MP40 Data Sheet, application/pdf, MB, 08/06/ VorTech MP40w ES Propeller Pump Gen 2 MP40 Manual, application/pdf, MB, 10/27/ Your vortech propeller pump before you start, Adjust the pin spacer • Read online or download PDF • EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual. MP40w ES. MP10 ES/ MP10w ES. For the full VorTech Pump manual, please visit our website at • Read this manual before installing .

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These modes operate automati- cally depending on the settings that you define. LED will change color to reflect which mode the pump is in.

Retry Firmware Upgrade Process. Page 39 – Section 6. By pressing ‘print’ button you manusl print only current page. Operational Modes Night Mode Time: Safety Warnings Page 5 Page 6 – Chapter 2: In this manua, your For more information on assigning master and slaves, see section 3. Operational Modes Configuration Mode Configuration Mode is used to define settings for the following: Other Modes This can result in death of maunal fish and coral inhabitants. Complain wrong Brand wrong Model non readable.

Configuration Mode Chapter 5: This example would be the startup sequence for Firmware Revision 1. EcoTech Marine shall not be held liable for damage to any aquarium, aquarium life forms, or other personal objects due to improper use of the device.

EcoSmart Driver Page 13 – Section 3. Advanced EcoSmart Pump Posi- tioning. Pump Configuration for EcoSma To adjust for the proper aquarium thickness, pull the pin spacer from the motor housing.

Once they are all out, your Battery Backup is out of power and your pumps will no longer function until power is restored from the wall. Pump Disconnect Error Prote Notes on placement The VorTech creates over 3, gallons per hour of low velocity flow within your aquarium.


Adjust the pin spacer The VorTech pump is designed to operate with a constant gap between both halves of the device. Manyal these instructions to en- sure your pump is properly attached and will function properly. Protect the pump from water. Place the pump sufficiently high enough above a fine sand bed so that sand is not blown around by the output or undertow created by the VorTech. The nozzle should become free of the wet frame.

EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual

Maintenance Pump Disconnect Error Protection The VorTech pump can automatically shut itself down in the event that a motor and wetside de- couple from one-another. While normally you cannot change the speed of a slave pump, because the speed is determined entirely by the master pump, with the EcoSmart driver you now have the ability to ecootech the maxi- mum speed of individual slave pumps independently from the master.

Protect these components from splashes of any kind. Assigning Local Max Speed t The speed will be indicated by the blue LED light strip.

Gently but firmly press down on the nozzle with your palm and twist coun- ter clockwise. Ecotecu 29 Operational Modes At this point, you can press the set button to cycle through the different values that the current set- ting can be saved to.

EcoTech Marine Gen 2 MP40 User Manual | 10 pages

If it fails again, contact EcoTech Marine Support for further assistance. Page 8 – Chapter 3: However, the precise position of any one pump on a pane of glass is still something which must be optimized to your particular aquarium. Advanced EcoSmart Pump Positioning Any wa- ter allowed into these components can damage them enough to require replacement.


To set up this mode, you must ecotecy your motor using the following sequence of operations: Page 23 Short Pulse Mode can then be used if you would like a wave running all the time, or you can use an EcoSmart mode which will auto-load your saved wave frequency and use it during points in the EcoSmart program.

Ecotech Marine EcoSmart User Manual

Wireless Driver Firmware Upgrade Follow the instructions and diagram below to upgrade your drivers firmware. Specifications and Operating Parameters Flow: You may setup a maximum of seven separate groups, each having a unique master pump. Use the following table to help determine the setting values indicated by the brightly illuminated LEDs a night. Operational Modes Page 19 – Section 4.

The pin spacer is used to ensure the proper spacing for various aquarium wall thicknesses.

MP10’s Aren’t Just for Nano Maintenance Page 36 – Section 6. Setup Your Vortech 5. The Configuration Menu is entered by pressing and holding all three buttons during any normal operational mode. Slave pumps can only be set to sync or anti-sync modes, or the three options in EcoS- mart modes. Pump Configuration for EcoSmart Modes. During the firmware upgrade process, turn off all Wireless Wave Drivers and EcoSmart Driv- ers within feet of the two that you will be doing the upgrade process with.