NEC CC datasheet, UPCC (1-page), CC datasheet, CC pdf, CC datasheet pdf, CC pinouts. CC NEC datasheet pdf data sheet FREE Datasheets (data sheet) search for integrated circuits (ic), semiconductors and other electronic components such. Request NEC CC: online from Elcodis, view and download CC pdf datasheet, NEC specifications.

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Bells, Buzzers and Sirens. SoundOfSoundNov 26, Bratwurst7sNov 24, He said that in the applications non audio where he is using op-amps the parallel 0.

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CC Datasheet NEC pdf data sheet FREE from

Changing the clock frequency will result in a dead player; replacing the clock with a lower jitter darasheet is sometimes a thing but it’s debatable whether it would have an audible effect or not.

By all means replace the op-amps with sockets, then you can easily try out different versions. So in this case I can say that there was no risk in replacing them. Then I decided to put sockets in the BA filter positions with the thought that I could use them, or replace them relatively easily.


DaveVoorhisDec 1, The player sounds much better than when I started. Dataseet CC is a dual ultra low-noise wideband high slew-rate operational amplifier.

As I didn’t know if they could be replaced, or even if replacing them would help, at first I left them datzsheet after replacing all 6 of the op-amps in the signal path 3 per channel. DaveVoorhisNov 24, Swapping the output opamp, or the passive components in the reconstruction datasheeet, could conceivably make some audible improvement, but it’s unlikely. Again, seems like a very low cost “good practice” thing to do, so I’ll be doing this in every case going forward.

Yesterday I talked to a co-worker that is way above me in skill level about this.

Denon DCD-3000 CD Player mod suggestions?

We use PayPal because it is a secure payment provider. I don’t know about Denons but the Sonys seemed to be sensitive to power delivery. It looks fine for audio, certainly not a piece of junk. Our time zone is Eastern Standard Time We appreciate your interest in our products and would like thank all of our customers for our continued success. Hi onanysunday, I have a DCD and have done a full recap and replaced the op-amps.

DIY’er, putting their own personal interests or risk to their own stuff on the table, are a different matter. But after first swapping op-amps in my PC sound card and now 10 cd players, I am firmly in the belief that these op-amps do indeed need some burn-in time to sound their best.


I am wondering if any specific component upgrades can simply be done in isolation by themselves.

Except for muting transistors. And afaik it isn’t available in through-hole mounting configuration, just SMD mounting. It would be kind of fun to solder in a socket so I could easily experiment with other opamps in the future datasueet comparison. We use USPS for our shipping and include delivery confirmation for tracking.

I don’t know what Op-amps Denon has in your unit but the swap to LM’s was a definite, across the board improvement in my daatsheet.

Datasheets search archive of electronic components datasheets

I found a service manual for your DCD and see that it’s quite different inside than mybut still there are many similarities. Only thing is that I’m kinda maxed out at the moment and will need a few days to a week to properly reply to your questions.

You have a fine CD player there. Would I need to change anything else if just replacing the opamp, or would it just be a straight swap plug n’ datashewt What about using a higher rated transformer, would that mess anything else up by itself or just be a general improvement? The bass and mid-bass fills in, and everything just gets more clear, clean and butter smooth.