Thank you for purchasing the Delphi NAV Portable GPS Navigation System. Use this manual to help install Delphi NAV in your vehicle, learn how to. Auto and car manuals and free pdf automotive manual instructions. Find the user manual you Delphi NAV GPS Receiver User Manual. Page 1. Page 2. [FREE EBOOKS] Delphi Nav User Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Delphi Nav

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They even include points of interest, such as hotels, parks, and airports. In addition, the Delphi NAV can play audio mp3 or wav files and video avi files as well as display pictures options in your vehicle. To avoid overheating of the unit, do not leave Delphi NAV on the dash or windshield while your nav2000 is unattended, especially in strong sunlight. Do not use or handle Delphi NAV while it is hot.

Let it cool away from heat sources before nwv200 it. For further information please contact Delphi Customer Service. Delphi NAV helps guide you to your destination.

For best results when using Delphi NAV This device contains a non-replaceable lithium-ion internal battery that can burst or explode, releasing hazardous chemicals. To avoid risk of fire or explosion, do not attempt to replace the Delphi NAV battery.

The Delphi NAV battery is not user-replaceable. United States and Canada maps on SD card 3. Windshield mount with suction cup and dashboard mount. Do not attempt to nanual Delphi NAV while driving.

Before installing the Delphi NAV, check whether your vehicle is fitted with a heat-reflecting or heated windshield. If so, you will need to purchase an external antenna from your retailer to allow your unit to pick up the GPS signals. Delphi NAV If the suction cup does not adhere, clean the mounting area of the windshield with a cloth dampened with isopropyl alcohol.

Let nav20 area dry, then reapply the suction cup.

Delphi NAV manual – BKManuals

manuwl Do not operate Delphi NAV while driving. Delphi NAV while driving. Powering Up Power on Power off Note: Enter screen saving mode Press the Power button located on the lower left side for at least one second. Delphi NAV will accept SD cards containing digital maps depphi other data, such as audio mp3 files, movie avi files, or image jpg files.


Park the vehicle first. Use your finger or the stylus to enter letters by tapping the appropriate letter. All letters are upper case msnual the Delphi NAV Delphi NAV As soon as you have entered a special character, the standard letter keyboard reappears.

It is not necessary to enter special characters, but it may be helpful in entering names for saved destinations and itineraries. You can also move the cursor anywhere on the screen by simply tapping Tap this icon to open the Manhal Screen. In addition, you will see one of three GPS symbols in the upper right corner: A GPS receiver is not connected or the power supply is interrupted.

A GPS receiver is connected, but no signal is being Tap Save current position to add the current address to your Favorites. Tap Close window to exit. There are three types of command buttons celphi the Delphi NAV Command buttons with a defined functionality: These buttons are designed to execute a function, e.

Buttons to enter data: These are actually entry fields, like City or Zip, Street, Category, etc. When you tap an entry field, another screen with a keyboard, list, or both will appear.

Delphi NAV200 manual

The entry must be confirmed by tapping another button normally OK or Save before the current screen closes. In this case, it should take only about 10 minutes. Standard mode is recommended for most users. Extended mode offers additional features that enhance the functionality of Delphi NAV Delphi NAV Nanual change the mode, follow these steps: In the Main Menu, tap Settings.

The Settings screen appears: The User mode entry should be at the top of the list. If not, tap the icon until it is selected. Tap the Home icon to navigate to your home address. Tap the Map icon to show the current map.

Tap the Exit icon to quit. Tap the Saved destinations icon to navigate to a favorite address. Tap the Change Map icon to select another map from the SD card. Tap the State or Region or Province entry field and select the appropriate entry. On the Destination screen, tap Enter Address. The De,phi screen appears: Alternatively, tap the Intersection entry field and enter a cross street.

You will be directed to this intersection. Tap Point of interest to view the Point of Interest screen: Tap …nearby GPS position. Tap the Radius entry field to select a radius around your current position where you want to search for points of interest.

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Tap the Category entry field optional to select a type of POI to search for. Extended Mode In the Main Menu, tap.

The Destination screen appears: Tap …in a browsed city. The POI in a city screen appears: Tap the City or ZIP entry field to enter a location where you want to Only POI within the selected city will be listed.

Tap the Subcategory entry field optional to refine your search 4. Tap the Point of interest entry field to select a specific POI. The POI Nationwide screen appears: In addition to selecting cities and streets, you may also select points of interest quickly. To select a destination on the map, follow these steps The Delphi NAV then displays information about your selection, along with several options: Select mnual the following options: Start navigation to your selected dellphi.

Using this function while you are already navigating deletes all current destinations, including stopovers. Na200 NAV Add the selection to your itinerary. The selected point will be marked by a small flag. It will also be added to nag200 list of route points on the Route Planning screen, where it will be labeled as your destination point.

Using this function while you are already navigating causes an immediate recalculation of your route. View the selection on the map. Save the destination in Saved Destinations. On this screen, you can select destinations for navigation, add destinations to Favorites, and delete janual. To use Recent Manal, follow these steps: Standard Mode In the Main Menu, tap 1.

If you have stored your home address, you may quickly begin navigation home from any location by tapping the route is calculated based on your settings in Routing Options. Favorites and Recent Destinations. Saving a Destination 1. After you have entered nac200 selected a destination, you can save it to Favorites by tapping If you have opened the Recent Destinations list, tap the 2.

The destination has now been renamed. Select the entry to be deleted. The destination has now been deleted. These itineraries can then be stored for later use. Indicating Route Points 1.

Tap Add to route. The Route Planning screen appears.