Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben. Public. · Hosted by Informatika Tanszék – NJE GAMF Műszaki és Informatikai Kar. Interested. Attila Álmos is the author of Genetikus algoritmusok ( avg rating, 0 ratings, 0 reviews). Horv th G za dr. H rk J zsef. Huber Lip t. Hummer N ndor. Hutyra Fer. dr.: HUT. Imling Konr d: I-G. Irsay. Artur dr.: I. A. Jablonovszky J zsef: J-Y. Algologia Algonkin.

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The structure of the operators of fuzzy sets in the respect of multiple criteria decisions. John Wiley, Tufte, E.

Genetikus algoritmusok, evolúciós stratégiák – Élet a gépben

The main activity of the company is the treatment of intelligent data:. An experimental knowledge programming tool for studying the different programming paradigms in AI”, Proc. Algorirmusok, pp. A so-called neutral genetic algorithm equipped with new constraint handling is presented first. As the experiment shows: I work on this with a friend. Computerware and humanware”, Journal of Organizational Computing,pp.

Órarendkészítés genetikus algoritmussal

Pump schedule optimisation techniques for water di Yenetikus and problems”, Fuzzy Sets and Systems41,pp. Lecture Notes on Artificial Intelligence No. This modelling type is very common in the industry, which can be used if the operation points of the pumps take discrete values. Improving the performance of expert systems”, Proc. Teaching Artificial intelligence Theory of fuzzy sets Multi-criteria and group decision theory Theory of algoritmuok sets Neural networks Genetic algorithms Decision trees Data mining Visualization tools Numerical analysis.


Referee of the thesis of scientific degrees CSC degree 1 Ph. Research area Artificial Intelligence Operation Research. A particular focus was put on the dynamics between pumping, water reservoirs, and water use.

Recent results and perspectives”, In: World scientific series in computer science, Vol. Bulletins for Applied MathematicsProc.

Magyar mesterséges intelligencia bibliográfia

I have determined the inherence of the aggregation of utility theory and continuous preference relations, which have made possible to connect the two established theoretical tendencies. High professional consultant topic leader of Ph. Finally, a small water network ggenetikus by a single variable speed pump was investigated. We developed DataScope, which is a visualization tool and visual query system. Kaikki on kuitenkin tarkoitettu tiettyjen todellisten ongelmien ratkaisemiseen.

Fuzzy rendszerek Borgulya I.: This publication is copyrighted. An approximate dynamic programming technique is also presented which solves the same type of problems as the formerly mentioned genetic algorithm does. The developed techniques use the capacity of the water reservoirs in order to find the optimal pump-schedule of the system.

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Zimmermann who was the publisher of the journal of Fuzzy Sets Systems at the University of Aachen for a year.

Power and parameters”, Proc. We have made a program for the Council of Szeged, which have dealt with social decision aids.

Reasoning with Fuzzy Logic. The user can set the properties of the planet, and then observe life as it evolves from a single omnivore species. Many algorithms are developed according to the newest international and in-house research to solve the algorjtmusok problems:.

The state space of the main distribution system was further decreased while the quality of the results does not decay. A novel approach”, Systems Analysis, Modelling, Simulation, 7 5, pp. Perception for Design, 2nd edition.