Title: Formulario , Author: Alejandro Gómez, Name: Formulario , Length: 2 Los contribuyentes que realicen inicio de actividades podrán acceder al. PORTAFOLIO DIGITAL INICIO DE ACTIVIDADES 3D Full Motor (Empresa simulada). Formulario de Obtenci贸n de RUT e Inicio de Actividades. ¿Cómo inicio actividades en el Servicio de Impuestos Internos? Copyright: © All Rights . Formulario (si es presencial). Acreditación de domicilio.

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I have a RUN with my carnet and temporary residency. Every time someone brings it up, some one tries to explain it, and it just goes on and on and on and on confusing people on the internet.

For example, we never ever act as legal representative to our clients’ corporations. They are often just figure-heads, and really don’t do anything.

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You get one of these when you are either born in Chile or obtain residency in Chile. Was this page useful?

So please please please, always refer to it as a RUT, even inicko someone tries to correct you. The IRS has the list of categories, but I would not recommend doing this on your own.

There are a mess of them. Essentially, you are going to need a lawyer and an accountant. Here is the simplest way I have boiled it down.

Anyone can get one of these at the local IRS office by filling out a form and showing your passport. I’d like to take care of this ASAP and would hate to make multiple trips.

RUT and RUN : two ID numbers to know

If the form was downloaded from Internet, fill it out in your computer and print two copies. Forumlario without residency can be owners of a company, they just can not be the legal representative of the company.


Yet, if in the meantime you need to complete one of the following things before being official resident, this is possible with a temporary RUT:. They are complex and expensive to undo, and sometimes the damage is simply fogmulario fixable. Hand in the form and show your passport. The RUT is 8 or 9-digit number. Find one by recommendation. Where should this procedure be carried out?

Otherwise, you may have to do two tax actviidades. Be very careful, as there are many things we consider personal services that are in fact subject to IVA. Never ever ever trust a Chileno to be your representante legal in a Sociedad.

Chile Forum

Only perhaps dead people might still have two different numbers, and even those get standardized by the civil registry when found. Boletas have to be stamped. It’s all very painless. inicjo

Yet, if in the meantime you need to complete one of the following things before being official resident, this is possible with a axtividades RUT: It is used as a national identification number, tax payer number, social insurance number, passport number, driver’s license number, for employment, etc.

Here’s a handy dandy PDF from the website. It’s a way of life Now, in order to start a biz, you have to initiate activities with the IRS. For example, it will NOT allow you:. Is this accurate don charles? The same caution is also needed for powers of attorney, because the kind of trouble they can cause is very similar. So, make sure you get your own attorney to check the paperwork and you understand exactly what you are doing for both POA’s inivio incorporations, and your nice smiling new partner you had too many glasses of wine with get their own attorneys.

May be worth exploring. That way when they screw-up, the other partners screw-up, or whatever, we can continue representing our clients and go after whomever. If no other legal representative is available, we contract out to independent attorney legal reps do not need to be attorneys or accountants.


It is too much of a conflict of interest. The Chile Forum is a free community service brought to you by the law office of Spencer Global. Everyone will stay friends that way in the long-run. He will steal it. They generate a temporary number allowing you to start contributing. The difference between them is that RUT is also used for juristic person. So, for example a company has no passport, but private individuals do have a passport.

It will be canceled once a foreigner applies for residency. If so, feel free to like and encourage us to produce more great articles like this one: Form is the one, you can download the form and prepare it yourself. tormulario

Then they decided to combine them in to one unified number across all systems in Chile. Why do people mix up both then?

You will need this key to connect to your member area on sii. If you spend some time in Chile, you will hear about the acronym RUT at some point during your stay. This number is required for a lot of administrative steps nonexhaustive list: In addition, they must comply with the restrictions pertaining to the simplified mechanism which refer, for example, to the type of investment that can be made and to the origin fromulario the funds for more details, see Res.

Cut and paste from lonely planet: