Results 1 – 30 of Doorway Papers by Arthur C. Custance and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Results 1 – 16 of 16 Doorway Papers No by Custance, Arthur and a great selection of related books, art and collectibles available now at Arthur C. Custance () had a Ph.D. in Education, and wrote a number of books (including the well-known “Doorway Papers” series), such as Without.

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Preparation of the Earth Before Man: These works have influenced Christians world-wide, and this centre continues to promote his vision to bring together the established facts of Science and the revealed truths of Scripture. The hallmark of Christian scholarship is not that it states the truth which any scholarly work ought to do but that it faces up to the Christian implications of these truths as they relate to the Faith. The Technology of the Hamitic Peoples The Originators of Technology This Paper is a is a list of basic technological achievements, traced back to the first originators.

He received his early education there and moved to Canada at age The statement of truth may demand the use of contradictory terms and, given the difference between knowing the facts and perceiving the truth, it seems that contradiction cutsance be essential to the understanding of truth. Yet eternity is not an extension of time.

Its arch-destroyer is man! The ‘how’ of the harmony found in the web of life appears to be in the complexity of the genes: The Survival of the UN-Fit The evolutionary view that the chronic warfare in nature results in the survival of only the fit is undermined by the numerous reports of the survival of the UN-fit, demonstrating the harmony of natural communities. Convergence and the Origin of Man Convergence: Modern physics and forensics show that the image doorqay the Shroud of Turin provides physical evidence for the resurrection of Jesus, and insights into the physical consequences of the fall of a real Adam and Eve.


If every baby learns a language by arthuf spoken to, then who spoke to the first human? We can know because the KJV adopted a method of translating the Hebrew which informs us which Person of the Trinity is speaking or working.

Arthur Custance

This is not about unanswered private prayer but about God’s public silences in the face of appalling suffering and injustices.

A biblical philosophy in cameo of how history since the Flood was and is paperss by the nations descended from Noah’s three sons through the unique endowment given to each branch, according to God’s design as stated cryptically in Gen.

Custance asserts that the sin nature or the propensity to zrthur in Hebraic writings the yetzer hara is passed through the male line genetically, starting from the first Adam, thus allowing a full human genetic complement through Mary. These Doorway Papers were republished in a ten-volume set known as The Doorway Papers Seriesand these works have been distributed worldwide. It is a study of man’s assessment of himself apart from revelation, concluding with God’s intention of True Man as revealed in the Person of Jesus Christ.

It seems that this world is peculiarly suited to such a creature as man – as if the universe was made for the world and the world for man and his redemption. Modern biology supports the special creation of kinds, and provides the physiological mechanism for the virgin birth of Christ and the Incarnation. On this premise, an alternative interpretation is presented which takes into account the scientific facts.



Arthur C. Custance | The Online Books Page

By careful attention to the words used to describe the creation of the First Adam, we discover the components of human nature: A Neglected Study Genealogies, seemingly “dry” lists of names, do provide a framework for historical events, and also tell us much about relationships, social customs, spiritual history and lessons.

History, personal existence and experience, the world, the universe – all find meaning and significance when seen from God’s perspective: Part IV of Vol. He is the alien, the misfit.

The shape of a human fossil skull tells us more about environment and living custanfe than about ancestry and age. Titles are of the original monographs papers published during the years ; Papers were originally 60 in number but grew to The Place of Art in Worship. Between and he wrote the ten volume “Doorway Papers” that attempt to bridge the gap between a scientific and a Christian worldview. The Paper deals athur two misconceptions: Those theories can see the virgin birth as related to incarnational or Biblical terminology, such as the Son of Godwithout directly being causal to the sinless nature of the Messiah.

From Wikipedia, the free afthur. Donate to this Ministry. A Study of the Names in Genesis X.