An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy. In the course of this hilariously honest boo. An offensive, in-your-face, brutally honest and completely hilarious look at male inner life and sexual fantasy—sure to be one of the most controversial bo. The self-absorbed narrator continually looks for (and finds) sex but is terrified, if not emasculated, by the prospect of love.

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The book follows the life of a nameless protagonist as he has sex with several different women in a variety of ways, goes through relationship issues with girlfriends, and discusses the vagaries of sex with a number of friends, both gay and straight. Much in the tradition of American Psycho, this book sees the world from one man’s idiosyncratic, shallow and selfabsorbed perspective, but where Ellis offers thought-provoking insight in the juxtaposition between the aestethic and the destructive, Kultgen offers just dirty words and juvenile sex fantasies – though it must be said, that he is both frank and very spot-on in his portrait of the suppressed male sexuality, it doesn’t provoke much more than a lazy erection.

I have insecurities, fears and a conscience. A great laugh on a rainy day. He cheats, he tricks, he lies, but we’re used to reading that the man is in the wrong. But none of these activities—perhaps with the exception of video games and pornography—is significant. In his unique rebellious way, Mr.

Or maybe I’m the one who’s interpreting it wrong. You’ll think I’m crazy, but I find Average Amer. No one says you have to like this chaf. Now I’ll admit that this book is highly up for interpretation, and perhaps I’m the one that’s misinterpreting what the book is saying, but I don’t think I am, at least not wholly.

And I averahe filled with enough hate myself and I don’t need to read some fake book about hate.

But this fact isn’t really recognized by mainstream media. Any reference to anal sex–whether it was a vulgar phrase or literally the phrase “anal sex” — was changed to “the back door.



Features most of the worst misogyny I’ve ever encountered and usually complaints like that are nonsense. As soon as he tells us that he’s into having sex, he ain’t into making love, Casey turns the volume down and begins amerian me the following information: It’s a quick, easy read, but it’s not shocking or edgy–it’s mostly just boring. So it’s not a question of whether that happens, its just a question of whether you think beauty really is in the eye of the beholder.

The book is horrible horrible horrible. In fact, it had become the exact opposite of what was asked of me in the averrage place. There weren’t many insights to stop and reflect on, and there were no passages that averae me stop to contemplate how I might adapt the stylistic renderings of the author. Email wardrobe warnings — like the one CBS sent out to artists before the Grammy Awards this year, to make sure they didn’t wear anything that might be too revealing — are already treated as a joke.

And the narrator is a witty, sarcastic, ass, allowing for his inner-thoughts to entertain you, as he thinks up graphic ways to punish his girlfriend while she’s being obnoxious.

You the reader are subjected to the inner monologue of this misogynistic nympho guy who kindofsortof hates his life, and if you try to understand him and look at him on his level, you’ll see why he does what he does and think what he thinks. Although he vaguely alludes to having a job, he has no visible means of support. He’s bored with everything except his xbox and doesn’t understand why she doesn’t dump him.

He wrote a good book that I can’t like. When she says how much she loved anal, he just plays it cool, not saying much. The only reason I managed to finish this book it because I thought that there had to be some kind of turning point in the book. View all 23 comments. But “The Average American Male” brings some parts of at least one side of the argument to the forefront, and for that reason it deserves to be read, and discussed, by anyone interested in this issue.


THE AVERAGE AMERICAN MALE by Chad Kultgen | Kirkus Reviews

Apr 14, Joanna rated it did not like it Shelves: But whether you are comfortable with the premise or not, what you do need to accept is that underneath all the sex, there are real issues that men do their best not to think about, real panic, and ultimately, not in all cases but definitely in some, real resentment. Anyone can sit down at their computer and watch hardcore porn in one window while watching Martha Stewart in another.

I’ve learned in life and I’ve learned from this book just to communicate, and be prepared to cut your losses if she’s not the right woman.

Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. Quotes from The Average Ameri I’m mzle really sure what I expected when I decided to purchase a book with a ribbon reading “the novel that inspired aveeage hit viral video” in the corner, but I guess I got what I deserved. Are all men sniffers?????? I can’t imagine that’s it. Mann rated it it was ok. This is a really funny and purposely offensive stream-of-consciousness look into a few months in the life of a “typical” young man, as seen through his eyes.

You Can’t Handle the Truth

You have to like him. I do believe that most self-named “scholars” do exactly the above, and if they were averagw that Twilight was actually written by Saul Bellow, they’d find a way to show you how brilliant they were by showing you how brilliant Twilight is. God knows I am.