Documentation. Spaces . Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Open Source Project License granted to Evaluate. Welcome to the Sangoma Documentation site for all Sangoma Products. Feel free to browse our content and comment. If you would like to help contribute. We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure.

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The section “After Your Order, Your Subscription Will Include” section at freepbd bottom of the page shows what the new monthly subscription fees will be if you make this purchase.

Developer Corner Home – FreePBX OpenSource Project – Documentation

Please see our Time Conditions Module wiki for more information. If you haven’t created any users, you may simply see the original user you created. If you have written a module you would like frsepbx in our contributed repo https: A temporary override remains in effect until you toggle the time condition again, or until the system reaches the next match in your time group, whichever comes first.

The “Call List” key with a picture of a documentatipn phone handset is used to view previous incoming callers. A typical configuration will include an emergency route for calls and another route for ordinary calls. Choose your storage server s by dragging the available server s to the Storage Servers column.


Your directory is not limited to internal extensions. If you have expertise in this area and would like to help drive it, please contact us. The Label and Value fields will disappear. You will need an alternate means of calling in an emergency. You will still be able to login with the users set up in Administrators as long as their username does not exist in User Manager. Check the blue bar at the top of the page to ensure you are using the correct location. Your system will now reboot.

This feature allows you to direct calls first to one number such as your internal extensionand then if there is no answer, redirect the call to another number, such as another internal extension or an external number such as your cell phone or home phone number. We try very hard once something becomes part of the project to take on the commitment of maintaining and supporting it and making sure that future upgrades of the project will continue to work with the Modules that are part of it.

Keep in mind that you will always have to download a new config file to the phone in order to see any of your changes. If you change your IVR options, don’t documentatiion to change your recording!

A queue differs from a ring group because it allows advanced call routing options and escalation rules. We are required to collect various taxes and fees according to federal, state, and local regulations. A t tachments 0 Page History. Below are instructions on creating or canceling both temporary and permanent overrides.


You may try your company name, or company name with “admin” at the end. For example, you might create a time group that defines your open business hours. Please see our Conferences Module wiki for more information. This is mostly likely caused by Asterisk not reloading properly.

Asterisk phone system operation end-user documentation

You fdeepbx visit this module to give a user access to a conference room in UCP. After you drop the template, items will appear in your list.

You can find out more about the Paid Modules here: Please see our End Point Manager wiki for more information. In this example, an “All Staff” paging group has been created at that will page all phones.

The feature code reference list shows all the available phone system feature codes. A t tachments 0 Page History. In this example, we haven’t entered any items yet.

When you have defined your time group, now you can configure your time conditions. If you have written a module you would like included in our contributed repo simply create a repo for your module on github.