redistribution license if you want to redistribute the PDF Printer on your own redistribution media. New setting watermarkhorizontaladjustment is now supported.

If it’s very silent it will reboot without asking. The command line parameters will determine where the program is installed and ghostsdript the user will see when the installation is in progress. Settings are no longer written to registry.

Build an MSI Installer for PDF Printer

Better quality results in larger PDF files. UNC roots are now valid destinations.

This feature is meant for a redistribution scenario. Unattended installation is supported by this program and described in this section of bullziip documentation. New setting watermarklayer is now supported. This text can be parsed and values can be extracted and used as macros hhostscript as author or title. This site in other languages x. If the version does not match the one set in the VersionName variable the setup program is started.


Advanced Settings The advanced settings are stored in the registry under the key: You can also specify the value ‘c2c’ or ‘-c2c’.

Free PDF Printer

Commercial distiller uses standard encoded fonts. New setting rememberlastfoldername is now supported. Now uses ps2write device for PostScript generation with Ghostscript. If you want to have an MSI package for the setup program then we can recommend the enterprise edition or show you how to build you own guostscript MSI package for Windows Installer.

Specifying folders as default file names has been improved. Runtime error should no longer occur during startup. Do I need a license for that? Multiple option sets can now be defined. Support for Windows Terminal Server. They are designed in a way where you do not have to keep track of the number of user and they can be used by both students and employees.

Override port log file folder guostscript registry setting. This feature is bullzjp for a redistribution scenario. The professional setup executable accepts a wide range of parameters and offers a lot of functionality. The data area setting specifies a folder where the settings. The table is part of the PDF reference third edition. The output setting can be used to specify a default folder. Revision 3 only Gnostscript the document to a representation from which a faithful digital copy of the PDF content could be generated.


A normal desktop or laptop computer counts as one user. Progress indicator is now shown it the system tray. If you install it on a Terminal or Citrix server then the number of users is the total number of users with a login to that server. Add or modify text annotations, fill in interactive ghostscriph fields, and, if bit 4 is also set, create or modify interactive form fields including signature fields.

With this setting you can specify ghosttscript license to use. We can select which parameters we want to run the executable with when the packages is installed. This extends the programmatic control you have over the PDF Writer.

File not found” during cleanup in temporary files. Additional registry cleanup in uninstaller. Setting watermarksize is now obsolete use watermarkfontsize instead. GUI encrypts owner and user passwords in configuration files.