Gangai Konda Cholan – part -1 – Balakumaran. Author: Balakumaaran Product Information. Gangai Konda Chozhan (tamil book) part

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He inherited a mighty empire from his father, King Rajaraja Chola — I. The Chola empire was plagued by wars and rebellions. In the South, their arch-enemies, the Kondx were a splinter on the throne. Even in Lanka, which his father had recently occupied, the Sinhalese king was fighting for his freedom. The yuvaraja rose up to the challenge. He took command of he Chola Army.

‘Gangaikonda Cholapuram’ – The City of the Chola who brought the Ganges.

The Chola Army crushed all the rebels under his leadership. When the yuvaraja wore the Chola crown in AD, he was the ruler over the entire Deccan. His navy held the Islands of Andaman and Nicobar Islands.

In his treasure chambers were the crowns of the Pandayas and the Sinhalese. The young Chola king was not satisfied. The minstrels sang of his father, Rajaraja Cholaand called him the greatest Chola king. The Chola Temple in Thanjavur was a testament to his greatness. But Rajendra Chola had different plans. The river Cauvery was the Chola lifeline. It flowed konva the heart of their empire, the city of Thanjavur. The Temple that his father built towered high over the city gahgai. Priests, ministers and bureaucrats walked hurriedly through the wide streets.

The Chola port, Kaveripattinam, was situated at the mouth of the river Cauvery. It brought merchants from all over the world.

கங்கை கொண்ட சோழன் பாகம் 1 [Gangai Konda Cholan #1]

Fair skinned Romans, bearded Arabs and diminutive Chinese strolled on the dusty the streets, selling their merchandise. Trade flourished under the Cholas.


The Chola Empire was at peace. But the young Chola king grew restless. He wanted the holiest of chholan rivers. He set his eyes North. The king lead the army himself. The Kalingas, the Vengi and the Odda kingdom fell koda the Chola might. Kpnda only the Pala kingdom stood between the Chola and the Ganges.

Rajendra Cholatired from the battle, walked into the river Ganges. The current was strong but the Chola was not bothered. He cupped his hands poured the water of the Ganges as a sacrifice to Lord Shiva, his protector. With the Bengal under him, Rajendra Chola looked east. He had heard tales from the merchants of Kaveripattinam of vast lands over the sea, filled with riches. He strengthened his Ganvai and sent it on a expedition to conquer the lands of the east. The Chola Navy did not disappoint their king.

They proved to be the strongest naval force in the Indian Ocean. They sent tribute to the king, under the naval threat. All land around the Bay of Bengal belonged to the Cholas.

After defeating the Pala kingdom, King Rajendra Chola came back south, bringing with him water from the Ganges. He built a Shiva temple in the city, rivaling the one his father built in Thanjavur.

He built a 22 km wide artificial lake near the city. He shifted the Chola capital from Thanjavur. He named his son, Rajadhiraja Chola, as yuvaraaj and sat back on his throne, listening to gangqi minstrel sing of his deeds.

The once mighty Chola capital is now a small village situated on the highway between Neyveli and Kumbakonam. The Royal palace, the city buildings are all one with the dust.


The only proof that the place was once the capital of one of the might Chola Empire are the Shiva temple and man-made lake nearby. The Shiva temple is built along the lines of the one in Thanjavur. Clean lawns surround the temple premises. The place is now a world heritage site and thankfully the city of one of the greatest kings of India kond not completely lost in the tides of time. Also, he is the reason for the great temples of Angkor Vat and others.

It needs chola get translated. This is all so awesome. To think of it, that village is now called Jayankondam. I am a native of that village. Its all so overwhelming, the once flourishing city being reduced to such a small village. As adults we should pass down this message to our young ones, so that they could do great things when they grew up. You are commenting using your WordPress.

‘Gangaikonda Cholapuram’ – The City of the Chola who brought the Ganges. – Who’story

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