Product Gallery & Manuals Some manuals may take a few moments to download. ZX75 No Longer Available Replace with the GT Plug & Play. Concertone zx75 user manual. Join our great kickboxing instructors with a high energy workout of cardio boxing moves. a good suggestion. exe X 7EB rvron. Member. rvron’s Avatar. Join Date: Aug Location: Forest Hill, Maryland. Posts: Here’s a manual for Concertone ZX

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Concertone alarm; can’t turn off. Mon Jul 14, 7: Recently our Concertone Model Manuao alarm has started going off at 4: I pulled out the book and tried to turn it off.

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I managed to change the time and thought I had turned it off. We happened to be in the amnual at 4: At least it won’t wake us up anymore. Any ideas how to turn this off, the book really is useless. Long Press clock button to enter the timer which is set 1: Press Power button to turn off the alarm when it is beeping. How do I turn it off? I don’t know what I did to turn it on, I didn’t even know it had a clock.


I don’t know your particular model, but many have cobcertone problems with these units by pulling out the unit and disconnecting the power for a few minutes. That seems to clear all the memory. Chief User is Offline Joined: Tue Jul 15, 7: Easier then pulling out the unit and disconnecting the power.

Product Gallery & Manuals

Go to the fuse panel, locate the “radio” fuse, pull that, wait a couple of minutes and replace it. It is one of the automotive type fuses, blue if I recall correctly. That should clear the memory.

This is a general cure for when the Concertone “acts up”. PaulandTammy User is Offline Joined: Wed Jul 16, We have the ZX The thing had a mind of conceftone own. We had the same problem with the alarm going off at 2: We tried using the manual and followed the directions but it was useless. It seems like each time we plugged shorepower in the alarm would reset itself.


We could make it stop but each time we plugged the shorepower in the alarm would set 12 hours from when it was powered up. I was at the point to use a large hammer to make the alarm stop. The dealer gave us a new concertone and I installed it myself in a few minutes.

This one works the way the manual describes for now. I am keeping the hammer next conceryone the bed just incase the alarm problem returns with the new one. Thu Jul 17, 5: I am having the same problem. I also was able to reset it for a daytime alarm but not to turn it off.

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Resetting by pulling the fuse only reset the alarm for sx75 new night time. Any help would be appreciated. Display posts from previous: All times are GMT – 7 Hours.