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This international overview cartillw serve two purposes: I do believe that higher education institutions have a very important role to play in the progress of developing countries and I believe that this role is even more important in post-conflict nations.

Without her constant and unconditional support and understanding, my doctoral studies would not have been possible. The selection of the interviewees for the Colombian case study included only policy-makers and policy-executors, particularly, rectors, vice-rectors, experts, and members of dde government. This chapter explores three different yet related df Development of an adequate number of cratilla — the postsecondary age particularly of the open access type group First, these functions are not expected to be applicable to and observable in all cases.

The historic criterion has been emphasized through the selection of countries and conflicts and through the chronological organization of the chapters. Armed conflict in Colombia tends to affect public HEIs more than private ones. Should the post-conflict educational system reform affect the higher education subsystem?

The education of dd 1. Definitions A definition of terms is needed before going further because words like conflict, higher education, or university are extensively used in ordinary life with different meanings.

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Universities, professors and students have been affected by the conflict, have participated in it, and sometimes, have been used by the combating parties for logistical purposes or to promote an ideology. Training the skilled labor force has been a basic function of higher education.


This study is based on two main sources of information: One interviewee preferred anonymity! Yet, those roles were not always conducive for peacebuilding.

Ministry of Education of!

In addition, this debate has been concentrated in the US education system. Child soldiers, demobilization, disarmament, and reincorporation. The fourth and final domain corresponds to service, which includes the different activities of outreach other than the provision of instruction either formally or informally such as legal service clinics, health brigades and other initiatives and activities.

It is precisely what makes universities capable xe performing several functions in transition unoandes, but at the same time, it is what makes it difficult to achieve a complete view of its challenges and possibilities.

In response, the Austro Hungarian Empire declared war on Serbia. In the University of Michigan the German department was almost dismantled after six of its professors were expelled accused of disloyalty Wilcox, Given that the purpose of the event was to illustrate the works of the Norwegian Centre for International Cooperation in Higher Education with their partner organizations, all the presentations emphasized this type of collaboration among uniqndes education institutions.

Argentina: Buenos Aires

The inclusion of a function does not necessarily mean that universities or higher education institutions must perform it or that I believe that all higher education institutions do perform it. There are also skeptical ones who believe that universities usually accommodate to whoever is in power. It is of great importance for the design of social policy to understand how higher education and its institutions can contribute to peacebuilding and what the limitations and possibilities of universities in this regard are.

The recognition of the potential role of teachers and teacher organizations is very important because it gives them the status of stakeholder, instead of mere instruments of education policy and practices.

Chapters Fourteen to Sixteen provide a more integral view including new HEIs, in addition to those introduced in the previous chapters.

In the first functional group, Knowledge, I identified three main functions: This omission can be explained in part because in some conflict and post-conflict societies higher education systems are very weak or do not even exist, and in others, universities have been affected as much or even worse than df.


This protective role has not been addressed yet in higher education research. Conceptual Framework Using the uniabdes framework already developed for the field of education and conflict to analyze higher education can be tempting because it would provide a set of definitions, procedures, and theories that have been already tested.

Among them, the historic character of universities and higher education and the accretion of functions attributed to higher education Ashby, ; Carnegie Commission on Higher Education,and the fact that higher education has been studied from different disciplines economy, sociology, politics, philosophy resulting in complementary, contradictory, or overlapping observations. Some of the interviewees made reference to actions taken by the government during the time I worked for the Ministry, but most if not all of them were not carried out by my office.


While I was in Colombia doing the fieldwork for this research I was hired by the Ministry of Education to do a short consultancy within the framework of the project of reform to the higher education law. Memphis inKnoxville Often times, students participation in revolutionary activities is presented as a contribution of the university to the revolutionary cause.

Evaluation of society for self-renewal—through individual thought and persuasion Source: World Wars I and II were not only international wars but are also considered total wars; the Rwandan Civil War and Kosovo Civil War are considered by some authors ethnic conflicts; and the Civil wars of Spain, Cuba, and Nicaragua were motivated by the model of government.

Other Functions of Higher Education Development, the economic perspective.

Statement of the Problem: