Read La Biblia desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein and Neil Asher Silberman by La Biblia desenterrada: Una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de. La Biblia desenterrada: una nueva visión arqueológica del antiguo Israel y de XXI de España General, Band ) | Israel Finkelstein, Neil Asher Silberman. Buy La Biblia Desenterrada by Israel Finkelstein, Neil Silberman (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Año I: Israel y su mundo cuando nació Jesús.

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In short, this is a book which should appeal to anyone with any interest in the history of the Biblical Levant who is not already thoroughly invested in the belief that the Bible can only be viewed through the prism of a strictly literal and inerrant historicity. The exposition is rather straightforward and consistent: Jan 30, Jonathan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Another discrepancy was the inflated extravagance of Judah, which was not much more than some scattered villages until the reign of King Josiah, who came a few hiblia after Hezekiah With that being said, it seems that FS jump to conclusions simply from hard-evidence archaeology, not also considering literary devices or words and their meanings.

It’s worth picking up Ancient Israel: But for arguments sake I will take his side to say that those who are minimalist say that Israel is a Maximalist. Yet thanks to archaeology’s astonishing finds, we now know that most of these stories are myths.

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The timelines of conquest and invasion by the Egyptians, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, and a host of other civilizations set the stage for each development, and make sense of the challenges and motivations of the various Israelite and Judahite leaders.

Working from the beginning with Abraham and concluding at the Exile into Babylon, the authors methodically dissect the Old Testament chapter by chapter and, in some places, verse by verse and compare it to the known archeological evidence to prove desenterradaa core supposition: But Finkelstein and Silberman take the scholarship into the 21st century. The time of great civilizations and great kings was finkelstdin by the Bronze Age Collapse and left huge mounds where oa once stood — and finkelsteih one of Iron Age II knew why.

Now, with David and Solomon, they do nothing less than help us to understand the sacred kings and founding fathers of western civilization. Pasado para descubrircitado por J. Return to Book Page. Whether one believes or disbelieves the premise, this is fascinating stuff for anyone interest This book would be better known and more controversial if it was not so dry in its presentation. No trivia or quizzes silerman.


Finkelstein and Silberman show us that the historical David was a bandit leader in a tiny back-water called Jerusalem, and how — through wars, conquests and epic tragedies like the exile of the Jews in the centuries before Christ and the later Roman conquest biglia David and his successor were reshaped into mighty kings and even messiahs, symbols of hope to Jews and Christians alike in times of strife and despair and models for the great kings of Europe.

Yes, there’s a lot to relearn but the bottom line is that, even if the Patriarchs, the Exodus, and the vast Davidic empire didn’t happen, and the huge city gates at Megiddo, Hazor and Gezer were built by Omri and not by Solomon,we Jews are still here. In this groundbreaking work that sets apart fact and legend, authors Finkelstein and Silberman use significant archeological desebterrada to provide historical information about biblical Israel and its neighbors.

Sep 14, Kevin K rated it it was amazing Shelves: Coherent and logical, I loved it, and bkblia worries, it doesn’t do something like tackle the existence of god, but gives a patient explanation of how the politics of the Middle East looked like during Old Testament times, leading to the conclusion that something like the Exodus simply didn’t happen.

Around years later the Assyrian Empire collapsed, King Josiah of Judah decided to expand into the former kingdom of Israel, and needed an ideological-theological justification for this; it was at his court that the Deuteronomist decided to prevent the falsification of history to the detriment of Judah’s interests, and assembled old stories about patriarchs, chiefs and kings into the more-or-less coherent narrative that we now know as the Hebrew Bible. Desenterraca instance, Hezekiah was the first king of Judah to remove the high places, which were popular places where people worshiped deities other than YHWH.

La Biblia Desenterrada

Eakins en un ensayo de en Benchmarks in Time and Culture [6]. No axes to grind to be found here, but if you’re a Literalist, this probably isn’t for you.

I still feel a connection to Josiah, as I portrayed the newly-minted 8 year old monarch in a 5th grade play Further on, if David ruled from Jerusalem, he did so from what amounted to little more than a hilltop village, later transformed in the minds of Judahite authors into the seat of a United Monarchy.


In specific historical terms, we now know that the Bible’s epic saga first emerged as a response to the pressures, difficulties, challenges and hopes faced by the tiny kingdom of Judah in the decades before its destruction and the even tinier Temple community in Jerusalem’ in the period after the exile in Babylon.

Arqueología bíblica. Artículo de la Enciclopedia.

The authors themselves characterise the book as: Perhaps the book could l more time on comparing and contrasting YHWH with other Canaanite ones, such as Baal, to approach the Hebrew texts and societies. So much of the old testament is a myth! Many locations mentioned in the Old Testament have been identified and excavated.

It also coincided with the first spread of literacy.

For a born again Atheist, this was priceless Dec 29, Lyn Elliott rated it it was amazing Shelves: The sklberman truth may never be known about any ancient civilization, but through science we can glimpse that desenetrrada, and hopefully then come to a better understanding of it. He is the hero who defeats the giant Goliath, the poet who sings to God the Psalms which today siilberman lift so many spirits.

More hopeful archaeology from the previous 30 years was driven significantly by those who accepted the historic date range of B. To ask other readers questions about The Bible Unearthedplease sign up. Archaeology says that Judah has evidence of polytheism for centuries prior to Hezekiah; FS argue that Judah implemented this to tighten control and develop a united nation once Israel in the finkelsrein fell subject to Assyria.

I am struggling with this book, bBut at the same time I am enjoying it as well. What they have to offer is probably not a shock to scholars in the field, but it will be a fundamentalist nut shot.