TITLE: The Catalan Atlas. DATE: AUTHOR: Abraham Cresques. DESCRIPTION: This ‘atlas’ was the work of a family of Catalonian Jewish chart. This page contains the translations into English the legends of the Catalan Atlas ( ) as they appear in the different panels of this work attributed to Cresques. En pocas ocasiones un Mapamundi anónimo y sin fecha se ha podido documentar tan ampliamente como el Atlas Catalán que guarda la Biblioteca Nacional.

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A brief look at the author of the Catalan Atlas, Abraham Cresques, indirectly reveals a great deal about another aspect of the Aragonese imperium in the Mediterranean: In this regard, it should be remembered that this map was being presented to the king of France, a potential rival to the Crown of Aragon, and therefore the king of Aragon would have wanted to demonstrate that he had full authority over his territory.

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The Catalan Atlas Catalan: Timbuktu was an important centre of learning in medieval times. It had a university and a tradition of producing manuscripts on subjects such as science, law, medicine, history and religion. Sea Power in the Medieval Mediterranean: Public domain Public domain false false.

Though all but the fictitious Christian ruler Prester John are generalized here, the Catalan Atlas identifies one of the kings as Mansa Musa of Mali see detail.

The use of extravagant color to depict navigational routes, trade routes, sources of wealth, various kingdoms, and the incorporation of mythical elements such as Prester John reflects earlier portolan charts drawn by Angelino Ducert, also a Majorcan, in Nevertheless, these questions will be used as guidelines for the analysis that follows.


Returning pilgrims contributed both ideas and travel accounts, which were copied and stored in libraries. View more global usage of this file.

It was a period in which maps could inspire more than music. University Press of Florida: The Western portion is similar to contemporary portolan chartsbut contains the first compass rose known to have been used on such a chart. Following the completion of the conquest of Majorca in and Valencia inthe Catalans shifted their attention towards the central Mediterranean and Sicily, where they became involved in the War of the Sicilian Vespers For an alternate view, see David Nirenberg, Communities of Violence: The conception of the world and its cartographic representation greatly changed in Europe during the High Middle Ages.

He is said to have led the prayer in the Dome of the Rock in Jerusalem, cured the son of a sultan from madness in Syria, and astonished scholars in Cairo by his vast erudition. Description Atlas Catalan Abraham Cresques. The Atlas Mountains are at the top and the River Niger at the bottom.

West Africa

The rise cafalan the Catalans as an advanced sea-faring nation in the 13 th and 14 th centuries has its roots in the wtlas 13 th century Iberian peninsula, where the Christian reconquista against the Andalusi Muslims was progressing with astonishing success and rapidity. It falsely assumes that the Crown of Aragon and its Mediterranean possessions were unified under the king in Barcelona. With regard to the Catalan Duchy of Athens, which had always been independent of Atlaas, the lack of any indication of the existence of a politico-administrative relationship between Aragon and Athens may be demonstrative of the growing tendency of the Aragonese to leave the Duchy to its fate in the face of rising Turkish aggression, which the Crown of Aragon had little or no desire to confront.


He excelled all the other travelers in his determination, The Catalan Atlas, True as this may be, there is also another, simpler purpose of maps: The Catalan Expedition to the East: Secondary Literature Abulafia, D. Catapan Corona de Aragon: Taking advantage of the weakened Hispano-Muslims, Jaime I of Aragon managed to conquer Valencia and the strategically-important island of Majorca by Public domain Public domain false catalqn This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author’s life plus years or less.

On his return through Fazan, his wife Maryam and brother fell ill and died.

The Arab Influence in Medieval Europe. Abraham Cresques died with his son Jehuda Cresques Delli.

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It is this geo-political reality which the Catalan Atlas purports to represent. Perhaps the most evident indication that maps are useful in understanding the construction of imperial space is the aflas in which they are used to legitimize the reality of conquest and empire. The Problem of a Catalan Mediterranean Empire, Even though it takes the form of a portolan chart, the Catalan Atlas incorporates various elements, such as iconography, imagery, and the symbolic use of color. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.