E L E C T R I B E ANALOG M D E L I N G S Y N T H E S I Z E R EA-1 Owner’s Manual Thank you purchasing the Korg ELECTRIBE-A EA In order to enjoy. This page contains information about the Owner’s Manual for the EA-1 from Korg. The Korg Electribe A (EA-1) is an analogue modeling synthesizer in the Korg Electribe series “Korg Electribe EA1 Owner’s Manual” (PDF). Korg Inc. Korg Inc .

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This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. About system exclusive messages Manufacturers are free to use system exclusive messages in any way they choose, and these messages are used mainly to trans- mit and receive parameters that are specific to particular de- vices, such as sound data and editing data.

The EG will start when trigger-on occurs the instant you play the keyboard. Erasing data during playback or recording Erase 1.

Korg Elec Tribe EA-1 Owner’s Manual

The possibility of shipping eledtribe correct and promote a quick job. Use the cursor keys to make the parameter select LEDs indi- cate Pattern. Sent but not received when Global mode Clock is “Int. If the Input Gain setting is too high, the sound may be distorted. If so, turn the motion sequence off while you are editing refer to p. Here’s how you can ez-1 the ER-1 playback in synchronization with the tempo of the EA Introduction Make connections and play! Song mode Specifying the pitch of each pattern Pitch Offset Use the step keys to input the pitch for each note of the phrase.


Repeat steps 4 and 5 to assign as many patterns as you wish. In a synchronized system, one synthesizer the master will transmit these messages, and the other sequencer s the slave s will receive these messages.

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At the Position setting use the select keys or dial to move; then select Pattern and use the dial to select or view the pattern. Comments to this Manuals Your Name. Rotating the knob toward the right will speed up the LFO. In order to enjoy long and trouble-free use, please read this manual carefully and use the instrument correctly.

Playing a pattern Pattern Play At this point, the same data as in length 1 will automatically be copied to the steps of lengths Basic operation Quick Start 3. Press the mode key to enter Global mode. Key 12 will blink. Data following the inserted pattern will be moved backward. Use the dial to specify the desired pitch offset. Each part is a monophonic synthesizer, and cannot play two or more notes simultaneously polyphonically.


Each time you turn on the power, those settings will be in effect. When doing this, please turn the Keyboard function key off the key will go dark. For the recording procedure, refer to p. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Korg – EA-1 – Owner’s Manual

The pattern you select here will be the pattern for nanual ” Motion Seq function, which records the movement of button per game, definitely adds a electribd depth to the possibilities of this little bote. Front and rear panel The controls and other parts of the EA-1 can be broadly grouped as shown in the diagram. If liquid gets into the equipment, it could cause a breakdown, fire, or electrical shock. Notice that the display indicates ” If you record a motion sequence on the same part using a different knob, the effect of the previously recorded knob will disappear.

Synthesizer Section Synthesizer section 1. I have the red korg er-1 is still eplus easy to use. Press the Mnaual key to enter record-ready mode.