-Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Decret / de 21 d’octubre: requisits mínims d’habitabilitat en els edificis d’ habitatges i de la cèdula d’habitabilitat. – Normativa Urbanística metropolitana. Cèdula d’habitabilitat Certificat energètic

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In a second period, starting inthere is a clear increase of the presence, probably attracted also by a growing irregular market and certain possibilities of regularization compared to other European countries Peetersp.

The evictions and expulsions of Romanian Roma population were quite usual and particularly intense after the new Immigration Law Even if some formal legal restrictions although not some bureaucratic hurdles disappeared, the current economic crisis affected both the possibilities of an integrated job edcret the conditions in which marginal activities were developed. Their historical and political significance. Enter the email address you signed up habittabilitat and we’ll email you a reset link.

All of them have been equally present during fieldwork, but in this text I privileged the ones more present in the local context and with a clearer interrelation. Obviously, a lot of criticism can be made to the measures taken both in Italy and France, but the same can be assumed for the non-systematic way in which Spanish authorities have faced the situation: Roma migrants; marginal jobs; public spaces; mobility. It is important to mention that, as it happens in other contexts, nomadism of migrant Roma population is a widespread discourse in Spain, among general population and politicians.

Gamella, Juan Francisco Los retos de la diversidad.

In general, marginal economic activities are diverse and combined. The previous one habitabiljtat an extreme case, but it is also coherent with the great mobility that habitbailitat among the population in a more precarious situation that usually lives in flats, although in these cases the reasons are not generally police evictions but the lack of economic resources and of an accessible and stable housing. Unfortunately, this situation has now reverted to its status, as the Spanish Government recently reinstituted the 9 moratorium.

Valencia, MarchAccessible in: Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities. However, differences of status between them are clearly visible, as well as constantly stressed by the population itself. Ariel, Barcelona Van Dijk, Teun Romani Immigrants in Spain.

In other words, and although there are multitude of specificities that is necessary to keep in mind, it is necessary to locate the analysis ddecret the intervention in these situations in a wider context, in which a significant part of the Romanian Roma population is occupying the margins of a system that is not itself neither equal nor egalitarian.


Building alliances and developing shared strategies. Migraciones y desarrollo Humano.

Click here to sign up. It is also indispensable to mention that this biggest flexibility was related with residence, but not to the free circulation of Romanian workers: Abriendo surcos en la dscret.

What is a ‘cèdula’, and should I rent a flat without one? | The Barcelona Instruction Manual

In fact, the previous examples show that, even if some mechanisms such as census do not explicitly refer to them, there is enough ground for the implementation of ethnically constructed policies.

Habitabilktat implied a complex situation, in which a job permission was still necessary for being an 8 employee, but not for self-employment while residence was perfectly legal. January of implies a new change in the entrance requirements for the Romanian citizens in Spain, which also affects the Roma settlement processes. The examples are diverse, and some refer work worker and activity regularizedsubmerged work activity regularized but not the worker marginal or excluded work worker and activity not regularized and illegal work forbidden activity.

The main consequence of this dynamic was, quite usually, the lack of a valid rental agreement, as well as higher prices, that combined with the low incomes of the Roma population and other 23 24 factors produced a significant presence of overcrowded flats. Although these data cannot be considered as reliable, they provide a picture of the overall situation and are quite coherent with decrdt situation in Barcelona Metropolitan Area, where the estimations have ranged depending on the moment from 1.

Some of the most extreme ones were related with the Murgeni population. The second, financed by the Catalan Health Department, had to do with socioeconomic inequalities and cultural difference in health access. BOE, de 12 de enero de And there exists some proportion of illegal activities as well, although I cannot develop this 14 According to Peetersp. In this regard, I also found examples of these ideological devices from social or health services, which represent a culturalization process of situations strongly related with structural socioeconomic factors.

To summarize, and even if those figures have probably been and still are higher considering also that some of the Romanian Roma are quite invisible and follow patterns closer to the general Cecret population they surely do not exceed few thousands in Barcelona. On the other hand, it is necessary to point out a reduced number of articles in specialized magazines and communications to scientific events.

In any case, some of these activities increased with the previous irregular situation and the previously mentioned moratorium influenced in a habitabilitaf way in the use of submerged and marginal occupations.


Escala (element constructiu)

In other words, as local administrations are able and habitanilitat register these people in the census once detected in their territory, the empadronamiento process —that implies a formal recognition of the presence and should 22 Not to mention the fact that there are not many non-built-up spaces in Barcelona Metropolitan Area where bigger size slums can exist.

I believe the three examples I just presented show this interrelation to some extent: In this sense, there exists an important diversity regarding the origin countries of Roma population present in the Spanish state, although a majority comes from Romania.

Therefore, even if I have some knowledge about the situation in other areas and some of my conclusions may also be valid for them there might be some differences between my perception and what happens in other concrete contexts of Spain.

El Periodico, 7 of February Other neighbour from the block explained that the urine smell in the stair is impossible to stand and all the neighbours refuse to clean it This paper intends to present a general overview of the Resumen. Bienestar insuficiente, democracia incompleta. Aramburu, Mikel Los otros y nosotros.

In the current wave of budget and service cutting, some of them, such as health access, are being questioned. Mugak, 43 [Online] Accessible in: These dynamics are, therefore, strongly related to local political agendas, management and founding aspects maybe even more visible in the last years, due to dceret crisis situationand the way politicians try to deal with them showing a specific image to the general population and the mass-media: This is 11 clearly a mistake: Un camino para ganar conocimiento.

On the other hand, there are also some programs, generally based in Devret, which are the main part of the specific actions made around Romanian Roma people.

The East European Gyspies. Kale Dor Kayiko However, I would habitabilirat there are two main differences, one regarding the general perspective or discourse about Romanian Roma people and the other about the way policies are implemented. She asked for a greater control of frontiers and blamed the president of Spain for the conflict with Romanian roma in the third city of Catalonia: