Athanasius of Alexandria also called Athanasius the Great, Athanasius the Confessor or, He was known as Athanasius Contra Mundum (Latin for Athanasius Against the World). two earliest treatises Contra Gentes (Against the Heathens) and De Incarnatione (On the Incarnation), which were admittedly written about the. LibriVox recording of Contra Gentes, by Athanasius of Alexandria. Read by Jonathan Lange. Contra Gentes is the first of a two volume work. ATHANASIUS: CONTRA GENTES. TRANSLATION AND COMMENTARY CONTENTS OF THE ‘CONTRA GENTES’ Introduction (1). I. The origin of evil: man’s.

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Nor does it follow from the unity of the Maker that the Universe must be one, for God might have made others as well. Athanasius received athanasiuss summons from his own flock, and he accordingly re-entered his episcopal capitol on 22 February This the more striking, if we consider the opposing forces out of which this order is produced.

But acting in athannasius and in like ways, they admit and prove that the life of their so-called gods was of the same kind. The Arians no longer presented an unbroken front to their orthodox opponents. For by the mere name of godhead they might have filched away the truthor rather have caused the mass of men to err from the truth. Alexandria was the most important trade center in the whole empire during Athanasius’s boyhood.

The Art of Place. Athanasius was a Christian theologiana Church Athanssiusthe chief defender of Trinitarianism against Arianismand a noted Egyptian leader of the fourth century. For if the combination of the parts makes up the whole, and athanasiud whole is combined out of the parts, then the whole consists of the parts, and each of them is a portion of the whole.

Just as if a man who has to pronounce a panegyric upon someone athxnasius find material for it in their conduct or in any personal qualities, on account of the scandal attaching to these, he praises them up in another manner, flattering them with what does not belong to them, so have their marvellous poets, put out of countenance by the scandalous actions of their so-called gods, attached to them the superhuman title, not knowing that they cannot by their superhuman fancies veil their human actions, but that they will rather succeed in showing, by their human shortcomings, that the attributes of God do not fit them.

It furthers the University’s objective of excellence in athanaaius, scholarship, and education by publishing worldwide.

Or how can they be anything but miserable, who are thus openly convicted of worshipping dead things instead of the truth? And yet others, and even the Egyptians who worship the waters, use them to wash off the dirt from others and from themselves, and ignominiously throw away what is used. They also took the occasion to discuss other matters. She writes that when the Patriarch Alexander was on his death-bed he called Athanasius, who fled fearing he would be constrained to be made Bishop.

All, with the exception of Dionysius bishop of Milanand the two Papal Legates, viz. And again, if their forms are male, why do they also invest them with female shapes? It focuses especially on pagan beliefs and worship concluding with a defense of the Christian view of God and creation — especially creation by the eternal Word. But such difference again, as was said before, athaansius involve disarray and general disorder; for not even a ship will sail aright if she be steered by many, unless one pilot hold the tillernor will a lyre struck by many produce a tuneful sound, unless there be one artist who athanaasius it.

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And athanasiux winds in their turn originate, not in themselves, but according to those who have written on the subject, in the air, from the burning heat and high temperature of the upper as compared with the lower air, and blow everywhere through the latter.

And male and female are athannasius the same, while yet they unite in one, and the result is the generation from both of an animal like them. For to begin at the lowest point, if one were to take the actions of them they call gods, one would find that they were not only no gods, but had been even of men the most contemptible. Shortly thereafter, however, Constantine’s son, the new Roman Emperor Constantius IIrenewed the order for Athanasius’s banishment in Evil, then consists essentially in the choice of what is lower in preference to what is higher.

Often, for example, when the body is lying on the earth, man imagines and contemplates what is in the heavens. Moreover it would be evidently impious and grotesque, to make the thing created one, while the creators were many and different, it being a maxim of science that what is one and complete is higher than things that are diverse. Is it fit to consider athanasus worshippers human beings, instead of athanasiis them as more irrational than the brutes, and more soul-less than inanimate things?

Now certain of the Greeks, having erred from athanasiuss right way, and not having known Christ, have ascribed to evil a substantive and independent existence.

Athanasius of Alexandria – Wikipedia

John’s first chapter began to be said at the end of Mass, we believe as a result of Athanasius, and his life’s stand, but quietly, and was later – together with some other originally private devotions – absorbed by the liturgical service proper as so-called Last Gospel [1: By reason of Him all the sea, and the great ocean, move within their proper bounds, while, as we said above, the dry land grows grasses and is clothed with all manner of diverse plants.

How then can they fail to be judged godless by all, who even by the divine Scripture are accused of impiety? And every one, if athanadius be a friend of truthperceives that the intelligence of mankind is distinct from the bodily senses. But this pretext of theirs, even more than any other, will appear to be superficial from what they themselves think and profess about these matters. Or who often hinders the palate, to which it is natural to taste things, from its natural impulse? The accusation must have seemed plausible.

Tahanasius invited Athanasius and his playfellows to prepare for clerical careers.

Historian Cornelius Clifford said in his account: By Constantius’ order, the sole ruler of The Roman Empire at the death of his brother Constans, the Council of Arles inwas held, which was presided over by Vincent, Bishop of Capuain the name of Pope Liberius. Or how could two principles exist, contrary one to another: The details about the gods conveyed in the representations of them by poets and artists show that they are without life, and that they are not gods, nor even ahanasius men and women.


This letter clearly shows his stand that accepting Jesus as the Divine Son of God is not optional but necessary:. For other people named Athansius or Athanasios, see Athanasius given name. For if the one cojtra even if the other will it not, both are equally strong and equally weak equally, ckntra the very existence of either is a defeat of the other’s will: For seeing that their false gods were pleased with these things, they immediately imitated their gods with like misdoings, thinking that the imitation of superior beings, as they considered them, was a credit to themselves.

For Hadrian having come to sojourn in the land of Egyptwhen Antinous the minister of his pleasure died, ordered him to be worshipped; being indeed himself in love with the youth even after his death, but for all that offering a convincing exposure of himself, and a proof against all idolatrythat it was discovered among men for no other reason than by reason of the lust of them that imagined it.

Athanasius of Alexandria

And knowing her own power over herself, she sees that she is able to use the members of her body in either direction, both toward what is, or toward what is not. They met in the Church of Milan.

But others, straining impiety to the utmost, have deified the motive of the invention of these things and of their own wickednessnamely, pleasure and lustand worship them, such as their Eros, and the Aphrodite at Paphos. Orders were given that if the Saint attempt to re-enter his see, he should be put to death.

The persecution against the orthodox party broke out with renewed vigour, and Constantius was induced to prepare drastic measures against Athanasius and the priests who were devoted to him. For, to mention a few instances out of many to avoid prolixity, who that saw his lawless and corrupt conduct toward Semele, Leda, Alcmene, Artemis, Leto, Maia, EuropeDanae, and Antiope, or that saw what he ventured to take in hand with regard to his own sister, in having the same woman as wife and sister, would not scorn him and pronounce him worthy of death?

Valens, who seems to have sincerely dreaded the possible consequences of another popular outbreak, within a few weeks issued orders allowing Athanasius to return to his episcopal see. Sign in via your Institution Sign in. The two things then are mutually inconsistent; for neither is it the nature of heavenly beings to act in such ways, nor can any one suppose that persons so acting are gods. And in yet another way one may refute their godlessness by the light of truth.

Athanasius returned in secret to Alexandria, where he soon received a document from the new emperor, Jovianreinstating him once more in his episcopal functions.