| The nation’s largest accounting firms have . TOP ACCOUNTING FIRMS, RANKED BY REVENUE Thread: BRW Top Accounting Firms and , Institute of Chartered Accountants, GradDipCA, TAX, MAA Monday, November 15, ESV Chartered Accountants (New South Wales, Australia) was ranked number 45 in a list of the Top Accounting Firms published by BRW magazine. The firm is climbing the rankings, having ranked number.

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A reminder of expectations should be in writing and distributed to all employees well in advance of the event.

You may think this goes without saying, but you’d be surprised just how many employers don’t carefully consider the impact venues will have on setting the tone of their event.

The man was convicted and sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment. At the time of writing it remained unclear whether the Commissioner would apply to the High Court for special leave to appeal against the decision.

The key items for an effective meeting are: The Commissioner based his decision on documents showing bank interest payments to the taxpayer as well as payments he had made towards the cost of building a boat.

ATO – FBT Factsheet This is a confusing area so if you would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact your harris black team member. The legislation was drafted in response to the findings of a Review of Student Income Support Reforms that students from regional areas experience higher costs in relocating for the purposes of study than their metropolitan counterparts.

The taxpayer had also incurred legal expenses in defending 20 criminal charges for alleged insider trading; he was eventually acquitted on 17 of the charges, with the remaining three withdrawn by ASIC. The Abbott government has introduced into Parliament proposed legislation to repeal the carbon tax and the mining tax.

Make Sure Someone Responsible Is Made Responsible The most effective thing you can do to avoid Christmas-party disasters is actually very simple… Make someone accountable for what happens.

By following all of the above hints and tips we afcounting you can quickly, easily and effectively minimise the risk of your company Christmas party turning into a not-so-merry mess.

Choose Your Venue Carefully Having your Christmas party at a co-worker’s house or a family-friendly restaurant is a much safer option than having it at an adult-themed venue! The AAT found that when the taxpayer brs incurred the expenses, his position as an authorised representative at the company he worked for had ceased.


We deliver real value

Nevertheless, it is clear that the ATO is obliged to act reasonably and responsibly, and should not act arbitrarily or capriciously. SinceHarris Black has been providing accounting and advisory services to our valued clients to help them achieve their business and personal wealth goals.

Private Health Insurance Wills — are they still appropriate? With a clear focus on helping acvounting to achieve what is most important to you, our service offering is wide-ranging and more importantly delivered at the highest standard.

The AAT was of the view that firmz legal expenses were not incurred by the taxpayer “in the course” of gaining or producing assessable income.

The banning order, which became operative from 7 Mayprohibited figms man 20110 providing financial services for five years. Should any changes be accounitng Personal Property Securities Register PPSR – Act Now Before 31 January Important Australian Government information about the Personal Property Securities Register PPSR — an online register introduced on 30 January that protects your business when buying, selling or leasing qccounting property including valuable goods, stock, vehicles, machinery, office equipment, crops and livestock — almost anything except real estate.

It also refused the taxpayer’s request for an extension of time to apply to fiems AAT for review of the Commissioner’s objection decision dated 31 October refusing the GST refund for the June quarter.

This means all of your usual employer-related legal obligations such as your duty of care towards your employees, as well all your usual bre policies and procedures, will apply for the duration of the event, regardless of where it takes place. One of the clearest signals you can give to your staff that the event is over is to physically close down the venue at the scheduled end time.

The Foundation was established by Dr Teo in response to the increasing incidence of brain tumours and the lack of research being conducted into the disease in Australia. Under the national WHS laws, Australian workers should be entitled to the same work health and safety standards wherever they work. Keep in mind though that under Australia’s new Workplace Health and Safety laws, most senior employees are considered ‘ Officers’ who have a Duty of Due Diligence that cannot be delegated to another employee.

The team at Workforce Guardian is kept very busy every January dealing with the fall-out from Christmas party disasters.

– Boyce Chartered Accountants

But beware… things can go very wrong, very quickly! Boyce Wagga Director, Linda Mackellar and Lindsay Garnock, Director of Boyce Financial Services, are part of a group of ten business professionals who have banded together to form a networking group with a difference. This is a confusing area so if you would like assistance please do not hesitate to contact your harris black team member.


The networking group organises various functions throughout the year to raise funds to support local disability service provider, Kurrajong Waratah, to provide an accommodation service for children with disabilities. Achieving a work-life balance, succession planning for your business, protecting your assets and the legacy you wish to leave behind for your loved ones are equally important considerations to be factored into the strategies we develop and implement 20100 and with you.

Making the most of your rental property 1 November With more and more people choosing to invest in residential property, understanding the obligations and entitlements of receiving rental income is very important to ensure that you get the best return from your investment.

It is also a good idea to make an announcement at the beginning of the party gently reminding attendees of the company’s expectations. Brentnalls’ Group Chairman, Laurie Cogger, said it is clear that local expertise of those firms who are members of the affiliation is the reason behind their continued success.

This ultimately accountng that everyone shares some degree of responsibility for what happens at your company party.

During andthe man made regular trips back to Australia, but during his last visit he was arrested and charged with possession of a precursor to a dangerous drug. Booking a private function room and making sure everyone leaves that space at the designated end-time can be very effective in making everyone aware that the work party is over.

Contact us for a chat today. Click here for menu. The Tax Implications Of Christmas It is the season to be jolly and many businesses find themselves paying for staff Christmas gifts and parties at this time of the year.

Boyce came in at number 39 in the overall Top list. The aim of the group, known as Wagga Business NetworX, is to make a positive contribution to the local community and in particular to the lives of children with disabilities.

A lot of business meetings are not productive. The AAT agreed with the Commissioner. Click here for menu.