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Emaxx 3906

Aluminium skids are good, but they tend to bend rather than flex in a crash; FLM aluminium skidplates are quite sturdy it must be said though- using those in conjunction with some RPM bumpers would protect the front end from damage in all but the worst head-on crashes.

Oct 06, 39906 07, We ended up buying a new remote control as the orignal one stopped working. Low profile towers are good for racing setups to lower the CoG Center of Gravitythough you will need shorter shocks ideally. All in all it’s a great electric truck that will provide hrs of fun at a reasonable price. The shocktowers are known to snap in these upside-down-truck situations, and the quick maxd is to use some mmaxx to hold the broken halves together.

As a general rule this is normal behaviour, though it is possible to get different results depending on the esc and motors used- some motors run hot regardless, and some escs are less capable than others to deal with high d draw. Works in both brushed and brushless systems. Numerous aftermarket companies sell suitable upgrades, though they tend to use the smaller bearings still.


Ofcourse, 9306 are also numerous aluminium options too, it is a matter of personal taste as to which route you take, though RPM arms are very robust and ideal for people who are hard on their trucks. This ofcourse will require a special series harness for 2 batteries to be used on one of the esc’s battery connectors, and some form of mount for the extra battery mwxx fix it across the rear of the chassis; hence why lipo or A batteries will be the best choice to get the most performance from your emaxx.

Simple solution is to tighten the slipper fully, though this does add more stress to the driveline resulting in broken driveshafts and diffs. Upper A-arm’s length is adjustable, allow serious racers like you to fine tune camber. People who bought this also bought. The KV rating will depend on your voltage, but as a general mqxx again: Shock Absorbers One of the most import areas on any vehicle is the suspension, which determines how well the truck handles. To get the best performance from a V-twin it is vital to use good batteries, this generally means a pair of 2s 7.


This modification works best when used with a single hi-torque digital servo, preferably with metal gears see above for recommendations. Remember Me Forgot Password?

The uses special 17mm hexes to withstand the torque of the MMM system. BodyShells The old truck has a wheelbase which is suited to a wide range of aftermarket shells, including a great many nitro model shells too which will fit in place almost perfectly with very little effort.

These will also fit the older. You 306 also like. The advantage here is that a larger hex diameter is less prone to stripping out inside the wheel- you will obviously require a wheel or rim that uses the same size hex as the one on the truck.

Flexible driveshaft length 23mm. Center Main Gear Box. Sign up now to remove ads between posts. Despite the introduction of the 4-screw diff case, the stock plastic cup is still prone to flexing, and this leads to stripped or blown diff gears. Every one I bough I felt was a fair deal.

Thank you for looking at my auction here we amxx a brand new set of Traxxas X Blue aluminum lower chassis braces sealed in the original traxxas packaging these are for the E-maxx and T-maxx A perf This is important as some chargers have a lower wattage rating than others, and therefore must lower their charge current in amps when charging a high voltage battery pack, in order to stay within that wattage rating, EG: Under BL power and high rpms many tires tend to balloon in diameter, which can cuase them to tear or fly apart, or at the very least cause loss of control.

Truck mzxx quite a few upgrades that I see. The stock suspension arms are pretty sound, but RPM offer some nice upgrade items that are almost unbreakable. Replace for the or Integy are a company well known for their shiny upgrade parts, but the quality is somewhat hit and miss- the latest versions of their bulkheads are hopefully an improvement over their older parts, but generally they are only good for a light duty or display quality vehicle.

About Emaxx Shop the large inventory of radio control control lines and RC toy engines, parts, and accessories! Best solution is to upgrade the slipper- there are a few options out there such as the Robinson Racing double disc slipper, or the extremely rare Strobe sprong.

  ANSI B77.1 PDF

Adjustable slipper clutch protect this radio controlled truck’s gear system to control wheel-spin. This does mean however that if you wish to use aftermarket 17mm hexes with the stock rims then you will need to file away the teeth from inside the hex on the rims.

They can be purchased easily by buying a Dewalt 36v battery pack on Ebay, and then following one of the online tutorials which demonstrate how to turn them into RC packs. FLM and UE sell towers with multiple mounting positions for the shocks, allowing much more fine tuning over the stock towers, and the RPM towers that only have one upper mounting position.

They were removed from a new 2. Choosing the right capacity and C rating is important for any given application, and should be based on how many amps your chosen motor can draw at maximum load. All that is required is a pair of Traxxas VXL systems, a servo Y-harness to join both escs to the single throttle slot on the receiversome suitable sized pinions must be the same tooth count and a little effort.

This Traxxas truck is driven by a twin Titan motors, which ensure quick takeoff and high speed while racing. After market part support is great.

Durability is great and if and when you do break something the replacement part s are cheap!! To ensure even discharging on each system, it is a nice idea to use a parallel harness. Traxxas Teflon Washers 6×9.

There is an old rule of thumb regarding temps which many will find handy no-doubt: In general, try to avoid cheap 6 cell shotgun or stick packs form Ebay, as these are assembled using thin tin strips to join the cells. Show More Show Less. My advice is to choose the most common brand of tap when you are given the option some stores allow you to choose the brand of tap you want fitted to your packsand always choose that type whenever you buy new batteries see below for a compatibility chart.

Brushed motor Upgrades 7. This Traxxas truck has nylon tires, which ensure performance even when you race in the roughest and muddiest conditions.