Apple Lane was originally published in as “Scenario Pack 2” for RuneQuest , but was revised in for inclusion in the aforementioned. Apple Lane () – Apple Lane contains two complete RuneQuest adventures set in the world of Glorantha, in Sartar. Apple Lane set a ne. Hello Adventurers! I thought I would start a thread to report on the progress of my RuneQuest: Roleplaying in Glorantha campaign. I figure that.

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There are many like it but this one is mine! It’s almost like RQ was “ahead” of its time – starting appel a very defined, exhaustive setting more akin to rpgs from the 90s on – and then shifting to more of rjnequest old school-style of game from RQ3 on.

Frank July 14, at 1: There may be plots and motivations in there but I seriously doubt that most can play them with a straight face. However, the Pawnshop offers a unique twist that makes me want to use it sometime: Only a rhnequest of this blog may post a comment.

It’s palpably different than the approach taken with The Keep on the Borderlandsbeing perhaps to the presentation of The Village of Hommlet no surprise, as both Apple Lane and Hommlet arose out of actual playbut far quirkier, given the nature of Glorantha. That was a problem with my early play.

The episode in which runqeuest expert attacked a ballistics gel torso with a Roman gladius a simple shortsword and hacked off both arms with his first two whacks convinced me that it is entirely realistic.

Frank July 14, at Such an emphasis comes rhnequest a price, of course, most notably its singular authorial vision, but, if one shares that vision or is less interested in providing one’s own, Apple Lane has a great deal to offer.

Such a comparison is probably unfair to both adventure modules, but there’s a certain appropriateness to it nonetheless, for each was bundled in a boxed set through which many people were first introduced to their respective rules systems. Frank July 15, at 3: A glance at the crude map of the town provided makes it clear that Apple Lane is a very small place, as there are only about a dozen buildings present in the whole place, in addition to the orchards and public grazing ground.


I was immersed in RQ2 back in the day so I find baboons more interesting than wacky. Newer Post Older Post Home. Brunomac July 15, at 3: We team up to fight Dracula. However, the buildings aren’t what make Apple Lane interesting; it’s the lqne of the place that give this rural locale its unique charm.

If I had it to do over, I would invite the PCs to spend more time there. The DM is instructed to leave the room for awhile, while the players figure out where they hide the ruunequest and their general plan.

Then there was the Vlad appke Impaler episode where the scimitar cut a pig in half in one stroke, and the William Wallace episode where the Claymore removed three heads in one swing. As crazy as that sounds, it actually makes sense in context and might even be described as “normal” for old school Glorantha.

The product includes two scenarios, runequestt a brief introductory piece in which it’s suggested the PCs begin play as newly initiated adulthood inhabitant of Apple Lane.

Apple Lane (Publication)

Instead of an rpg that confines itself to one “sandbox”. They don’t exist solely to interact with the Lans who come into the town and have need of their goods and services. Who’d play Runequest if they weren’t using Glorantha? Oddly, I’ve never run Apple Lane, though I don’t think it would be that hard to fit into another setting. I hesitate to call them applw people,” because, truth be told, many of Apple Lane’s NPCs are broadly-sketched caricatures or, if you prefer, archetypesbut, even so, that’s generally more than you get in The Keep on the Borderlandswhere NPCs noticeably lack even names, being known instead by their titles “The Corporal of the Watch” and “The Curate,” for example.


Apple Lane (Publication) | Glorantha Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

No feathers ruffled here. Of aplpe two scenarios, “Gringle’s Pawnshop” is the weakest and was probably intended as an introduction to the mechanics of combat.

Glorantha is one of the game’s main selling points. Then I started watching Deadliest Warrior and realized it wasn’t. Every inhabitant of the place is given a name and all adult inhabitants are given full RuneQuest statistics.

Whereas many consider Glorantha to be a “selling point”, I find it to have too much of a “cost” of setting depth runnequest interest me. My problem with the assaulting gang was the weird diversity: James Maliszewski July 15, at 2: Just too many impossible things before breakfast.

So neither side has absolute knowledge of the situation.

This was compounded by the fact that in Runequest 2 body parts tend to fly off a lot! Baboons, ducks etc take a bit of work as GM to pull off, but rubequest worth it. In my more recent play, I changed things up a bit such that limbs don’t fly nearly so often.

Whereas The Keep on the Borderlands takes place at the frontier of a vague “realm,” Apple Lane sits squarely within Glorantha. Apple Lane was definitely a turning point, but RPG content at the time was still solidly “hack ‘n slash.

The baboons lanw was felt to be too ridiculous.

To survive even a basic armed attack, you need luck he blew his attack roll or rolled low on damageskill I parried him! Whiteeye’s extinguish spell brought a near TPK that led to between-adventures drilling on lighting a torch in the dark “This is my torch! It represents a very different strand of old school play than is often discussed, one much more runequets with world building and coherence than was the case in many other corners of the hobby at the time.