Dinky Dungeons is a bare-bones role-playing game published by “Doc’s Games – an Uncle Morty Production.” The game is very small in size and all contained. have been re-created with electronic text. The document includes: Dinky Dungeons Dinky Dungeons Character Sheets Dinky Dungeons Gamemaster Screen. Subject, Replies, Last Post. 14, An old review of Dinky Dungeons. by sos1 Wed Sep 2, am. 3. Sun Oct 3, am. by Cate

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There are three character classes: Bold adventurers can now explore the Tower of Dark Sorcery. This game is a piece of RPG history.

Dinky Dungeons – Reprise! | RPG | RPGGeek

This combat-light module is a humorous tale of a grumpy old wizard, a mysterious witch, and a clever young genie. In case you’re wondering what else they include: I don’t have any others, though their “catalog” lists Hoaky Heroesa superhero game – was it ever released? Space ship generation and combat rules, futuristic weapons, invention rules, alien races, planet generation, initiative rules, etc. Hey Jimmy, Have you heard of Multiverser?


Action Table table determines action outcomes Dice Primarily d6 Point Rungeons allocate points to get skills, powers, etc. Doubles are either critical success or failure, depending on if you succeed or fail with the roll – double ones and double sixes more extreme than double threes or fours. Planning on becoming a Protestant seminary professor, he started an intensive study of the Bible. The game is a wonder of conciseness. I’d love to exchange emails with Denton R.


This site was last updated on Thursday, August 24, Fighters high Physical statWizards high Mental statand Bards roughly equal stats. Click here for today’s Dungeon Note by Jeff Perryman! The game was sold in a format that resulted in a tiny ruleboook that fit in tiny plastic bag with tiny dice.

I met them and their game when I drove to the Tulsa event, OkCon. Dinky Dungeons Average Rating: No Web Links Found. If we’re lucky, perhaps he’ll give us a short interview with comments and memories about this amazing game.

I supported becauseā€¦ “to name a few: The gameplay is about as simple as can be – characters have two attributes “Physical” and “Mental” but dungenos go pretty far with very little.

It was produced by an anonymous fan and circulated electronically. Thanks to scans sent by Dinky Dungeon fans, we’re expanding our artwork collection.

Series – Dinky Dungeons

They may have clues about the dungeon or introduce the next adventure. This was a game that was designed by some Oklahoma boys who privately sold it back in the s. If you have a copy for sale, please let me know! Look for traps before you leap. There are no skill levels – you either have a skill or you don’t – not having it means you have a penalty on the Idea or Muscle roll – or in some cases, can’t even try the skill at all.

Though it isn’t widely known, it had an impact on the rules development of other games.

Add a copy to your collection. There are actually very few RPG rules systems I donky run a game in today – Fudge has spoiled me, and I translate every setting into that game.


The simulacrum game Dinky Dragons restates the rules and spirit of Dinky Dungeons. Digital manipulation and occasional “new art” have been used; most tables have been re-created with electronic text.

Series – Dinky Dungeons – Demian’s Gamebook Web Page

The combat system uses 2d6 – compare the attacker’s skill Physical Attribute if using weapons, Mental if using magic with the defender’s, and check the Combat table 7 or less succeeds if attributes are identical; other ratios have proportionaly higher or lower success thresholds. There are only two attributes, Physical and Mental. This idea could be easily ported to Dinky Dungeons with minimal effort – especially since Small Space only has nine skills to choose from It is available from the We Love Dinky Dungeons fan site see weblinks section.

Dungeonss includes six maps, description of the city Dink and surrounding kingdom, some new creatures, and an adventure in the Creepy Caverns. Periodical Articles Podcast Episodes.

Dinky Dungeons!

Most of the document includes high-quality scanned images of the original product. However, Small Space goes a bit too far in other rules – it loses the basic simplicity of Dinky Dungeons.

Please select a support frequency. GeekGold Bonus for All Supporters at year’s end: Just you, the dinky rule book, and two dinky dice were enough. Tags separate by space: