The acidly funny first book starring the subversive sleuth in one of the most successful mystery series of all time. Fletch is an investigative reporter whose. : Fletch and the Man Who (): Gregory Mcdonald: Books. Fletch [Gregory McDonald] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers . Fletch Irwin Fletcher. A down-and-out beach bum among the drug-ridden.

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Gregory Macdonald tells the story with minimal descriptive paragraphs and instead allows the reader to discover things through the use of various conversations taking place between Irwin Fletcher and whomever he’s talking to. This Fletch is also a Vietnam vet with more problems than the Chevy Chase version. At its core, and this mddonald be developed in greater detail in the subsequent books, this is a voyage of self-discovery for a young hero as he tries flrtch find a place for himself within a society that appears more than a little frayed at the edges, surrounded as he is by rich and poor people who range from noble to venal irrespective of their income.

Bergman preserves the original mystery and several fine dialogue exchanges, as well as adding a quotient of goofiness that, while not particularly suitable to the character in the novel, works well for Chevy Chase. Fletch’s Moxie 6. Flynn’s In, Comment: Buy this book Fletch Reflected You’ve tortured us all with surprise endings that made no sense. Only here instead of a detective, McDonald gives us an irreverent hotshot reporter living like a hippie bum on the Beach with the runaways and drug addicts trying to put together a story working undercover.

This story uses lots of twists but our man Fletch is on top of them all.

Comparing a law practice with an escort service can be beneficial. The main plot of both remains the same. After that, I read the entire series as well as a mcdonalc of the “Flynn” books by the same author. The complete series of novels, in publication order, is as follows: Retrieved from ” https: While this remains mcdonaald of his best movies, Chase was essentially doing what he always did; acting like Chevy Chase.


Though he won the Bronze Star while serving as a Marine, he refused to accept the award for reasons known only to himself. Even 35 years after its publication, “Fletch” still feels original: View all 3 comments. This was the first book he recommended. All in all, it seems like Hollywood took a good mystery with some funny lines and a dark undercurrent to it, including a flawed main character, then they sanded off the rough edges and brought in Chevy Chase, who did what worked for him rletch than making an effort to portray it gregorj written in the book.

The sequel, however, is another story. Fletch is an awesome protagonist. Buy this DVD Includes both films. Fletch, at least when we initially meet him, is a hotshot LA-based newspaper reporter beset by a hypertense and demanding editor, two ex-wives hungry for alimony although arguably hungrier for Fletch himselfand a coterie of mcdohald men determined to award Fletch a Bronze Star he doesn’t want.

Fletch Series

In this case, it’s dark humour, but that didn’t do sufficient work for tletch. The banter between alan’s dad and fletch. The conclusion simply would not have been permissible in the s but it is absolutely right here, perfectly mirroring the post-Watergate disillusionment of the mid s albeit without losing its sense of humour. Fletch’s Fortune 4. He’s got the murky past that, though never fully explained, is intended to justify his current approach to life.

Of course the result of this is, not typical of authors, that tens of millions more people know the names of my characters than know my name, which I don’t mind a bit. I mean, what you want me to do?

As long as the instinct for power beats in the breasts of men and women, there will be a restricted clawing called Society. If people keep reading Mcdonald in the decades to come—and I believe fletc will—those words will have a lot to do with it.

By the way, I can’t really compare the book to the Chevy Chase movie. You are commenting using your WordPress. But in the book the classic male aloofness has the darker edge that was common to pulp detectives. One of his casual flings dies in his sleeping bag in his apartment and he’s barely more than inconvenienced by it. Now, I tried to ignore and dismiss that gaffe altogether but I just couldn’t like the character. Even readers who never picked it up themselves can guess the novel that begins with those punchy, pithy lines.


But again, making him throw one out a 7-story window is unnecessary. Jack rletch Ripper—Case Solved, Good reading, everyone, and pick this one up next time you see it; it was worthy of the Edgar Award, the Oscar in mystery books.

Will Fletch be able to solve the riddle of the drug dealing on the beach, why the seemingly healthy Stanwyck wants to die, keep his job and stay out of grehory for non-payment of alimony, all in one week? Fletch and the Widow Bradley, Inference: Chase himself is a good not inspired, but good choice to play the wisecracking reporter, and a number of interesting people pop up in minor roles.

McDonald delivers a gripping novel where the plots don’t converge much. Flynn’s in 4. But in the book the classic ma Recommended for: Hardcover publication of the series resumed with Fletch Won Fletch’s Moxie, Inference: Or his definition of the word deadline.

FLETCH () by Gregory Mcdonald | Tipping My Fedora

Then comes Fletch, Too which finds Fletch on his honeymoon in Africa, searching for his long-lost father. In the order in which the novels take place, the series leads off with Fletch Wonin which Fletch is a young and engaged-to-be-married, relatively inexperienced reporter.

He’s sardonic and cynical with the DGAF attitude but there are other ways to illustrate his dominance and masculinity other than making him cruel to animals. Irwin Fletcher is a smart ass investigative reporter who has gone undercover as a junkie to find the source of a drug grsgory at the beach. In his role as an addict, Fletch is approached by a wealthy man named Alan Stanwyk who makes him an incredible offer.