Although Problems is an accretion of multiple authorship over several centuries, it offers a fascinating technical view of Peripatetic method and thought. ARISTOTLE ON MELANCHOLY. Problemata xxx.i. Through what i is it that all those who have become eminent in philosophy or politics or poetry or the arts turn. The present volume contains a collection of papers on the reception of Aristotle’s Problemata, a multifaceted text asking various questions about medical.

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ARISTOTLE, Problems | Loeb Classical Library

On the other 1 i. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Is it because on coming to maturity the characteristics of animals change to their opposites? Nature and the Disciplines in Renaissance Europep. If the properly concocted matter is re moved, that which is left is unconcocted, for instance in ashes, the sweet portion having been consumed, the dust which remains is bitter, and similarly perspiration is salty.

For walking uphill causes most strain to the loins whereas 30 walking downhill is most trying to the thighs, for the whole weight falls upon them and so usually causes fatigue in them ; for as they are forcibly carried 2 upwards in an un natural manner, heat is engendered.

In quartan fevers 4 the patient must not be allowed to get 55 thin, and heat must be introduced and engendered in his body. Why is it that, when we are running, the air seems arristotle 17 15 turn into breath? Temperance and Intemperance, Continence and Incontinence.

In those whose ducts are not in a natural condition, owing either 1 And in this case the object is not large and is therefore easily moved.

For a flame will not be able to burn where there is a great fire ; for aristotoe great fire will absorb the little fire. Several such weights probkemata exist in the British Museum and elsewhere, cp. Why is it that in some people 2 sores are formed as the 27 result of exertion? But he who is slightly intoxicated uses his judgement, but, owing to the wine which he has drunk, he uses it amiss, and so is troublesome in his cups.

Heat perishes either by dying down or by being extinguished ; it is extinguished by its con traries, cold and moisture, and it dies down either through 5 lack of material, as lamps do when they have no more fuel or oil, or under the influence of external heat, as the fire goes out in the sunlight and lamps when they are exposed to the fire. To this we shall give the same answer as to the last problem.


For 5 either all or none ought to belong to us.

Problems, Volume I

But when we are descending, the strain is caused by the body falling downwards and thrusting us forward unnaturally, so that we feel the strain most in the part on which it falls problfmata and which it shakes. The Drinking of Wine and Drunkenness.

Now raising the foot is un natural and putting it down is natural, while putting the foot forward 1 is a mean between the two. Or ought the patient to be reduced at once? But if the breath is carried downwards and the body cooled in the manner mentioned above, the pain of the headache is relieved. Drugs aristotlee a cold nature, 15 on the other hand, owing to their weight are carried down wards before undergoing or causing any change and, borne thence, have the same action as those which affect the upper part of the body ; for passing thence l upwards through the ducts and setting in motion any excretions or liquefactions over which they prevail, they carry them with them in the same direction.

If, therefore, in the latter it 35 is not exertion which causes fatigue, but they feel fatigue because of the condition in which they are, so vomiting could not be the cause of fatigue in those who do not get rid of all the food which is in them ; 2 for in that case every one problemaya vomited would feel fatigue, whereas many through vomiting become less fatigued.

Now anything which ought to be removed, but of which a part is detached and remains b behind, will cause trouble for a long while. Why then do lye and soda not have this effect? Aristotel anger causes aristogle heat round the 5 heart to boil up ; and one who is nervous is affected not by fear or cold, but by an increase of heat.

For pepper promotes 15 urine, while scammony is purgative. It makes no difference then whether it is the vision that is disturbed or the object seen ; for the result is the same in producing the above-mentioned effect.

More Contact Us How to Subscribe. This is seen if one chews it or if it is crushed together 2 for some time ; for the moisture is then drawn out of it. Those who take no exercise are moist and full of excretions ; but those who do take exercise are dry, and so the vinous moisture aristogle into their 20 body, and its impetus aristole checks the flow of urine, and the moisture remaining afterwards behind forms a weight in the body.


That this raistotle so is proved by the contraction of that part in sexual intercourse and the probkemata of that region of the body.

Full text of “The works of Aristotle”

Or is there a further reason, namely, that 3 the region in which the viscous and the adhesive matter is, is situated at a distance in relation to the flesh and so it is difficult to make it change its positionarisyotle near the stomach? Is it 30 true that anything which is naturally moist and full of water, if it has medicinal properties, relaxes the bladder? For these are contrary states, the frenzied being in a state of excessive movement and the stupid in a condition of too little move ment.

Is it 5 because the presence of external sweat induces cooling? This is confirmed by the fact that the young themselves wet their beds most when they are most sound 25 asleep.


Why do drunkards tremble, and the more so the more 26 they drink unmixed wine? Is it 10 because owing to their fear they are more careful?

Is it because copper is smoother and so tears the flesh and bruises the body less? For that there is an affinity between the disease 15 and the remedy is shown by the acidity ; for the juice of purslane has a certain acidity. But if 20 neither of these things occurs, the desire continues till the one or the other of them takes place. Problemsthe third-longest work in the Aristotelian corpus, contains thirty-eight books covering more than problems about living things, meteorology, ethical and intellectual virtues, parts of the human body, and miscellaneous questions.

Is it because man digests his food with less effort and is naturally moister and hotter 20 than all the other animals? Just as those who are in a fever are delirious rather than in pain, but feel pain when they are relieved of the fever and recover their senses ; for just the same thing 1 happens with headache and drunkenness.

For cold causes the eyes to 25 water ; for by contracting and solidifying- the flesh it purges out the moisture. The latter gives better sense and should be read in both passages.