EDI X12 856 PDF

This X12 Transaction Set contains the format and establishes the data contents of the Ship Notice/Manifest Transaction Set () for use within the context of an. Page 1 ANSI X12 version EDI IMPLEMENTATION GUIDE. ANSI X12 V Steel Specific Version. Ship Notice/Manifest. This document provides the standard format and established data contents of a ship notice/manifest transaction set (). An comprises a.

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Nevertheless, no matter how this document is called: An Ship Notice message intended to simplify and speed up the process of receiving goods, detailed information about the cargo, transfer of information about the shipment and tracking delivery. This information is used for receiving and inventory control purposes. Users of ASN message can be retail chains and manufacturers.


EDI is frequently exchanged document, even in Drop-ship fulfillment and e-commerce. For more information about Drop-Ship, you can read our blog: Basically, the sender of Advanced Ship Notice is the warehouse, raw materials supplier, and carriers who responsible for specifying and communicating the contents of a shipment. In addition, ASN has multitudes level of information and a great volume of data.

The supplier can describe the details of a shipment due to a multitude of levels of data. To confirm the receipt of a purchase order, supplier generates a Purchase Order Acknowledgement or X12 transaction set. Then, the supplier has to start the order processing procedure.

When the order is ready for delivery, supplier collects all pertinent data relative to the shipment. The supplier edii generate the Ship Notice, and transmit it to the client, immediately upon closing the truck. The client needs to receive and integrate the data of ASN into his business systems prior to the physical arrival of the merchandise.


ANSI X12 EDI Document Types, Codes & Sets | eBridge Connections

Implementation of the ASN document considerable decreases receiving costs and give the possibility of warehouse automation. Simplify your business processes with the implementation of EDI. We offer up-to-date integrated solutions at an affordable price to enterprises for all sizes.

Whether you are a supplier or retailer contact us for cost-effective EDI Implementation. All rights reserved to Namtek Consulting Services. Subscribe to our Blog Email: Join us Find us on Follow us on Recommend us on.