Today, ABB’s Azipod propulsion systems are used on a wide range of vessels such as cruise ships, icebreakers, ice-going cargo vessels and. WITH AZIPOD PROPULSION SYSTEMS. The manuscript delivered, March Abstract: Large ships, mainly large cruise vessels, built during last two decades. Azipod cruise ship propulsion system Today I met the old friend Captain on LNG’s and we started discussion about azipod system which his.

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Although “Azipod” is a registered brand nameit is sometimes used as a generic trademark for podded propulsion units manufactured by other companies, such as Queen Mary 2 ‘ s Rolls-Royce Mermaid pods. Find your closest service center. Go to myABB Logout. During the initial years in service, some widely publicised cruise ship service disruptions with the bigger Azipod V design have occurred, see e.

For drilling vessels, it is also available in “pushing” configuration propulsjon can be fitted with a nozzle to increase bollard pull thrust in stationkeeping applications.

Azipod- gearless propulsors – Electric propulsion | ABB

Each Azipod propulsion system is individually designed and optimized to achieve maximum performance. Raising the bar for a more sustainable future Salvatore D’Amico. Challenging the way forward Elizabeth Mavropoulou. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat Following the encouraging experiences from the prototype installation, the development of the Azipod concept continued and the next units were retrofitted on two Finnish oil tankers, Uikku and Lunniin andrespectively.

Maritime UK launches updated Code of Practice for autonomous navigation. The propeller is coupled to the prime mover with shafts and bevel gears that allow rotating the propeller about a vertical axis.

The Azipod XL concept can be designed to give high bollard pull thrust at lower speed and still have good characteristics at higher speeds. A Flag State Perspective.

For the shipyard, fitting a pod drive system is a single lift operation instead of installing and checking thrust bearing, shaftlines, sterntubes, seals and possibly gearboxes. The Journal of Ships’ Engineering Systems. Nearly eight times as powerful as the prototype, the Among vessels provided with Compact Azipod there are: This arrangement was chosen to provide improved efficiency, excellent manoeuvrability and less vibration operation.


Much has changed in the shipping sector since we introduced the first Azipod but the desire for efficiency, maneuverability and reliability remains the same. Your cart Learn more about shopping on ABB.

AzipodĀ® gearless propulsors

Among the vessels fitted with Azipod units are Royal Caribbean International ‘s Voyager -Freedom – and Oasis -class cruise shipseach of which held the title of the largest syatem ship in the world at the time of delivery. To put it in perspective, if the newest model replaced all existing Azipod units it would save the shipping industry 2.

The motor is controlled systwm a frequency converter, which produces azipld nominaltorque in either direction over the entire speed range, including standstill. Improved hydrodynamic efficiency is a result of reduced hull resistance when traditional shatfline and related brackets can be eliminated and optimum hull design can be utilized. The development of the prototype started in and the first unit was ready for installation in the following year.

In the traditional azimuth thrusters such as Z-drive and L-drive thrusters, the propeller is driven by an electric motor or a diesel engine inside the ship’s hull.

In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The company says the new linear flow Azipod XL, as the new version is called, achieves boosted efficiency by introducing a nozzle with stator plates, which direct the water flow from the propeller to reduce turbulence and energy loss for optimum thrust. One of the main sources of vibration is the propeller. Another further development of the original electric podded propulsion concept is the Compact Azipod, a smaller Azipod unit introduced in the early s.


Feasibility of electric propulsion for semi-submersible heavy lift vessels White paper.

Azipod – Wikipedia

I need service or support ABB Service. Please try again later or go to qzipod This type of propulsion system has a long tradition throughout the s and today such propulsion units are produced by a number of companies prppulsion the world. In the Azipod unit, the electric motor is mounted inside the propulsion unit and the propeller is connected directly to the motor shaft. Sharing the burden of greening: Show on map Hide map. The power plant concept provides fuel savings by optimizing the loading of the diesel engines.

By staying here you are agreeing to our use of cookies. After the refit, the vessel’s icebreaking performance was considerably increased and she was also found out to be capable of breaking ice astern backwards.

ABB fuel savings ship propulsion.

In order to get the most out of it, shiphandling training on simulators and manned models is required. What makes QM2 go.

Kvaerner Masa-Yards Arctic Technology, Because it can rotate around its mount axis, the pod can apply its thrust in any direction. Azilod thrusters allow ships to be more maneuverable and enable them to travel backward nearly as efficiently as they can travel forward.

Conference focuses on fuels and propulsion technologies. A year in pictures: Most Read Cyber Security Highlights: Inthe Finnish National Board of Navigation made a co-operation proposal to the multinational electrical equipment corporation ABB Group and the Finnish shipbuilder Masa-Yards for the development of a new type of electric propulsion unit.

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Assuming the average family car uses one ton of fuel annually, this savings corresponds to the annual fuel consumption ofcars.