The Project Gutenberg EBook of Creditors; Pariah, by August Strindberg This eBook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions. The thrilling new interpretation of August Strindberg’s “Creditors,” a portrait of a fatal sexual triangle, is both coldly objective and scathingly. Tom Burke and Anna Chancellor in Creditors at the Donmar And, in the third of Strindberg’s intense duologues, Gustav himself confronts.

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I don’t really like the tone that Strindberg takes crfditors women. As she now approaches the hotel, Gustav suggests that he will hide in the next room and eavesdrop, as Adolph will attempt to apply his lessons in “how to handle a woman”, and sound out his wife to see if she is unfaithful, and to see if she will seek revenge on Adolph for his unkind comment. Tekla has been away for the past week; when she parted Adolph upset her by calling her an “old flirt” and suggesting that she was too old to play the coquette.

Creditors review – Strindberg’s scintillating tale of passion and possession | Stage | The Guardian

He makes the claim that women are not to be taken seriously, and if they are, that will result in death. Royal Lyceum theatre August Strindberg reviews. One credjtors fact that the introduction provided was that Strindberg wrote this play ” Gustav exits, Tekla enters and is alone with Adolph — with her homecoming being spied on by Gustav.

Like a watchmaker, you have fixed the works in my head and wound up the spring again. In this play, two friends, Gustav and Adolphe, discuss Adolphe’s wife, who actually used to be married to Gustav.


I have found that Strindberg’s works make me feel uncomfortable, which strikes me as a really odd sensation. Lists with This Book. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The door is opened, Adolph, in a dramatically shocking moment, appears in the throes of the epileptic fit that had been threatened.

Looking like the playwright himself, complete with quiff and buttoned-up jacket, he remains cool and moderate as if to suggest his views about emasculation and the dangers of free-thinking women are the consequence of reasoning not vested interest. Refresh and try again.

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The Creditors

As the verbal fireworks between Gustav and Tekla grows in intensity, noises are heard coming from the adjoining room. Are you beginning to send in bills for strkndberg gifts now?

Regardless, I dislike his attitude because it is so distracting. Is it possible to kill someone through psychological manipulation? After Adolphe has left, Gustav tries to hit on his wife unsuccessfully, but little do they know that Adolhpe got so utterly stressed out that he had a massive seizure.

But both David Greig’s new version and Rickman’s production shift the focus towards the insanity of revenge. She is a charming and vivacious character who flirts with her own husband — even though he has been convinced to resist her charms. Admittedly Strindberg’s modernity is compromised by his excessive use of eavesdropping and by his melodramatic conclusion.

Brian Donarski rated it really liked it Jun 17, The hapless artist Adolph is torn apart by his insecurities, allowing himself to be convinced that his wife is an adulteress. And you regard me as his chattel or personal property. I’ve always been cautious with the name August Strindberg. Simon theatre on 10 December Stindberg reveals in his plays Ben rated it really liked it Dec 04, Chloe Gallot rated it really liked it Oct 03, On her return we see the disastrous consequences, as Adolph seeks to erode his novelist-wife’s buoyant independence.


Signe rated it really liked it Jan 07, So, Gustav is motivated for revenge.

A constant fight between two players who are not always equally skilled. Can’t you hear, yourself, how I think more clearly and speak more to the point? Meyer, Michael [], Strindberg: Strindberg with the play “Creditors” makes a statement about what love is: I remember thinking this was okay, but three months later I can remember nothing about it without having to look it up. Likewise, the final scene, creditods out on film, has the twin effects of being emotionally revealing and theatrically distancing.

Thus, a greek strindberrg called Erricos Belies said about this book that resembes to a romean duel with battlefield the death itself. Now Gustav, the ex-husband, re-enters — with Adolph, as planned, in the adjoining room to eavesdrop.

Review: ‘Creditors’

You live with a woman for years, and you never stop to analyse her, strnidberg your relationship with her, and then–then you begin to think–and there you are –Gustav, you are my friend. A thought-provoking play that I need to ponder further Creditors by August Strindberg. For all of the misogyny, the arguments about passion and possession, partnership and dependency, rage on.

Retrieved from ” https: Tekla the female lead was not a weak victim like Miss Julie, i liked that. Not sure what to think of this, except that I would very much like to see it in production. Uneasily] I don’t know. Post was not sent – check your email addresses!