Results 1 – 30 of 55 El manantial by Ayn Rand and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now (TALAVERA DE LA REINA, TO, Spain). El Manantial de Ayn Rand. No description Interpretación del Lenguaje · Interpretación del Lenguaje · More prezis by author. Real Year Real Binding:Tapa blanda Number of pages Dimensiones: xcm Description:El manantial es una de esas raras muestras de la.

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Rand so thoroughly and relentlessly promotes.

When a man creates and lives, he does not live for the expectation of others or allow his thoughts and identity to be dictated by others, but must strive for his own path Nietzsche, anyone? Please update details rajd 21 Apr 02, There were many sections of the text which I highlighted because I liked them so much and yet long-winded soliloquies used as conversational speeches, I could have done without.

El Manantial by Ayn Rand (1 star ratings)

The reality is so much more complex I wonder it could ever be portrayed in fiction that was entertaining. Individual must not conform to society. Ayn Rand has found a way to share her philosophies in mznantial way that is entertaining and enlightening and only a rare trace of didacticism.

Trivia About The Fountainhead. I stand at the end of no tradition. Somewhere during those two middle parts, I realized the chief flaws of this book: Open Preview See a Problem? That sounds more like sixties liberalism than what I hear conservatives espouse. Roark begins and ends the story. It should, you can see it everyday in our government representatives all over the world.


Your personal …more Brett, reading is entertainment. I suppose it could be more offensive if it were published as a water-proof beach or bath book in non-recyclable plastic. Most important, the novel makes important points about the nature of human progress, who achieves ayj, how it must struggle for recognition and at what price. I read the Fountainhead, the famous book by Ayn Rand that almost everyone else in the country read long ago, before me, and “LOVE love love love love loved” it, well after I should have.

The Objectivism that Rand uses to undergird this story seems to find ethics of communities, or how we should act towards each other, repugnant.

‘El manantial’, de Ayn Rand, o el eslogan de la novela liberal

In fact, I have been ‘writing a review’ of this book the entire time I’ve been reading it–in my head–I like this, I don’t like that, etc. I will return to it again! The man who worked only for himself and for his vision–the man who engaged in activities that in any normal book would have lost my respect completely–rose from the wreckage of failed human potential like a living monumental Temple of the Human Spirit.

To reflect them while they’re reflecting too.

If you don’t believe this stuff, don’t waste your time on this book. When I reached the end, I was gratified. Why do you love or hate Ayn Rand?

I may, perhaps, stand at the beginning of one.

View all 13 comments. Add Ayn Rand to this and you suddenly have the ingredients for a self-perpetuating sense of victimhood and entitlement.

‘El manantial’, de Ayn Rand, o el eslogan de la novela liberal | A vuelapluma

But I would be interested in reading another Rand novel. Every character is a simple caricature of one facet of a human, there is no moral ambiguity or ambivalence in anybody. Howard Roark – the unconventional architect who lives for and in his work, Dominique Francon – the yet more rahd and passionate lover, Peter Keating – the seeker after all that is conventiona This work serves as a fantastic introduction to Rand’s inane philosophy – Objectivism more about this in bit.


No one goes into architecture for the money. Those who admire Rand actually frighten me. I was taught in the ways of strength. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Contrary to what I’d heard, this book is well-written. When they’re mad at someone and want to punish them, or even if they’re madly in love with someone, they won’t stop at any length to torture the other party.

The titles of both are just ambiguous enough to make you assume Unlike Brave New World, reading this book is in itself an act of bravery. Espousing fascism in the guise of some sort of efficient humanism is rabd deceitful as the Discovery Channel. Everybody here is an absolute, and because of that, an absolute failure.

Actually, I shouldn’t even call it banter.