The Foundling (Regency Romances) [Georgette Heyer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. What happens when a many-titled Duke decides. So when Gilly hears of Belinda, the beautiful foundling who appears to be For over fifty years, Georgette Heyer was the undisputed queen of historical. Guest review by Claire of The Captive Reader Originally published in , The Foundling was one of the very few Heyer Regency novels I.

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There were the usual tropes: Gideon the war hero and army captain gladly stands in the shadows this time as Gilly finally takes center stage – bravo! Sounds like another I must add to my list of must reads.

The Geortette June Read: That is the only thing that ruined otherwise a great story for me. Paperbackpages. Yes, as other reviewers point out, ths is more of a coming-of-age saga tha June, – Still five stars for me, and still a favorite Heyer! The titular female of the piece Belinda, “The Foundling” steals the role as leading lady.

The reader catches glimpses of it, but not many. I remember it well, a narrow red covered book printed during the Second World War so on cheap paper and tiny print but I devoured it and loved Gilly.

The Foundling

Indeed, I do not know how you can look twice in my direction when you have known my handsome cousin! He lives with his uncle, Lord Lionel.


Matthew supposedly sent letters to a very beautiful foundling named Belinda, and promised to marry her. Jun 02, Angela rated it really liked it Shelves: It made for a charming contrast with, say, Alverstoke from Frederica who cares for no one but himself until he slowly learns to care for the heroine and her siblings.

The unbelievable situations and turns in the plot ar The very first Georgette Heyer I have read at the coaxing recommendation of my wife heydr I believe is in some secret underground Georgette Heyer fan club. It’s a long story and we meet some queer and many characters along the way.

Penguin Random House- Fiction – pages. I liked this book a great deal. It made for amusing moments but did not make her very interesting. Some have objected that the story takes a long time to get going, but the first hundred pages, while light on action, give us a deep sympathy and understanding for the hero. Something tells me, though, that his cousin Gideon would not allow it.

I love sweet-tempered Gilly, another of Heyer’s non-standard heroes, his friendship with his cousin Gideon, and his irascible Uncle Lionel. I still enjoy Gilly so very much if only to pluck him out of this story into a faster-paced one and to give him a proper love escapade. No matter that of any character, I imagined myself most like Gideon, with a slanted humoro Oh you got me good, Ms.

The Foundling – Georgette Heyer – Google Books

I love getting lost in old fashioned language and world that is quite different from my own. Also the teenage me found Gideon more appealing than Gilly.


When he decided not to marry her after all, her “guardian”, Mr. Dash, of Nowhere in Particular. Gilly is an expert marksman, but otherwise, he doesn’t care for the usual pursuits of a Regency gentleman. There were a few times when I actually laughed out loud. The moment Harriet hears about Belinda not so much. A sheltered, pampered duke escapes his cocoon to throw himself into the world of everyday small-town Englishmen in the Regency period, with results that are equa The Foundling ranks among my top ten favorite Georgette Heyer novels.

They really do put a smile on my face and I find them to be absolutely delightful. I want only to be worthy of you.

Heyer paints a wonderful sweet and believable portrait of a young man treated like a child all his life and yet still finds he has the heart of a man, and a good man too. After his cousin Matthew finds himself in a very precarious situation in regard to the attentions of a young lady, Gilly decides his life could use a little more autonomy — and sets about dealing with a man who is trying to blackmail his family and their good name. The hero, at all events, is definitely one-of-a-kind.

All of these reviews are getting me so excited to read one of her books!