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This document is meant purely ausfuhraanmeldung a documentation tool and the institutions do not assume any liability for its contents. Having regard to the Treaty establishing the European Community, and in particular Article thereof. This Regulation shall enter into force on the 30th day following its publication in the Official Journal of the European Union.

This Regulation shall be binding in its entirety and directly applicable in all Member States.

No account has been taken of any items that Member States wish to place on an exclusion list. No account has been taken of wusfuhranmeldung national controls non-regime origin controls that may be maintained by Member States.

For control of goods which are designed or modified for military use, see the relevant list s of controls on military goods maintained by individual Member States.

The object of the controls contained in this Annex should not be defeated by the export of any non-controlled goods including plant containing one or more controlled components when the controlled component or components are the auxfuhranmeldung element of the goods and can feasibly be removed or used for other purposes.

In judging whether the controlled component or components are to be considered the principal element, it is necessary to weigh the factors of quantity, value and technological know-how involved and other fogmular circumstances which might establish the controlled component or components as the principal element of the goods being procured. Goods specified in this Annex include both new and used goods.

This note overrides any control within section D of Categories 0 to 9. Generally available to the public by being:. In accordance with the rules set out in paragraph on page 86 of the Interinstitutional Style Guide editionfor texts in English published in the Official Journal of the European Communities:. Category references are given in brackets after the defined term.

It is an assembly that can be integrated into computer or telecommunications equipment to provide communications access. These feed rates are varied in relation to each other so that a desired contour is generated ref. Data sources include bathymetric maps, stellar maps, gravity maps, magnetic maps or 3-D digital terrain maps.

It is ausfuhranmeldyng as an angular rate. This is not intended to include a stack of single detector elements or any two, three or four element detectors provided time delay and integration is not performed within the element. This does not include algorithms using only linear or rotational transformation of a single image, such as translation, feature extraction, registration or false coloration.

It may also be incorporated as stress relief boots or flaps. Usually a liquid polymer based dispersion of refractory or insulating materials, e.


They consist of a single magnetic field sensing element and associated electronics the output of which is a measure of the magnetic field.

It includes the uncorrected systematic deviations, the uncorrected backlash ausfkhranmeldung the random deviations ref. Ausfuhdanmeldung particles may be incorporated in the alloy by addition of the appropriate powders. Sensors having more than twenty discrete spectral bands are sometimes referred to as hyperspectral imaging sensors. Independently from any other, it selects data formulqr or data groups e. Element value is the price paid for the element by the manufacturer of the system, or by the system integrator.

Total value is the normal international selling price to unrelated parties at the point of manufacture or consolidation of shipment. The programme is mechanically limited by fixed stops, such as pins or cams. The sequence of motions and the selection of paths or angles are not variable or changeable by mechanical, electronic or electrical means.

The programme is mechanically limited by fixed, but adjustable stops, such as pins or cams. The sequence of motions and the selection of paths or angles are variable within the fixed programme pattern. Variations or modifications of the programme pattern e.

The programme is variable but the sequence proceeds only by the binary signal from mechanically fixed electrical binary devices or adjustable stops. Scale formulae is generally evaluated as the slope of the straight line that can be fitted by the method of least squares to input-output data obtained by varying the input cyclically over the input range.

This can be expressed as a function formulqr time.

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Equipment and components, specially designed or prepared for gaseous diffusion separation process, as follows:. Equipment and components, specially designed or prepared for aerodynamic separation process, as follows:.

Vacuum pumps specially designed for use in UF 6 bearing atmospheres. ASTM A with diameters of 6 m to 9 m, capable of operating at pressures greater than or equal to 2 MPa and with a corrosion allowance of 6 mm or greater. For the purposes of 1B For the control of batch mixers, continuous mixers and fluid energy mills aksfuhranmeldung 1B, 1B and 1B These may be sieve trays, valve trays, bubble cap trays, or turbogrid trays.

The object of the control should not be defeated by the export of non-listed forms alleged to be finished products but representing in reality crude forms or semi-fabricated forms. Absorption test samples for 1C The metal alloys in 1C are those containing a higher percentage by weight of the stated metal than of any other element.

Stress-rupture life should be measured in accordance with ASTM standard E or national equivalents. Testing should be fogmular with an average stress ratio equal to 1 and a stress-concentration factor K t equal to 1. The average stress is defined as maximum stress minus minimum stress divided by maximum stress. Ausfuhganmeldung tensile strength of MPa or more; and. X in the following equals one or more alloying elements. Made in a controlled environment by any of the following processes:.

Alloyed materials having all ausfuhranmwldung the following characteristics:. Measurement of initial permeability must be performed on fully annealed materials. For the ausfuhranmeldkng of 1C filaments may be in wire, cylinder, film, tape or ribbon form. For the purpose of 1C Chlorofluorocarbons, having all of the following:.


The specimen will be asfuhranmeldung thermally stable if, on completion of the above procedure, all of the following conditions are met: Autogenous ignition temperature is determined using the method described in ASTM E or national equivalents.

The glass transition temperature T g for 1C materials is determined using the method described in ISO or national equivalents. Properties for materials described in 1C The glass transition temperature T g for 1C These materials are typically used for nuclear heat sources.

Oxidiser substances usable in liquid propellant rocket engines as follows:. There are a range of compositions that can be denoted as MONi or MONij, where i and j are integers representing the percentage of Nitric Oxide in the mixture e.

The resin forms the matrix of the composite. The natural isotopic abundance of boron is approximately 18,5 weight per cent 20 atom per cent.

The natural isotopic abundance of lithium-6 is approximately 6,5 weight per cent 7,5 atom per cent. N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethyl chloride. N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethane thiol. N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -amino ethanol.

N,N-Diisopropyl- Beta -aminoethyl chloride hydrochloride. N,N-Dimethylaminophosphoryl dichloride. O,O-Diethyl phosphorothioate.

O,O-Diethyl phosphorodithioate. South American haemorrhagic fever Sabia, Flexal, Guanarito. Genetic elements include, inter alia, chromosomes, genomes, plasmids, transposons and vectors whether genetically modified or unmodified.

Nucleic acid sequences associated with the pathogenicity of any of the micro-organisms specified in 1C Oryzae Pseudomonas campestris pv. Sepedonicus Corynebacterium michiganensis subsp. Sepedonicum or Corynebacterium Sepedonicum. Ralstonia solanacearum Races 2 and 3 Pseudomonas solanacearum Races 2 and 3 or Burkholderia solanacearum Races 2 and 3.

Cochliobolus miyabeanus Helminthosporium oryzae.

O,O-Diethyl S-[2- diethylamino ethyl] phosphorothiolate and corresponding alkylated or protonated salts. O-Ethyl S-phenyl ethylphosphonothiolothionate.

N,N-Dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ] phosphoramidic dihalides, other than N,N-Dimethylaminophosphoryl dichloride. Dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ] N,N-dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ]-phosphoramidates, other than Diethyl-N,N-dimethylphosphoramidate which is specified in 1C.

N,N-Dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ] aminoethylchlorides and corresponding protonated salts, other than N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethyl chloride or N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethyl chloride hydrochloride which formulae specified in 1C. N,N-Dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ] aminoethaneols and corresponding protonated salts, other than N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethanol and N,N-Diethylaminoethanol which are specified in 1C.

N,N-Dimethylaminoethanol and corresponding protonated salts. N,N-Dialkyl [methyl, ethyl or propyl normal or iso ] aminoethanethiols and corresponding protonated salts, other than N,N-Diisopropyl- beta -aminoethane thiol which is specified in 1C.

See 1C for ethyldiethanolamine. For the purpose of 1E Secondary parallel contouring axes, e. A rotary ausfuhranmeldubg can be driven by a linear device e. This does not include any additional axes along or around which other relative movement within the machine are performed such as: Stated positioning accuracy means the accuracy value provided to the competent authorities of the Member State in which the exporter is established as representative of the accuracy of a machine model.

Select five machines of a model to be evaluated.