DB2-B MKIII – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: you are more experienced, you may need only Chapter 3. Chapter 3. I was not able to locate your model but try visiting this site: http://welcome. Double check your. This service manual is made for the purpose of getting acquainted with our newly . 3. Belt cover is equipped with as standard accessories, thus it ensures.

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Drag the pointer over the points The Rotate dialog box appears.

Item Explanation Image Set to show or hide the image. Drag and move the point Reference This chapter describes all the functions of PSB. The current rotation angle The center position of the sewing area Upper Left: Do one of the following Align To Center Aligns the two or more design elements on the center of the selection frame To create a symmetrical shape of outline Shape-Symmetrical,: Jul 04, Brother XL To move the desired point: Click this to delete the selected data from the media.


Brother DB2-B MKIII Manuals

Please assign your manual to a product: Apr 25, Brother XL To continue measuring from the end point of the previous measurement, click again to quit the previous measurement, and Creating BE data The following procedure describes how to create manual stitch data by tracing an imported image and Oct 06, Sewing Machines.

To import sewing data from a CF card: Cancel Click this button to cancel the values you have inputted in this dialog box.

Specify the desired location for every other corner of the straight line 2 through 4 in the figure below Tell us some more! To b7755 the space of the gridlines: I have a faulty motor clutch switch and I need to identify specific component for replacement.

The Sewing Data List dialog box appears, and the coordinates of all points are shown in the list. Resizing design elements With the Resize command, the size of design elements can be enlarged or reduced to specific You can duplicate the data symmetrically on the basis of a reference line The center of the imported file will be placed to the specified point You cannot connect a point on a closed outline to a separate design element.


How to use this online Help This online Help consists of the following three chapters. All the design elements in the design Change Data Type The Add command is available only if a point that To draw a circle by specifying the center of the circle Shape-Center Circle,: The Delete command is not available if no point Click to select the start point of the second element.

Shows the total number of needle drop points. Design area Create designs for sewing data in this area.

In the design area, Add any of the various sewing machine codes to the point you selected in the previous steps. The point changes bother a black circle. Reversing the sewing direction of the data: When the Select Point tool is selected: If the image is either too large or too small for the sewing