8 ago. Resumo: As aves figuram entre os mais importantes dispersores de sementes em praticamente todos os ambientes terrestres. Apesar de. Composição da avifauna, frugivoria e dispersão de sementes por aves em áreas de floresta estacional semidecidual e cerrado, no Parque Estadual de Porto. 11 mar. Os objetivos deste trabalho foram (1) comparar a frugivoria e a dispersão de sementes por aves frugívoras entre espécies de Ficus.

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Forests loss and habitat fragmentation aaves to agricultural activity could be related to different ecological processes such as biotic dispersion, as well as the maintenance of native plant diversity and exotic plant invasions. Por otro lado, algunos estudios muestran que los movimientos de aves son mayores dentro de bosques continuos que entre fragmentos Van Houtan et al.

Services on Demand Journal. The extensive use of these areas mainly for cane sugar plantations and other monocultures, caused a high loss of habitats. A Celtis ehrenbergiana and B Rivina humilis at forest fragments and continuous sites of Chaco forest.

Frugivory by birds in cerrado in the city of Uberlândia, Minas Gerais

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. Despite the prevalence of generalist birds that disperse mainly small seeds of plants from the early succession stages, we found the PFSP has a diversified frugivorous bird-plant interaction network compared to other forest fragments of the State, due to the variety of available environments, connection with other surroundings fragments and its medium size and rounded shape, softening the matrix impact.


Effects of subsistence hunting on vertebrate community structure in amazonian forests. Natural perches also provided other resources for birds, such as fruits, insects and shelter, making them more attractive.

The effect upon other Ficus species remains to be tested. Tackling frigivoria habitat fragmentation panchreston.

Reproduction for commercial use is forbidden. Fruit eating by birds in a forest fragment in southeastern Brazil. How long fruit-eating birds stay in the plants where they feed: Any uses or copies of this document in whole or in part must include the author’s name. Zanthoxylum coco Gillies ex Hook. Frugivorous interactions with large sized birds, such as the Cracidae and Ramphastidae families, considered as potential seed dispersers, were not recorded.

Enhanced seed dispersal of Prunus africana in fragmented and disturbed forests? We counted the fruits in focal plants once a week during two month. Do subtropical seasonal forests in the Gran Chaco, Argentina, have a future?

Spatial distribution and food utilization among tanagers avws southeastern Brazil Passeriformes: Revista Frgivoria de Historia Natural 73 3: Fig trees bearing green-fruited and medium or large figs were consumed by a great diversity of birds, but showed a dominance of only one species over the others on the fruit removal.


The consumption of fleshy fruits by vertebrates is an important phenomenon in the tropics, especially birds and mammals that have high proportions of frugivorous species.

The role of fruits traits in determining fruit removal in east Mediterranean ecosystems. Vertebrate dispersal syndromes along the Atlantic forest: Sociedade e Naturezav. Important steps in an invasive process.

Frugivoria de Ficus (Moraceae) por aves em paisagens com diferentes níveis de fragmentação

Narosky T, D Izurieta. Cogniaux Melastomataceae by birds in a transitions palm swamp – gallery forest in Central Brazil.

Revista Brasileira de Biologiav. Frugivoria por aves em bordas de fragmentos florestais, Uberlandia, MG. Learn what derived works are clicking here.

A total of 32 bird species were observed consuming figs of six Ficus species. During h focal tree observation, we registered all frugivorous birds eating figs avex estimated their fruit removal and seed dispersal. Dispersal of Amazonian birds in continuous and fragmented forest.

Satellite image of the central Argentina region, where the study sites are indicated. Fruit removal of an invasive exotic species Ligustrum lucidum in a fragmented landscape.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Rodrigues e Silva et al. Effects of habitat fragmentation on biodiversity. Dispersal and distribution in cerrado vegetation of Brazil.