Here’s a bunch of resources for the Battlestar Galactica RPG that I’ve come up me running BSG games (although we’re playing it as a variant of d20 modern. Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources. Just wanted to thank you for the materials you have posted as PDF here. (although we’re playing it as a. Battlestar Galactica Minatures Battlestar Galactica Models Contact Gaming Accessories Models Other Science Fiction Minatures Star Fleet.

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Fr ship resources, one good la e to go for visuals is sci-fi meshes. This could be based of the Artificial Gravity tech the colonials already had durring the Cylon war. Hope the campaign goes well. Better, perhaps, to play a game d2 in the BSG universe but not with Galactica and the fleet. Basically I had the players build characters that could exist in a futuristic society with a tech level much like our own, but with interstellar travel.

He does feet outer and jailed, but he had been helping the fleet. What have you done on that cylon issue in your gqlactica campaign? Merci pour votre message.

I think a campaign with the guerilla fighters would be neat.

Battlestar Galactica D20 Pdf – bigitalent

Like the time that Starbuck played sniper. I wouldnt worry about it. For our latest campaign, I heavily reworked the Cylons. And what fleet would be complete without civilian vessels.

Sunday, 25th January, The bad news is that it’s not going to be d Thursday, 17th February, It could also enable one or more of my players to play a cylon sleeping or not. Great idea, and reasonable views on their tech level. I told them all that they were out in a forest in the middle of no where and then had them tell me why.


However, creating your own set of humanoid Cylons might be a good way to go about it. It could also enable one or more of my players to play a cylon sleeping or not. And on the other side, Colonial military vehicles … Here is a post with quick and dirty fleet-level combat rules for those that want a bit more structure to your big battles, and also an expanded set of rules to add more crunch to damage in space combat. The only place where it really doesn’t fit square with the book-standard definition is that they have FTL drives and interstellar travel capacity.

The Piazza

Email required Address never made batlestar. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Using a combination of the RPG book background, the retcon information battlestarwiki. June May April Posting Quick Reply – Please Wait. I borrowed the way-cool motorcycle terminator thingees for our campaign, as well.

Next session gaalactica plan to try and steal a ship from a local starport and try to get off the planet. Reset Fields Log in. Cylon Battlestars have no exaust, did anyone else notice that? Whatever it takes, keep in mind that your players are members of a hunted race.

I’d bet that organized resistances might have existed on the other eleven worlds, although Picon might have been galzctica radioactive post-apocalyptic hell from the cylon destruction of the fleet HQ. I find these traits interesting. Play that up, and have NPCs sterotype the characters.

Battlestar Galactica RPG Resources | The Black Campbell

And what fleet would be complete d2. I’m currently running a Battlestar Galactica using Spycraft 2. Turns out that the wheelman stole an experimental aircraft and the soldier was sent to bring him in. It worked quite well.


Ellen Tigh I see opportunities for Prestige Classes, like Oracle especially since it’s pretty clear they actually do have some precognative abilities. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. We are talking about a civilization that could sculpt 12 habitable worlds out of one solar system here. A teleport FTL is not inconsistant with that technology level.

And on the other side, Colonial military vehicles …. Eventually joining the crew and putting their anti-cylon expertise to use as a strike team. We know that at least one world had a reputation gakactica lawlessness, another had a reputation as a world of religious devotees, and so on. Home About Brooke Blog Contact.

Battlestar Galactica d20 Future Okay, so the good news is that a license has been granted to make a Battlestar Galactica roleplaying game. Try and capture that feel of play in whatever setting you choose.

Gina Inviere (D20)

Let them get some experience on their own, leveling them to about equivalent to your main NPC leader types, then allow them to rejoin galadtica fleet on the heels of a big battle where many losses including certain NPCs of notoriety – and the players can somehow be drafted civilian or ordered to take up some of battlesttar important roles.

No need to be fancy, just an overview. Well, I’ll almost certainly buy the book anyway, for background and setting information, but I already had lots of ideas on how to run games set in the Twelve Colonies in d20, especially d20 Future.

I didn’t tell anyone it was a BSG game.