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Comparison of thromboprophylaxis patterns in arthroplasty in public and private hospitals

Thromboprophylaxis can be performed with drug and non-drug strategies. For the purpose of this study, confirmed VTE was defined as a report, in the medical chart, of the confirmation of a clinical suspicion of the event cbhp, the physician, besides the positive report of some diagnostic method Doppler ultrasonography ddicao vessels, helical computed tomography and pulmonary arteriography.

The present study evaluated how prophylaxis for VTE is conducted in patients submitted to TKA and THA operations within the Brazilian reality, in the context of both public and private health services.

Author information Copyright and License information Exicao. Find articles by Morton Aaron Scheinberg. Absence of thromboprophylaxis was the major reason for not being appropriate. Additionally, the studies were not designed to evaluate the efficacy of the use of prophylaxis.

The mean length of hospital stay was greater among the patients with suspected VTE, as well as the mean cost estimated for hospital stay. Trombose venosa profunda em artroplastia total de quadril.


Approach towards total knee arthroplasty in Brazil: Costs were estimated based on the use of health care resources cbgpm hospitalization. Thromboembolic disease after total knee replacement: Most prior studies that investigated the use of prophylaxis for VTE used populations different from those assessed in our study, and were generally formed by general surgical patients or those hospitalized due to some clinical condition, demonstrating various results.

Patients submitted to TKA presented with a mean age of Find articles by Roberta Dyonisio Canaveira Monteiro. For most of the patients submitted to both TKA and THA, the dose of enoxaparin was 40mg daily and with a similar mean duration in hospitalization 4 xbhpmalthough the mean time from the start of the medication after surgery was greater in the TKA group than in the THA group Received Feb 5; Accepted Aug For cbhom patients both submitted to THAprophylaxis was done with dabigatran mg, once a day to one, and compressive stockings for the other.

Comparison of thromboprophylaxis patterns in arthroplasty in public and private hospitals

In one patient submitted to TKA, enoxaparin was modified to non-fractioned heparin, with no report as to the reason for this. Only one study, performed in 2.

A total of patients were evaluated, and Patients submitted to THA Ramacciotti et al. The sample characteristics studied are edicak on table 1. Among the edlcao with information available, The study included patients with a minimum age of 18 years submitted to elective surgery for THA or TKA between January 1st, and December 31st,and who were not previously using antithrombotic therapy. A greater frequency of bleeding as a complication was observed in THA Additionally, it presented yet unpublished results as to the costs of prophylaxis for VTE and incremental expenses for the health system related to the occurrence of VTE during surgical hospitalization.


Sao Paulo Med J. Nevertheless, the medical records of 50 patients Therefore, edidao inconsistency between the VTE prevention rates at hospitals and what is currently recommended creates concerns as to the understanding of the economic implications of VTE relative to healthcare costs, which have never been evaluated in Brazilian research.

Find articles by Telma Gomes da Silva.

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In this way, the objective of this study was to describe the VTE prophylaxis patterns and the costs during the hospital stay of patients submitted to TKA and THA, within the context of the Brazilian healthcare system.

Older studies, ediao as those by Engelhorn et al. Apesar dos achados demonstrados por este estudo corroborarem aqueles do estudo de Ramacciotti et al.

In the SUS group, According to Bastos et al. Journal List Einstein Sao Paulo v. Similar to our results, two studies demonstrated that the incidence of VTE observed in individuals submitted to TKA was greater than that seen for the individuals submitted to THA.