Bread Givers has ratings and reviews. BlackOxford said: Male LiberationA gem in so many dimensions: King Lear with an extra daughter, a proto. Bread Givers is a novel by Anzia Yezierska that was first published in See a complete list of the characters in Bread Givers and in-depth analyses of. A short summary of Anzia Yezierska’s Bread Givers. This free synopsis covers all the crucial plot points of Bread Givers.

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During a dinner, Hugo and Sara find out they are countrymen: So gievrs you have to do is shut your mouth and live with intestinal fortitude. After part one, I only really had Sara to root for.

“New York Times” reviews Yezierska’s “Bread Givers”

Perhaps it is my American self that cries out for Sara to come among us and take her place as one of the brave and free. To view it, click here. She had little interest in domestic studies, for which her scholarship was granted, and she felt inferior to the American students at the school. Even in The ChosenDanny has only to fight against his father’s prescriptiveness, which stems from a cultural giverx that he is too precious, too valuable to make uezierska own decisions.

Ewell, and Humbert Humbert. Bread Givers is not the only one I have read dealing with immigrant life in America. You think millions of educated old maids like you could change the world one inch? This book was assigned reading as part of a course on immigration policy within the US. From happiness to sadness, anger to calmness. In this sense, Sara’s comment about her family’s living quarters is strictly true: It is interesting to note that this semi-autobiographical novel was written in The substandard wages they earned kept them in constant poverty.


View all 4 comments. Every scene tends to carry me away.

I would recommend this book to everyone. Jul 14, Becky rated it it was amazing. He came to a new settlement with intangible ideals about this great new America, but realized all too quickly, how short lived his hopes were.

It is what they should be valued for in the American culture as seen so accurately by those entering the culture from abroad.

Rage flamed from his eyes as he thundered at me, stamping his feet. He imposes draconian rules whether you like them or not. I guess you understand what I am talking about. Yezierska quarreled often with her father, who devoted all of his time to Talmudic study and traditional ideas. Then a cultural war emerge between the conservative, eastern-way of thinking father with a daughter that dreams of going to college at a time where colleges were thought to be only for men and women shouldn A story of culture and poverty struggle of an extremly poor, highly religious immigrant family merging into the new culture of the new world: An Introduction With Selections.

Given these initial reactions, though, there are a few things that distinguish The Bread Givers from other versions of the “immigrant experience novel. Understanding that celebration of the self is a celebration of life. The good thing is we are creatures of human expression. Overall the book was a wonderful read.

Jan 30, Emily added it Shelves: Refresh and try again. He will redden your ass with his flagellant belt. Another thought-provoking element of The Bread Givers was its depiction of Rabbi Smolinsky’s self-justification for living off the labors of his wife and daughters.


Sara, the youngest daughter, breaks free of her father to pursue her dreams for education. With a dusty and a small room to live in, working in the morning, and studying to be a teacher at night, life is exhausting. I read this book more than ten years ago when my son had to read it for a history class. If you want to FEEL how a protagonist feels in a story, then this is a story for you.

All of these books bear the same concept: He is often accused of donating plenty of financial aid to an extent where it effects the families income. Nov 08, Breav rated it really liked it. Yezierska moved to Hollywood but was unable to feel at home there and moved back to New York City.

Bread Givers – Wikipedia

So this novel will make you tear your hair and your toes curl. Dec 09, Renata rated it really liked it. I found this on my bookshelf with no recollection of when or where I bought it and whether it was a recommendation or just something that caught my eye.

A hivers old maid?

Later she worked in sweatshops and laundries. Once the transaction of the bargain is completed, Reb Smolinsky, his wife, and Sara discovery that most of the stock in the store was fake and that they were swindled by the prior owner.