Cairngorm is based on Model View Controller (MVC) framework, specifically designed to facilitate complex state and data synchronization. Over the past few years, Cairngorm architecture has been hugely embraced for developing enterprise Flex applications. While there are a lot of. For the love of GOD, don’t use Cairngorm (2) as a framework. Use either RobotLegs or Parsley. Both of which has awesome documentation.

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It is not only a framework, but also an approach to organizing and packaging code, components, and a method to achieve separation of concerns i. But it is complicate and hard to study and maintain. Using DataCollection object from clear. Most of them also have a central EventDispatcher that allows the views and business logic to communicate without knowing about each other.

It defines remoteobject in this example. All these goodies were created based on the class Employee. Adobe Flex provides you with an extendable framework that you can use as a solid starting point for your business application. Even in a midsize application this can translate to a hundred or more additional Cairngorm-specific classes. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Components on the View can bind to Value Objects or other properties in the Model data layer.

View my complete profile. But we wanted to stress that you can create an application that reads XML and displays the data in a list control without the use of any additional third-party framework or component library. Retrieved from ” https: It is good for new Flex developers to learn Cairngorm before other frameworks first. All content here are my personal views and not those of my employer.

The loadEmployeesService class reads Employees.


It must be implemented as a singleton which implements the Cairngorm IModelLocator. Notify me of new comments via email. The Command class updates the data in the model typically, a collection of value objects defined in the global ModelLocator.

Imagine a new housing development. Kindly post your sample for Cairngorm 3.

At the time of this writing, the latest version of CDB is 3. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

List of Flex frameworks

Cairngorm is based on the MVC model. Creating loosely coupled components. The code of handleNotification directly manipulates the internals of the view components e.

Of course we are biased—we created Clear Toolkit to help us develop the types of applications we work on with our business clients, and it serves us well.

Application components are also instantiated by the framework as per MXML tags included in the EventMap object, which also performs the role of a class factory with lazy instantiation—if the event that required an instance of EmployeeManager was never triggered, the instance is not created. Note To ensure that you have the latest instructions for installing CDB and running a sample application, we highly recommend that you read the appropriate section of the CDB User Guide.

As Flex is already a framework, you should have very strong reasons to create another one. Notify me of new comments via email. You are commenting using your Facebook account.

Flex MVC Architecture (CAIRNGORM)

Connects with a SOAP webservice. Building accessible Flex apps. Mate does not force you to extend any classes. It was open sourced in the summer of The resources folder contains special resource files, explained in Chapter. For simplicity, this version does not have error processing, and the Add Employee and Logout buttons are nonfunctional. Hi i recently planned to split my application into multiple module, i got trouble in using module of another projectso please guide me how to create module that can working in other applications.


The locate the required service in the Service Locator, call the given method on it and route the response back to a responder object. It is not a library of patterns, but rather a set of objects that are built to communicate and react. The value objects of the application have been placed in the folder called vo. And it must have implemented one method for each server-side method to be called. Flex has extendable components and events, and when you work in a team of developers, each of them felx have a different understanding of how custom components should find and communicate with each other, how to properly organize the project, and how to make a team work more productively.

Leave a Caiengorm Cancel reply Enter your comment here Email required Address never made public. This post aims to help you make that decision. Create a user called dba with the password sql and grant this user full access to the test database. So far, so good. You can find the generated Java code in the folder. Managers on the projects that use PureMVC would need to hire more experienced developers than managers on projects using Mate or Cairngorm.

Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: Due to space constraints, we reviewed only some of the Flex frameworks in this chapter. Two years later, we decided to document these tools so that other Flex developers could also benefit from them.