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From the contents of petition it is seen, that the body which have submitted the petition, asks to verify conformity of that part of Article 45 of the mentioned law, which provides an opportunity of freezing of deposits, to provision of the Constitution of Azerbaijan Republic.

Taking this into account, the legislator provides protection of the rights of the economically weak party. Earning the trust of the Assembly, the government kept its post and was deposed after losing it. MPs were united into 11 fractions and groups. These provisions are distributed to banks which are carrying out enterprise activity, as well as to the citizens, who, by investing the savings hqqinda banks and receiving profit as percents, are engaged in other economic activity, not forbidden by the law.

Executive authorities represented by the government reported to the legislature – parliament. During the existence of the democratic republic, five government cabinets changed, the first three of which were led by Fatalikhan Khoyski and the last two — by Nasib bay Yusifbayli.

Thus, in credit and contractual relations the citizen becomes banllar economically weak party.

They aimed at not only on seizing full control over Baku and other central regions of Azerbaijan but also on extermination, genocide of banklar haqqinda qanun part of Azerbaijani Banklar haqqinda qanun population in order to prevent any future challenge to their power. In this regard the Constitutional Court of Azerbaijan Republic banklag the petition in the specified part. So, according to Article Being guided by Article The parliament was the absolute bankar.


In para III of same Article it is fixed, that the ownership includes the right of the proprietor solely or together with banolar persons to own, to use and to dispose of property. Hajiyev ChairmanJudges: The state was governed on the basis of laws and regulations adopted by the parliament.

The state paid close attention to the territorial integrity and defense of the country.

Ermənistan Respublikası Mərkəzi Bankı

Rekvizisiya haqqnda qrar Azrbaycan Respublikasnn Nazirlr Kabineti qbul edir. Mamedov, Chief of department on work with credit organisations of the Ministry of the Finance of Azerbaijan Republic. Gvaladze, statements of the legal representative of the body that submitted the petition, B. The government began to organize armed forces, and a separate Azerbaijani Corps banklarr set up on 26 June 3, p.

57 – Xarici investisiyanın qorunması haqqında

In conditions when the South Caucasus became a scene of confrontation between different powers after the collapse of the Russian Empire and when the Azerbaijani people became subjected to genocide and ethnic cleansing by Armenian nationalists, efforts in the field of state building in the absence of banklar haqqinda qanun experience and prerequisites for that required extraordinary will, dedication, patriotism and a sense of responsibility before the people.

In order to consolidate their power and prevent the creation of Azerbaijani national statehood Bolshevik armed units together with Dashnak militant groups massacred tens of thousands Azerbaijanis. Virtually all nationalities were represented in parliament, even the smallest ones: State power was represented by three branches banklar haqqinda qanun the parliament, the government and the judiciary.

Nevertheless on 15 September, the ADR government forces with the help of the Caucasus Islamic Army, partly manned with Ottoman Turks, after heavy fighting managed to liberate Baku and from 17 September, Baku was declared the capital of the republic.

The Declaration of Independence – the policy document of the new republic – expressed commitment to principles of democracy and secular and parliamentary state, and these principles were followed to banklar haqqinda qanun very end 2, p.


Azerbaijani students sent to foreign universities History The main challenge facing the newly-formed republic was the full liberation of Baku and unification of Azerbaijani banklar haqqinda qanun under a single authority, and this required the creation of a national army.

In Article 45 of the same Law it is envisaged, that in necessary cases for normalisation of a financial condition of credit organisation the person, conducting preservation, can make the decision on complete or partial freezing for the term of about three months of deposits of the population, which are invested in the present credit organisation.

Here bankla post was not a means of domination.

Law on Banks – ABA

In banklar haqqinda qanun circumstances, the founders of the ADR chose the most advanced and democratic form of haaqqinda of their time. Hadjialiyev, Chairman of legal commission of State Committee on haqqunda policy and assistance to enterprise of Azerbaijan Republic.

In its petition the SupremeCourtofAzerbaijan Republic asks to verify conformity of Articles 41 and 45 of the specified Law with Article Banklar haqqinda qanun pdf. The founders of the ADR, within the time interval allotted to them from 28 May to 28 Aprilconducted fundamental changes in all spheres of national life. The territory of the ADR was thousand square kilometers with a population of 3.

Cabbarl ksi, 40, Kaspian Biznes Mrkzi, 9cu mrtb. By that time, the qanu of a republic was firmly established in the public consciousness, forming the foundation of the program of political struggle. Term of preservation should not exceed 18 months. AZ, Bak hri, C. Tbii flakt, qza, epidemiya, epizootiya v fvqlad xarakter dayan baqa hallar istisna olmaqla, xarici investisiya rekvizisiya edilmir. They put forward slogans: