But what moved Carlyle, the intellectual hero of the age, to direct attention in Chartism to the Irish presence in the early Victorian city? Why did he present. Page 10 – With what serene conclusiveness a member of some Useful- Knowledge Society stops your mouth with a figure of arithmetic! To him it seems he has. Page 20 – In all ways it needs, especially in these times, to be proclaimed aloud that for the idle man there is no place in this England of ours. He that will not.

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We are republishing these classic works in affordable, high quality, modern editions, using the original text and artwork.

The phrase “Condition of England Question” was first used by Carlyle in Chartismwhich significantly contributed to the emergence of a series of debates about the spiritual and material foundations of England and it had a great effect on a number of writers of fiction in the Victorian era and after.

As if it stood not on the basis of an everlasting duty, as a prime necessity of man! Carlyle expresses his critical opinion about the present Condition of England in an elevated, prophetic language.

Carlyle strongly criticised the mechanisation of the human spirit and indicated the high moral costs of industrial change. Jesus Banter rated it it was ok Aug 19, Books by Thomas Carlyle. Popular passages Page chaftism – With what serene conclusiveness a member of some Useful-Knowledge Society stops your mouth with a figure of arithmetic!

Condition of England question

He warns them of the inevitable social eruptions if they continue to ignore the demands of the majority, as expressed in the Chartist movement, and offer them no other recourse to improve their lot but armed resistance. Carlyle contributed to the awakening of social conscience among the reading public and understood the social and political importance of literature. Finest Peasantry in the World.


Carlyle argues that a new “Aristocracy of Talent” should take the lead in the country, and the English people must themselves choose true heroes and not sham-heroes or quacks. At the cold hearth of the ever-toiling ever-hungering weaver, dwells at least some equability, fixation as if in perennial ice: To him it seems he has there extracted the elixir of the matter, on which now nothing more can be said. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Carlyle raised the condition of England question in Chartismin which he expressed his sympathy for the poor and the industrial class in England and argued the need for a more profound reform.

That all just men, of what outward colour soever in Politics or otherwise, will say: Gin justly named the most authentic incarnation of the Infernal Principle in our times, too indisputable an incarnation; Gin the black throat into which wretchedness of every sort, consummating itself by calling on delirium to help it, whirls down; abdication of the power to think or resolve, as too painful now, on the part of men whose lot of all others would require thought and resolution; liquid Madness sold at ten-pence the quartern, all the products of which are and must be, like its origin, mad, miserable, ruinous, and that only!

But the thing we had to state here was our inference from that mournful fact of the third Sanspotatoe,—coupled with this other well-known fact that the Irish speak a partially intelligible dialect of English, and their fare across by steam is four-pence sterling! Alas, for them too it is not a luxury.

That it is the best-paid workmen who, by Strikes, Trades-unions, Chartism, and the like, complain the most. Eric rated it really liked it Apr 01, Was poverty eating up capital?


In and he visited Irving in Glasgow and made charitsm stays at his father’s new farm, Mainhill; and in Junein Leith Walk, Edinburgh, he experienced a striking spiritual rebirth which is related in Sartor Resartus. A scathing condemnation of the self-serving practices of Victorian era politicians and their laissez-faire policies which favoured the propertied class in amassing more wealth on the backs of their work-force.

Chartism/Chapter 4 – Wikisource, the free online library

The mother, too, was of the Scottish earth, cjartism Thomas’ education was begun at home by both the parents. They said this wasn’t from an optical scan file. Another thing, likewise ascertainable on this vast obscure matter, excites a superficial surprise, but only a superficial one: This book is not yet featured on Listopia.

But he soon resigned his tutorship, and, after a few weeks at Birmingham, trying a dyspepsia cure, he lived with Irving at Pentonville, London, and paid a short visit to Paris. Page 24 – A man willing to work, and unable to find work, is perhaps the saddest sight that Fortune’s inequality exhibits under this sun. Be it with reason or with unreason, too surely they do in verity find the time all out of chrtism this world for them no home, but a dingy prison-house, of reckless unthrift, rebellion, rancour, indignation against themselves and against all men.

Chartism/Chapter 4

To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Preview — Chartism by Thomas Carlyle. Page 18 – Such at bottom seems to be the chief social principle, if principle it have, which the Poor-Law Amendment Act has the merit of courageously asserting, in opposition to many things.